Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MRIs Taken While I Was Unconscious

I just found out I had a whole panel of MRIs taken while I was unconscious.  No one told me about it, ever. 

It was when I went in for my surgery because of ongoing miscarriage problems.  I was awake when they did an ultrasound and then a surgery was scheduled, but no one told me they took full MRIs of my neck, back, and entire torso.

I still haven't received all of my medical records either, even though I've made several requests to 7th Day Adventist in Shady Grove, MD.  They sent one small part and then nothing else, and I had to call and say I have the ones from Germantown but I need Rockville/Shady Grove ones.  So then they included an itemized bill statement this time, but no records.

On the itemized bill it says I had all these MRIs done and I was never awake for any of them.  So all of them were done while I was unconscious.  If I'm having a normal D&C for a miscarriage that wouldn't complete after a few months, why would they take neck MRIs?  and back and torso and my entire body from my pelvis up?  They took 3 separate panels of MRIs. 

I had an MRI done at a different place of my back, which showed assault damage, but no one ever told me, at any time, they were taking other MRIs of my neck and other things.

Also, I am charged for a blood pack or medicare which looks like another blood transfusion.  If this is the case, I hemorrhaged during surgery, which means during this entire pregnancy miscarriage, I hemorrhaged and had to have emergency blood transfusions twice.

If I hemorrhaged in surgery and had a blood transfusion then it is possible what someone told me, that they inserted a metal stent inside of my chest, is possibly true.  If they did this, they never told me about it, and instead, I found out later after I started getting targeted for torture in that region.  It also explains why Alvaro Pardo's diplomat lover was giving me a box of silverware to "eat your heart out with".

What does my neck have to do with my uterus?  They took an MRI of my neck while I was unconscious.

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