Monday, July 8, 2013

Katie Middleton's Raping Ring

I think Duchess of Cambridge is a pun on "came" regarding orgasm of women being raped with her position in the future in mind.  Without rape, she would be nowhere.  This sounds sort of odd, but it's not. 

U.S. federal employees repeatedly raped me and I found out they are all connected to her.  So when I don't even know who this woman is, and I'm being repeatedly raped by government people and others connected to them, and I only discover the fact that they are all supporting her and are connected to her, I think it's gross.  Disgusting actually.

She has nothing to do with the English town or college of "Cambridge".  She chose to go to college in Scotland when her family found out William was going to be there.  Who was it that suggested she go elsewhere?  Calling her a "duchess" (as if) of Cambridge is more like a U.S. sick inside joke to gloat over all of the rapes done with her position and mafia in mind.

How to bridge the gap?  I don't know, maybe make a woman "come" when she is raped and then claim it's not rape and use this as the bridge to putting high heels on Katie as the heels of others are chopped down to stumps.  She looks "taller" suddenly, and more "desirable" with all of those used-up "ho's" around, doesn't she?  And she's suddenly "smart" with homework being stolen from all the women around her that had no idea SHE was the fucking reason for their demise and the jealousy.  Her speaking voice even, goes from Sweet Valley High to an alto with a whole new British enunciation on her vowels as well.  Maybe she took speaking lessons from Mike Tancer's family.

What brought this on, was seeing some headline about how her kids (the public ones) will be "styled" as highness of Cambridge.  This was decided...when?

It is almost hilarious isn't it, because I think the news was sent out yesterday, the same day I was being harassed over all of the men who raped me.  I went to a store I hadn't been to before, a hardware store, looking for shelving and lights and an air filter and a few other things.  While I was there, someone who sounded exactly like Josh Gatov came in and made a lot of noise around me and then when I was asking about a solar light, which had a solar panel and then a light structure that was rectangular, which was called Gam-something but looked like Cam-something on the label, the store person assisting me told me then that his name was T.J.

T.J. is the name of Josh Gatov's best friend.  He used to talk about T.J. all the time, at work, and Josh Gatov is from Coos Bay area.  So basically, someone came into the store after I'd been there over a half hour or more, made a lot of talk knowing I would recognize it as Josh's voice, and then they had "T.J." assisting me as I looked at a "Cam" light which was powered by solar energy.  When the Josh sounding person was there, he made all of these sexual innuendo comments and harassing comments implying I was unclean and a whore when he RAPED me and the MIDDLETONS were involved. 
I don't know if that "T.J." I talked to is the same one that Josh Gatov was best friend's with.  I have no idea, but it was not coincidental some group had a guy sounding like Josh in there and then had a store employee named T.J. assisting me.  Then, it was even worse, because right after this, after the Josh sounding person left, this man who I met when I first showed up in town arrived in the store to ask around about my reaction and how I reacted.  He made a cake and brought it to Denny's pizza place when I was first in town, and he made it identical to a "royal flush" comment I had made in Nashville, TN to a Jewish man who came into my workplace before Katie was married, and while I was getting surveilled by some British man every day who sat at the bar and ordered Crown tequila with Pineapple, which I never forgot since Chris Dabney made a big deal about how Katie was drinking a pina colada one day when I worked at the Post Pub in 2008.

He had asked me if I liked pineapple juice drinks or something like that, and I said no, I didn't like sweet drinks as much. I'm not a fruity-drink person.  I ate tons of pineapple, almost every day, from 1996-1998, mostly in 1997.  I ate so much pineapple I got blisters on my tongue from the citric acid.  And then all of a sudden, later people got bizarre and were telling me I couldn't eat pineapple anymore or have pineapple juice.

Anyway.  So this British man came in every day when I worked at Logans and the Mexican woman who threw peanuts at my back and head later, was the one always serving him and she was connected to Katie Middleton and her own relative had written a promo article about her in D.C.  I was just 'surrounded' with "love" there.

So it was this same night, I believe, that I first noticed this, that this man's drink was Crown with pineapple, that a Jewish man who I was serving in my own section, ordered a couple of drinks (which is why I was at the bar and overheard the whole Crown and pineapple banter with the British man and Mexican bartender) and the receipt ran out and had pink stripes in it.  So I joked to him when I brought it back, since it was red going to pink sort of, that it was a "royal flush".  He looked happy about that idea and then looked like he hated my guts and left.  I then went back to the bar to do something and I was tortured with military technology, literally, that pressed in on both of my temples from either side.

This was done to me while I was at work, at a government job I didn't want and was forced to take to pay off a court fee for a court matter I wasn't guilty over in Wenatchee, that the FBI trapped me into deliberately.

I was tortured once or twice at my job at Mike's Jersey Subs, with the FEMA manager.  It was only on the very last day. Otherwise, I was not tortured, but on the same day I got tortured there, and said nothing, I was fired.

I was forced to take the Logan's job.  While I was there, after the first week, when I mainly didn't respond to a federal government employees overtures (coming from a server named Jordan who wanted to serve all of the police and steered me away from waiting on any table with a cop)
, I was tortured.  He started calling me a "cockroach" after I ignored his attempts to get my attention in a flirtaceous way.  "You're a ROACH!" he would say.  "You're nothing but a cockroach".

I was harassed verbally there, in that restaurant, more than anywhere in my life.  I was being burned with lasers while I worked, and had all kinds of military technology being used against me, and I was being poisoned with airborne substances that I could feel when they were released by the table I served and caused me to cough so much I cried.  I had tears coming out of my eyes from irritation from the airborne chemical tricks that were being pulled while I was there.

So on the day this British man got the Crown and pineapple and smirked while they talked about royalty, and Middleton, and while the man who hated me was there still, I guess before he left actually, so maybe he was partly there to observe how I reacted to what was going to happen, the U.S. military used some kind of technology, targeted only at me, to cause extreme pressure to both of my temples on either side of my head.  It wasn't a migraine.  It was specific enough, it was pressure the size of bolts, or a dime size, one on the left side and one on the right, and at the same time, and then severe sudden squeezing like my head was in the center of a vice that was pushing into my skull on both sides.

Basically, it was the same size-feeling of bolts that you see on Frankenstein replications.  Not only that, when it was done to me, I remembered how we were told to read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in high school and in college at P.C.C. and how weird some of the students got over it, wanting to engage me in conversation over what I thought.  It was beyond normal discussion or interest.  It was the kind of thing where they were searching my eyes, looking for clues as to whether I was aware of what the U.S. had done to me or not.

After my head was squeezed in that bizarre way, worse than I've had anything done in my life aside from constant ultrasound or electromagnetic energy, the Jewish guy then got up from his table, looked at me, smirked, and left.  It was the same week the bartender was throwing peanuts at me and getting cops to say I was trespassed from there and fired, rather than arrest the Middleton bitch for assault.

I didn't know I had scars on either side of my head, at my temples, where this was done to me, until a few months ago when I looked and noticed.  It was after I took niacin to lower my cholesterol and my skin turned red and some marks became more obvious to me.  I saw I had bolt shaped circle scars on my temples, on either side, along with incision scars.  I then was finding other bolt shaped circle scars on my body and wondering what it was from because it was clear how they were different from chicken pox scars, which I also found a couple of.

So this "royal flush" comment I made, in the middle of this entire fiasco, is one day of my life in Middleton Hell I've been living my entire life, since she born.  Obviously, it was before she was born too, because that is when I was scarred. 

I saw no resemblance of anything similar until showing up in Coquille a few months later and this man had a cake made, that he made and brought, and it was pink and white striped inside, the same way. 

That same man who brought that cake in, and looked uncomfortable sitting next to me, showed up at the hardware store where I was being harassed by a man imitating Josh Gatov and then where the store employee exchanged smirks with him as he left, and then had me talking to "T.J." which is the name of Josh Gatov's 'best friend'.

That was the first rapist reminded of the day and it was done all day to me.  So this was on the same day, the woman who has these rapist people as best friends, was having someone think of how to "style" her kids titles, and I find it offensive.  I find everything about her offensive.  But it is most offensive to see how she plays off of the multiple rapes against me and then gets a title of Cambridge.  How about Mantoloking?  I think that fits much more.  She is much more the Duchess of Mantoloking than she'll ever be of anything English.  Or Duchess of Potato Hill Road.  Because that's when it started, if it wasn't when I lived on Canterbury Lane in Moses Lake. 

Why not Duchess of Leeds?  That way she could be the personification of the rhino mascot and entertain the Jewish whimsies at the same time.  And how clever would "forking and the law" be?  so lux.

Cambridge is an attempt to sound scholarly to the English and reward the funny bones of all the rapists in the U.S.

Also, I know some blond sort of young woman is being water boarded over me somewhere because I could see her and if it wasn't waterboarding, it was constant submersion or water forced over her head.  I don't see why anyone would be secretly waterboarded or tortured like that, over me, unless they are suspected of having knowing too much about the Middletons and the U.S. crimes.  It wasn't just seeing her with constant water, it was sensing grief over me and knowing what criminals are involved at the top and how many of them there are.

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