Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7th Day Adventist Not Complying With FOIA

I am having extreme problems with 7th Day Adventist Hospital.

I have made over three medical records requests over the past 2 years, and they ignored one completely and then another was ignored, and finally, I got a partial response.

Now they are sending me papers that are repeated information and excluding my entire surgery there.  I just got another packet of "information" from them, sent on the 19th, and the only thing new that they added, was some nurses notes that state I had an "abortion" but I never had an abortion.  I had a miscarriage after my baby was murdered.  I don't believe in abortion and I would not ever have one for any reason, for myself, personally.  So to me, it's an offense to have "incomplete abortion" on a record, even if that's a term for the end of a pregnancy.  It was a miscarriage.  It was not even a natural miscarriage, but the result of a murder.

I looked through all of this paperwork and nowhere do they have my records of my surgery there for the D&C.  They refer to it, in notes, but they have been illegally (it is illegal at this point, after this much time and this many requests) withholding all information about my surgery and my recovery at the hospital after the surgery.

At this point, I feel I've been more than patient with 7th Day Adventists.  I really don't care for them anymore at all, as an organization, after this kind of treatment.  I mean, basically, they are showing me they treated me medically if I was with an FBI fucker fiancĂ© who cheated on me, but if I'm on my own, they refuse to even send me my medical records about my own surgery?

This is MY health and my LIFE that is at stake, and I am planning to become pregnant again and these assholes have been refusing to comply with my polite and repeated FOIA requests.

Not only that, employees who work for the Department of State and, of all things, The 700 Club (Richmond, VA--close enough to the Department of State for me) have deliberately attempted to create emotional distress by suggesting I was sterilized and had my tubes cut off and all kinds of things.

So while I've been subjected to malicious mind games and provocation to suggest I can't have kids, and that I was sterilized and don't know it, and my tubes were cut off or something, 7th Day Adventist in Maryland has gone along with it, by refusing to give me FOIA when I made my request like any other person who is asking for their records under HIPPA.  7th Day Adventist has no cause to withhold my own surgery records from me.

At this point, it just looks suspicious on their part, as if they've done something wrong and they know it and are withholding records to avoid being sued over it.  The only other reason to not give me complete FOIA is to deliberately cause emotional distress by allowing others to make suggestions about my being infertile, or sterilized, or like "Carrie Bell" (that one came via The 700 Club).

I have never been told anything of the sort was done or that there was any significant alteration to my body.  Therefore, if I was not "sterilized" the withholding of my surgery records has been only to contribute to the effort to harass me and cause emotional distress by repeatedly suggesting to me and to others there is something wrong and I was sterilized.

My Mom asked me the other day, when I said I thought my son had hemophilia (like me), "What if you found out he had bone cancer?  or tuberculosis?  What would you do?"  I said, "What?  does he have those?" and she said "No, but let's say he did.  What would you do?" and was saying, what difference would it make for me to know.  I said, "Well, for one thing, it's all the more reason to sue them because CPS's claim was that I was a hypochondriac and it would prove I wasn't and that my concerns were valid and they endangered him."  She nodded and said nothing.  I said, "And I would want to know.  I would want to know, for myself, of course, if he had cancer."

Basically, the 7th Day Adventist has spent the last 2 years ignoring my requests for my records or omitting the most important parts, and they are doing this to me while I'm being mocked and harassed, and need  the information for my own family planning and figuring out where I'm at and how much time I have left.

I don't believe I was sterilized, but the fact this hospital deliberately keeps the record from me, and allows officials and employees to harass me with this suggestion, they are contributing to my distress, and also, what if I was?  I am planning to spend hundreds of dollars for IVF and then after several attempts, then the Department of State is going to tell 7th Day Adventist to release records to me that show they sterilized me and didn't even tell me?  Not only have I been personally harassed with the suggestion of sterilization, others who care about me have also been harassed and told this.

I really think the Department of State and their Gangster Fuck Alvaro are pieces of shit.  They've been abusing their authority and positions to harass me and retaliate against me for not marrying their fucking asshole.  All they've done is make me 1,000 times more sure than I was before, that I made the right decision.  The true test of whether a marriage is a lie and set up or not, is how your fucking country treats you if you choose not to marry their asshole.  It means if I had married him, and not been set up or gone to jail, I would have married into all of these superficial low-lifes.

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