Saturday, July 6, 2013

U.S. FBI Manipulating My Laptop (PRISM excuse)

I have a Trojan hacker on my laptop that works for the U.S. government.  I'm really tired of it and they've been doing all kinds of things on my computer, while I'm using it, to show off.

This has been a problem since before Microsoft hooked up my laptop to their server.  That took place a few months ago, and all of the hacking was going on prior to that and then after they did this, the hacker decided to make what they were doing more obvious as if they felt they could mix it all up and have no one figure out who was responsible.

I had problems first, with this computer, when I went to Eastern University.  I was told to give them remote access to my computer and allow them to connect it and I did.  However, this is a laptop I was TOLD to buy, at Fred Meyer, and I knew from the start something was wrong with it.  The woman, Adora, could not keep from smirking and was pressuring my mother to encourage me to get this one, and it was their only one they said. 

I sensed someone was "on" this computer from the moment I bought it.  Not only that, it was Fred Meyer that made it impossible for me to return it and they wanted me to be stuck with it.  I asked to talk to several different supervisors and store managers and they switched someone out the minute I was trying to get them to confirm I purchased it there and wanted to return it.  It's a "return guarantee" that is over a year old, and the only reason I haven't been able to return it, is because of them.

Why would Fred Meyer electronics and store managers care so much that I am stuck with this one?  This is a laptop they actually bent over backwards to have me buy.  I found out their main manager is in Portland, Oregon and my guess is that he knows Gregory Fowler with the FBI personally.

There is no way Fred Meyer has not been colluding with the FBI over this laptop.  No one goes out of the way, as they did, to pressure my MOM and intimidate her into encouraging me to buy this one.  I mean, every trick in the book, and my mother was clearly pressured and when I said I was thinking about getting one with the Blu-Ray I noticed the store person catching her eye to discourage her from and get her to push me to get this one.  This one, she kept saying, was cheaper and had about the same thing on it, and it's what SHE had, and I could always RETURN this one and go back and get the other if I wanted.  It's not like I buy a computer based on my mother.  I've bought all of them on my own, and I mostly liked my acer (my old acer).  But I was there with her and asked her opinion and the minute I did, the store hounds (Adora mostly), were trying to get my Mom to pressure me to buy that one or not go shopping again there, or don't do this or don't do that.  So finally I said I guessed I could try it and then Adora was smirking at my mother, who gave this timid subservient smile back, like Adora is working for the FBI first-hand herself, and then looked utterly depressed.

I thought it was a LOT of intimidation over a laptop and wondered why Fred Meyer associates were making such a big deal about it, and supposedly my Mom didn't know Adora so why was it obvious they knew eachother?

I sensed Christa Schneider all over it.  It was like, the Toshiba Christa always wanted me to buy, that was rigged and pre-configured at the Office Depot in Wenatchee, WA, to the point of having my initials and birthdate on it, was started all over with this one from Fred Meyer.  It was sort of like the FBI saying, "Fuck you.  We'll surveil you whenever we want."  I had refused to buy the pre-configured one when I saw all the odd marks on it, and knowing Christa Schneider had told me to buy that one.  So this one has been like the very same thing, complete with the entire Department of Justice.

It's not even PRISM, the NSI program that has been monitoring people's computers.  I DO believe they are involved, definitely, but Adora is not with the NSI.  She would be connected to the FBI and to the Department of Justice.  She's a Coos Bay, Oregon person, and her only contacts would be FBI.

As for PRISM, I always knew there was something wrong with that word.  I don't know necessarily, that it was only about PRISM the NSI program but possibly something else as well.  I know because I once said something to my Mom when I was younger (not a kid) about prisms and she tried not to cringe.  She said nothing, but I saw her cringe at the word and saw the reaction.  I said I might want some kind of crystal to hang and was told it's called a prism and it cast all these rainbows all over the room.  I could tell it bothered her so out of respect, I never got one.  I didn't know what I was respecting, actually, but I could tell it touched on something that was painful and not a good memory or thought so I avoided prisms and always knew there was something wrong with the association and what some group of people had done to my family.  Finding out there is an NSI program called PRISM is not a shock and it does not convince me that this is all "prisms" are about. 

The NSI can and does monitor computers and that in itself, with the concurrent reports of journalists and others having their computers or laptops go haywire, is not new.  It's sort of shocking to realize it's happening, when it occurs, but what kind of lawsuit it THAT that the ACLU is going after, when they have an entire family held hostage and kids being kidnapped, held hostage, and tortured?

The ACLU has always known the U.S. federal government tends to do whatever they want.  So why make a big deal about computer monitoring and telephone monitoring, and pick that fight, and totally ignore and push aside the claims of people being tortured, kidnapped, and having their children forced into government programs?  It's like the ACLU is an arm of the FBI.

The ACLU takes cases that will affect the most people and hopefully bring the most good or change for the most.  So a case involving many people with hacking problems is something they feel they should handle, however, notice that the more people it involves, the more the ACLU is thinking about additional donations they'll get for their work.  Is it really doing the most good for as many as possible? or is it doing the least amount of work for the most potential donations and contributions? 

A case involving torture of a U.S. family in the U.S. such as my family, or even the case involving my son where the  U.S. literally jumped out of their own pants into Canada, and wore them, and then jumped back to the U.S. with kidnapped kids, is a principle and law that was violated, that affects everyone and gives the U.S. the idea they can do whatever they want and that unequal application of the law is THE standard in this country.

Taking THAT case, would be fighting for rights for all and keeping the government in check, but instead of going after a TORTURE case involving kidnapping and torture and horrific things almost no one can even imagine, they go after hackers.


So it's okay for NASA to beat up a dozen citizens every single day in the U.S., who are U.S. citizens, and it's okay to rape the women multiple times, and the men as well, and to kidnap back anyone that tries to escape.  Assault, every single day and night, and the ACLU is chasing after PRISM...rainbows, while Mugabe runs NASA.

For the last 3 days, or nights specifically, when I am trying to do work online or that I have to do on my laptop, I'm being targeted and burned to my heart, and it's been every single night and in the mornings if I dare look at my computer, and at night whether I'm on the laptop or not but mostly when I am. 

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