Monday, July 29, 2013

UPD 537, NYC Jews, and Cop Harassment

Today was not a bad day and hasn't been a bad day for me.  However, someone told my Dad to take my fencing for my garden away, and then someone else apparently told the garbage disposal man to drive past me no less than 4 times, and then a woman went out into the sidewalk to sweep in my face when she wasn't out there until I was walking, and then the NYC Jews who moved to the house next door and are friends with the local cop Wallace, waited until I was leaving my driveway to drag out a dumpster of trash in front of me.

I know she waited to do this when I was there, deliberately.  There were two elderly persons in separate cars waiting for me, to see my reaction, who waved and smirked at her and one of them didn't want me to see him.  The first woman waited until she dragged the dumpster out in front of me, and this is a woman whose boyfriend tried to intimidate me with his car aimed at me,  and then she called police to say I threatened THEM.  So the elderly woman smirked at her and then made a point of putting a dramatic nose in the air to me, literally, and then I saw her plates and turned around to get a pen because I don't care how "old" they are, they are not allowed to encourage harassment of me and torture of me and my son.  As soon as I walked away, and was out of sight, I walked back on a hunch and sure enough there was an old man backing her up, in a separate car, who had sat off to the side to see what my reaction to harassment by the old woman and the woman with the garbage can would be.  So then he drove by slowly and was smirking over at the people in the house next to them, which is the same house that has spied on me for Katie Middleton.

After the old man with UPD 537 Oregon plates (green car) smirked over at the house next door which spies for Middleton, he then smirked over at the woman who moved in with her NYC Jewish boyfriend who lied about me to cops, and then he realized I was back.

When he saw me there, seeing him, he wouldn't look at me and drove on.

However, I know a few things.  The man with those plates is probably U.S. military isn't he?  Check the plates to find out.  I also know the man who moved at the top of the driveway whose girlfriend lied about me to a cop with the last name Wallace, appeared to already be friends with that cop even though he told me he'd been at that house only one day.  Then I found out he's been in that area longer, same neighborhood, and just moved closer, and he moved next door to the house with the military-connected (I think that's what he said over a year ago) person who has people over to his house all the time and spies on us.

So this is just a sample of what is right next door, and how these people went this far out of their way, to try to harass me, for no point or purpose than harassment alone, although one attempted to have me defamed to local police after they aimed their vehicle at me while driving.

I also had someone tell me Katie was attempting to force people to move, including me, and wanted to take on a "poor me" martyr approach as if I was mean to her when she and her group have been stealing from me and encouraging assault of me and my son for decades--before her, it was her Uncle or brother. 

As for the Jewish brothers that used to live in the house around the corner, I know they were somehow friends with my Mom, or one of the Dicksies.  They were the ones harassing me and mocking me when Katie was getting cleared to become pregnant, along with Patti Otterbach (who works with police).  I know this is true because my mother was interested in what things they had set out for her to notice by way of messages one day when I walked with her, and those brothers were ones who wanted me to be fat and out of shape and hated me because of Katie Middleton.

I don't go out of my way to harass any of these neighbors or town people.  I have never done anything to affect their lives in any way.  The only time I have ever even mentioned anyone is if they attack me first, and believe me, I promise you, Katie Middleton attacked first and didn't quit.  She made no effort to correct what was being done to me or my son either. 

It is far different from a petty schoolgirl argument or jealousy or trying to make one person feel bad because something isn't right.  Kids are kids.  Kids might pick on someone for no reason. I'm sure if someone hadn't been stealing my homework or I hadn't been cut by someone as a toddler, I might not have had a reason to feel I was adopted as a kid either, or to then pick on someone once because I felt my own parents didn't love me. 

 Adults don't do that.  And I don't think she is the only person or perhaps THE most important person who actions should be discovered, but I have a right to defend myself by bringing attention to what torture and injustices this country's employees have allowed, to then discover they've channeled their energies into making someone else look better than they are, or making sure they can find a way to kill off anyone who is in the way until they achieve their goal.

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