Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rape Harassment Plotted For Entire Day Today

It must have taken a lot of time to coordinate, but I was harassed and mocked over several rapes done to me all day today.

I think my report of having torture marks on the insides of my thighs "got to" someone and they retaliated by setting up a group of people to imitate different rapists who planned raping me, and then had them following me around all day.

I am positive my report of scars has someone concerned.  There is no other reason to attempt to drive me to distress and distraction all day over it.  They're criminals.  They're not only criminals, most of them worked for the U.S. government and deliberately raped me to cause another person who loved me distress, when they couldn't do anything about it.

It was men coming into stores or places where I was already, and then imitating the voices, mannerisms, and sometimes, appearance of some of the men who raped me.  I would say it's the first time the harassment was so organized and there was a cop in on it with plates 157258, and he is a local cop.  I know he was in on it by his smirking over it and then another cop SUV drove past to view me after I'd been harassed and they kept a smug look on their faces, but were not as mirthful about it and that SUV had a woman (younger) and a man in it.

It wasn't just "sort of coincidence"--all of it, was basically like someone took time to teach others exactly how to act and sound just like these men, and then go into my surroundings and begin mocking me over my being raped.  Most of it, today, seemed to be with imitating the ones who were Jewish.

The first person that was imitated was Josh Gatov, and honestly, he needs to die.  God will be glad when he is dead.  The amount of people who were involved, including cops, in tipping him off to run to a different country, is very high.  Even Halea Meyers and her mother Catherine Meyers, who works at a jail, were in on it, and they are not even supposedly Jewish, they just worked for Jewish employees, traveled to Israel, and worked for the Department of Justice.  Halea's idea, of taking me to a Thai restaurant, knowing cops tipped Josh off to go to Thailand (which I was never told about--I never knew which country he went to until later) was pretty much a way to celebrate what he did to me, and her mother knew because her mother was an employee at a jail, just like Nathan Bechtold, who is a cop and Robin Bechtold's brother, with Robin being the second one to rape me.  Halea and her Mom knew about Josh and where he'd gone to, all along, and it was Halea who hunted me down and followed me, now that I think about it--stalked me, at New Song Church.  Her brother, Will, who seemed to be so teddy-bear like, also had a dangerous and violent dark side that I didn't see until later and he was running a dance club for salsa in Eugene, Oregon.

While all these people were trained and set up ahead of time to harass me over raping me today, this Jewish owner of a hotel I stayed at with Alvaro put up a new reader board message about how someone needs to "forgive" and some preachy memo about forgiveness.  This was done while people he knew planned to harass me all day.  I don't forgive any of them, neither does God, and I don't forgive anyone who supported them and helped them to make their "get-aways".  I was set up for premeditated gang-rape and I do not, in the least, believe what GOD wants me to do is to "forgive" them.  I feel there are many things I can work on as a person, and people to be nicer to, or ways to avoid being misunderstood if I don't mean to be intentionally rude.  I have a sensitivity to doing the right thing and being kind to people and to animals and I don't ever want to go out and physically harm anyone.   I still forgive people for things, all the time, small things and possibly larger things.  But the rapes against me, in a collective plot with the U.S. government, while all of them retained their jobs and while I lost everything and had my son kidnapped from me and was defamed; this kind of rape against me when they knew already what horrid kind of torture had already been done to me as a child--God does not forgive them.

I don't speak for God, or claim to, but I am 100% positive he has not forgiven them and does not want me to either.  God wants to find a way to avenge and that is the God of Justice.  Since these people made a mockery of the Justice system and tortured me, they're just reward is going to be twice as bad as it would be for a regular person.

It must have really, really, gotten to some group, that they went this far to stage harassment of me all day, without any breaks, and constantly about rape.  The only reason these rapists would be brought up to cause distress, is because they are connected to the same individuals who tortured me as a baby and toddler.

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