Wednesday, July 10, 2013

689 CBJ Mormon Spy

This man who comes over to my parent's house is a Mormon, a government psychic spy, and gives personal information to Google employees about my family.  I believe he is also connected to the Mormons that support Katie Middleton and have oppressed me since I was a kid.

He is at my parent's house now and I walked in and my Dad was lifting some heavy thing up the stairs after Gale (his name) and saying, "Is that okay?" and I thought, if Gale is being paid to work and he doesn't have the bad hands, why is my Dad doing his work for him and why is HE asking if it's okay?  Shouldn't Gale be asking my Dad if it's okay?

Not only that, I have had a really bad feeling that this man has been extorting sexual favors, possibly, from my Mom or one of the Dicksies.  He makes really lewd comments sometimes about it, and our dog is (or was) TERRIFIED of him, and I saw my Dad looking beat up and tortured when he was around a year ago.

It was at its worst about a year ago.

I mean, that is when our dog was shaking and acting terrified around him and when I saw my Dad flinching and looking beat up by him.

Then, all of a sudden, I noticed all the artwork for Google homepages was being designed off of things Gale was doing around our house and objects he moved around, brought over, or positioned.  Who would Gale be talking to, to have a contact with the artist for Google?  Google is based in Seattle, Washington.  For about 2 weeks, every single day or whenever it was new art, it was something directly referring to our house and no one was here that much except for him.

I know he's Mormon because I asked him once in a normal conversation and he told me he was and when I asked about a ring on a hand photo on his cell phone he said it was his wife who had died of cancer.  So this made it even creepier, like is he hard up for sex so now he has my parents somehow blackmailed with the FBI and is extorting favors from her? 

689 CBJ (Oregon)  is the license plate number to his silver truck which he brought over just now with a bike at the top of the back that is yellow and blue.  He also drives a sedan.

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