Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sage Pipe

I got a pipe because it made me laugh.  I would not ever smoke anything with nicotine or tobacco again, or marijuana.  I have zero interest in either.

But since the pipe made me laugh, and I'm into natural ideas occasionally, I thought maybe I could try smoking sage sometime because I've never tried it, it's not addictive, and I had just bought a sage smudge to burn in my house because I read it's a natural way to fog out fleas and mites and my guinea pigs were getting over those.  So I thought I'd try sage and just bought cooking spice sage from a regular store since I didn't know where natural sage was growing.

It's okay.  I think it's fine now and then but I wouldn't do it a lot just because it can affect hormones and any kind of smoking, of anything, can be harmful sometimes to the lungs.  So it's on occasion.  It would be the only kind of thing I'd ever smoke now and then, once in a month or so.

I am not interested in marijuana at all, and I'm not interested in tobacco either. I don't like cloves either.   I like sage because it has a nice smell and isn't addictive or a big stimulant or depressant.  It seems like a very natural thing to do now and then.

And since I wrote this post, for whatever reason, I am now getting fried by the U.S. NASA.  It's only been since I started writing this post but it may be retaliation for my other post about Jewish Supremists.

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