Friday, July 26, 2013

Jenny Locke Stole Skirt, Laundered It Through FBI To Katie Middleton

I remembered who stole one skirt in particular from me.

I had been thinking it was Erica Ballinger and I do know I lost something there but I almost think it was a pair of shoes or something.

The person who stole the skirt that had been my mother's, which later showed up on Katie Middleton, was after I spent a day with Jenny Locke.

I remembered when I read a reporter's comment that Katie Middleton wore a Jenny Packham dress when leaving the hospital with her baby.

Jenny Locke was Geoff Rasmussen's girlfriend for 1-2 years, almost the entire time he went to Sherwood High school.  Geoff is Mormon and his Uncle is in the FBI.  Geoff was good friends with Erica Wiltbank and some others who were in business together (Harris', Bechtolds).

Jenny's mother was a seamstress and I don't know what her Dad did.  I know my Mom liked Jenny and when I visited her house I was shocked to see a lot of trolls and Wiccan kinds of decorations.  Jenny also had one specific habit I never forgot, and that was of carrying around a supersized drink with a straw, usually a coke.  The troll dolls were the kind with brightly dyed hair.  I remember when I was in their house I picked up and looked at a troll that had bright hot pink-raspberry-magenta colored hair.

This was later imitated by FBI agent Raul Bujanda when he took me out.  His constant display of large cokes with drinking straws matched only one other person I had ever known and it's Jenny Locke.

I never heard about her Dad.  I have no idea what her Dad did.  I thought her Mom was a single mom and hadn't heard about what her Dad did or where he was.

However, I am 100% positive it was Jenny Locke that stole the one skirt, because I had a flashback memory to the occasion and it was her.  I also know she never invited me to do anything with her again after she stole it and I never questioned her personally because I was too shocked by it, to think she'd do it and wondered why.

Whoever she handed it off to, got it to Katie Middleton, or the exact pattern, design and cut.  The only people she was connected to were Mormons and FBI.  This would also explain why there is a 2003 Max Factor cosmetics ad for Lipfinity Lustre that features Catherine Hurley drinking with a long straw, from a drink colored the same color as the strip of hair Katie Middleton dyed on her hair, and she looks exactly like my Aunt Locklyn, however, Locklyn is close enough to Jenny Locke and her huge coke drinks with her straws.

I also thought about it when I thought about my mother's handbag which has a heart shaped metal tag on it with the brand name "Genna" on it.  So I looked it up and the name is Genna De Rossi.  Or, you could say, Jen a de rose E.  From Jen to the Rose Elizabeth?  Who knows. 

I know my skirt went from Jenny Locke to Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.  Who helped with the alterations or got it from the U.S. to the UK I'm not sure but I know who Jenny was connected to, and later, the fact FBI again visited me with the Jenny theme points to FBI collusion in supporting Katie Middleton.

On the ad, it mentions the chief make-up artist for Bridget Jones' Diary which is also coy because I had a lock on my first diary that was broken into and Jenny's last name, who stole my skirt and gave it to Catherine Elizabeth is Locke.  The design for the lipsticks was to position them into an X with one going one direction and the other another direction, to make an X, which was the design on the front cover of that diary with the lock.

The other thing about Jenny Locke, aside from her always having a coke in her hand, in a large cup with a straw (I almost never saw her without one and didn't know anyone else who drank that much), and the disappearance of that skirt with her, was she was the only one who would proffer a peck on the cheek, which she did with me often, when I wasn't expecting it. 

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