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Chelsey Lately Misinformation On Amanda Bynes

I looked at the clip from the Chelsea Lately show about Amanda Bynes:

The information is incorrect. 

A 5150, or 72 hour hold is not "until you're better" and then you're released.  It is until someone says there is nothing wrong with you in the first place, by a professional psychiatrists evaluation, or, if someone is there and went off meds or something, they get their meds and would be released.

It has nothing to do with holding someone "until they're better" as if it's proof "they are crazy".  Police can claim someone is mentally ill, or a medical person can, and it's not proof someone is crazy.  It is only grounds to temporarily hold someone and in that case, for 72 hour holds, they are required to have a psychiatrist talk to the person and if they say, "The rest of you are wrong--there is nothing wrong with this person" they let them go.

All kinds of people make false accusations that someone is "crazy" or mentally ill as an excuse for defamation.  Marilyn Monroe is one example.  The only reason Marilyn Monroe was put in a psych ward was because of the politics and the people in power she was getting close to.  Someone doesn't like it? or thinks she needs to know what they can do to her if she talks?  They lie and lock her up or "evaluate" someone.

I was evaluated on a 72 hour hold and it was proven I was not mentally ill and they let me go, after some other Hispanic medical professional who hated me, and wore a huge cross, defamed me just because he thought I offended Catholic monks and priests.  The professional saw me and said, "There's nothing wrong with her."  I had gone there for anxiety because of the FBI and lawsuits.

The FBI has been very clever about their defamation of me to defend their rapist employees.

A 14 day hold, or what they call 5250, is the same thing except it's not that they have a right to medicate you or drug you "until you're better".  They don't have a right to do anything to do because that is just saying they "need more time to figure it out".  So they go from a 72 to a psychiatrist saying, "I am not sure and need more time to observe and evaluate" and then after 14 days, if there is nothing there, they say, "There's nothing wrong with them" and let them go. 

People can be activist or have eccentricities and be creative and not be "mentally ill".  So it's not for someone to arbitrarily throw out there, to ruin someone's reputation.

I noticed how Chelsea put her finger to her mouth as she discussed this, exactly the way Stephanie Maiers is known to do, at the same time the soundtrack or audience captured a man's laugh that was exactly like Robin Bechtolds.  Nice.  It's not like Robin Bechtold and the Maiers haven't dealt any drugs to people in California, like Chelsea, lately.

So anyway, this woman with the pointer stick who thinks she is educating others about what a 5150 and 5250 are, is really obscuring the truth to make people who have been forced into that look like they are actually crazy when that's not what it is about.

So, for example, when I state I was told by Vanderbilt that I was going to be "evaluated" in Nashville, TN, they were supposed to "evaluate" me and then, under extreme circumstances, they might have a legal excuse to medicate someone.  That isn't what happened to me.  I was held hostage by the U.S. government, not taken in for an "evaluation", and I was assaulted.  If they had "evaluated" me, I would have gone there and talked to someone first, and been evaluated.  That's not what they did.  They refused to do an x-ray of my knee that I went to the hospital for (which, by the way, is proven fractured like I said it was) and then just because I showed up at the ER, they immediately locked me into an isolation room when I wasn't reacting or doing anything unusual.  They stole my laptop from me at that time as well, which I had brought with me.  After stealing my computer from me (requisite for any government fuck-up) they had a police officer drive me to a remote building where I was told I was just going to be "evaluated".  I was not "evaluated".  The minute I was in there, they injected me with toxic levels of chemicals.  After forcing me to take more pills every day than they admitted to or documented (I saw the record discrepancy) they forced me, in a state of active assault with my entire body contorting from their drug overdoses, to a room full of government employees and started asking me what I knew about the FBI.  They not only asked me what I knew about the FBI, they asked me what I personally thought the FBI was after me over and why they were so interested in me.  So I was queried in a drugged state, to ascertain how much I knew about the U.S. government's shit.

That is not a determination of 'mental illness' and I have actually never, in my life, been professionally diagnosed.

After they drugged me there and interrogated me about U.S. government business, a Judge said they couldn't hold me and released me.  They said "you're paranoid schitzophrenic" but they never evaluated me first.  I was told, when I was first showed up, "you're paranoid schitzophrenic" by the doctor who injected me with Haldol first, because I had told a U.S. Army intern there to "fuck off".  Actually, I didn't even insult him personally.  I said "I need to make a fucking phone call" and then he said, "You don't CURSE here" and snapped his fingers and had a doctor inject me.

The only other person I ever saw, was a woman named Lucretia Krebs, who was hired by the State to defame me and who even admitted on the stand that she couldn't say whether or not I was mentally ill and what it was.  That was her testimony and that is in her written record.  She said she couldn't say, and that was the only thing she could honestly admit to, because she saw me and talked to me for 30 minutes exactly and then I took tests that I passed with flying colors as "not mentally ill".  Even she didn't claim I was paranoid schitzophrenic.

The only group making that claim is FBI who know their employees raped me and attempted to kill me, because calling me "mentally ill" is the only trick they have to resort to.  Aside from Katie Middleton of course--she tricked for them and William bloody knows it.

I don't know anything about Amanda Bynes.  I have never seen her in anything and didn't recognize her and I don't follow celebrity news.  I read the article because it was about psychiatric holds and I am familiar with how this country is using them as a tool for defaming people they think are threats to exposing their own criminal activity.  Who Bynes is, where she comes from, lives, works, ...I know nothing about her. 

I do know the Chelsea Lately show has their facts wrong.  I think it works as a media smokescreen for government criminals who want the public to see a show like that, and misinformation, and assume what the U.S. did to me was really not that bad, or that what they do to some others, isn't unjustified.  Has Chelsea seen her FBI psychologist for her own "eval" lately?  Maybe she could ask Maiers for a discount on her drugs.

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