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Josh Gatov's Jewish Supremist Crimes (Jewish Supremist Crimes on the Rise: Unreported)

There are Nazi supremists I suppose, just like there are Jewish ones.  A Jewish supremist might be someone who prides themselves on being Jewish, and thinks they are superior and rapes those who are not.

Apparently, the Portland Police department and FBI support Jewish supremists.

So my question is, if Edward Lee Victor Howard is my biological father, and Josh Gatov knew it, his comment to me takes on a different tone altogether.  He was Russian Jewish, and Edward Howard was in Russia at the time I believe.

Josh Gatov said, "What would your DAD think to know you were taken by a Jew?" He said it in a context of raping me, because it was the first thing he said, and he said it while I was under the impression the only "Dad" he could have been referring to was my Dad Bob Garrett.  However, since he is a Jewish fuck-up, and criminal, who works for the U.S. federal government, I am pretty sure he would have known if Edward Howard was my biological Dad.  In that context, he could have been saying, smugly, knowing I didn't know, that my Dad, a non-Jew, Edward Howard, would be dismayed to find out a Jew had raped me.  Or "taken" me as he said.

My Dad Bob Garrett is considered Jewish because of bloodline.  So who was the Jew that took me? that Howard didn't know was a Jew all along?  My Dad Bob Garrett?  My mother Dicksie-Dael? 

Christa Schneider didn't want me to report and freaked out in 2002 when I said I was going to.  Maybe that's because the rapes against me would have become public record and if Edward Howard found out, he would know who else was behind it and would have been startled by it or someone would have told me.

He was then murdered, along with my Grandpa Garrett.

Regardless of who or which "Dad" Josh was referring to, it was hate crime and the FBI supported it.  They tipped him off to flee the country to escape prosecution because he worked for them and then they blocked me from my lawsuits about other matters because they "needed" me to sound mentally ill and be defamed because they were involved in torturing and premeditating rape against me to spite someone and to promote another family.  All of it was hate crime and revenge.  Josh Gatov also used to also use the phrase, "That's not the way I roll."  All of his comments were about "Let's roll" or "That's not the way I roll."  In the workplace, at the college, where he held a job through federal work study, this is  an expression he used all the time.  If I'm correct, that is a U.S. Army expression.

This follows an assassination attempt by Adams or Peters (or both of them in their parent's car) and Tony Roos, U.S. Army (related to Middletons in Sherwood according to one source and a friend of Bechtold, whose house I was leaving, and whose former girlfriend was Stacy Darling--also possibly related to the Darling cousin of the Middletons).

The next assassination attempt, which was before Josh raped me, was by Mike Nichols, after I had insulted his Jewish friend that was standing there next to him at Incredible Universe, an electronics store.  Whether he was Catholic or Jewish, he took offense at what I said and the two of them were always watching me through the partition in a calculated way.  There was a bridge between the two offices, so to speak.  To explain the layout and how I knew they were always watching me...

Incredible Universe was this huge warehouse of electronics, gadjets, computers, office supplies, movies, and music.  There was a large appliance section in the back as well.  It had no windows to outdoors but when you entered, you walked into a large "rotunda", a round floor that had smaller stores on the outside of it, and there was a balcony that circled around it as well, which only managers had access to.  The stores that lined the outer part of the rotunda, or circular floor, had glass you could see through from the center.  So you could be in the rotunda and possibly see someone working inside the electronics store, or the music store that was next door to the electronics store.  On the sides of the electronics and music stores, was more clear glass so in some places, someone from electronics could sort of see into the music store.  It was harder to do because of displays and other things so if someone from electronics wanted to talk to someone from music, in the back there was an office that had one door to electronics and one door to music.  It wasn't a closed office or closed off to employees.  It was basically a bridge between the two stores and it was the only store that had that bridge.  For example, office supplies were usually in the rotunda, and then the appliances were at the back of the warehouse and around a corner you had things for kids and school.

Employees would pop their heads in and out of the bridge area, looking around the corner at what others did in the store next to them.  The most frequent individuals to go into that section, that manager's office or employee bridge between the stores, were Mike Nichols and his friend, who was either Catholic or Jewish and they were best friends there.  They always went together.  Those two would go into that area and peek around the corner and watch me when they weren't looking over through clear glass at me.  I was pretty much stalked but I was too young and naïve to think of it as stalking and wouldn't have known a reason why anyone would stalk me in the first place.  What I do remember is that I was surprised to catch Mike Nichols stare at me in a way that looked like he hated my guts.  I was confused by that because then when I would notice this and deliberately try to be friendly, he would sometimes blush.  But he had a very cold and calculating manner of observing me.  One day I saw him and this friend of his, not the manager, another associate from the electronics store, standing in the back, near the bridge entrance and watching me, whispering to eachother and looking at me with sheer hate.  They did this for a long time and finally, when I had a chance, because it was unnerving, I went over and said hi and talked to them and then I said to the associate who was friends with Mike, "So are you connected to a Jesuit school Erik Lund went to or are you Jewish?"  and he flipped out about it.  The hate looks only intensified.  I don't remember right now why it came to mind to say this because then, at that time in my life, I very seldom made any kind of comment like this.  It may have been something stood out to me and I was just curious but he darkened his look when I finished my sentence with "...or are you Jewish?"

After this, Mike Nichols, his friend, was driving my car and hijacked it and rolled it.  Then, a few years later, Josh Gatov, who was always saying, "That's not how I roll", raped me while in possession of not one but two knives he made me aware of.  Apparently, the way Josh "rolls" is not by overturning cars but by rape.  After this, Robin Bechtold raped me a year or so later.

When I say that space between the two stores was a "bridge" it's a fairly good description because it wasn't like some closed off boxy office space.  It was a very small, sort of rectangular bridge that just had a narrow desk and computer and the manager rarely ever closed off the doors.  It wasn't considered to be bad manners for an employee to go in or through there if the doors were open.

Believe me, harming me has been premeditated and many government employees are involved.

The Duchess of "Cambridge" and her supporters are all part of it as well.

As to the driver of the Adams' vehicle, my thought at the time was that it was a man.  I felt the thrust and impact or attempt was so vicious and aggressive, and experienced, like a driver trained to know what they're doing, I didn't think it was a woman driving.  I wouldn't imagine a woman would drive like that unless it was Eliza Bechtold, Robin's sister, who was trained in judo and beat up teen boys for fun in high school (which her Dad bragged about and her mother encouraged).  They wanted a daughter who would bloody noses.  I suppose I should underestimate Shannon though.  She had a quiet dark side and anyone driving that car, if caught or if an accident had occurred that affected them, would have known they'd be discovered so in that case, it would have to be a member of the Adam's family.  Also, as I explained, later I saw their entire family mocking me and her Dad and Mom smirking over at my Dad, which I had thought was really odd.  They were friends with U.S. Navy recruit Kelly Stalder, who champions the cause of "golden" psychic retrievers, claiming they will go to no lengths to protect them.  I'd like to know who the "golden retriever" was.  Robin's family had a golden named Holly but I hardly think it was over the dog Holly.  I found a comment by Kelly Stalder on a site for rescuing these dogs and that's the comment she made and I felt it was sort of an inside joke or way of referring to something else but that's my opinion.  The rest of what I have described is fact.

Ellie Gould, THIS SONG IS FOR YOU sunsHYYyyyyne.

I think I read somewhere that the song chosen by Middleton's for the reception party was Ellie Gould's "This is Your Song". 

Kelly Stalder says, "We will go to NO limits to protect our golden retrievers!!!!"


I would agree.  Rape, torture, molestation of children, conspiracy, you name it, they did it.  It's "How they roll."  All I know, is some pissed off Muslims didn't like the Jewish Supremists that rolled the way they wanted and got the backing of the U.S. to commit crimes against anyone and everyone.  So after Mike hijacked my car, and rolled it, it was federal planes being hijacked by jihaddists with someone from the U.S. still yelling "Let's roll!" 

They rolled right into the fields of Pennsylvania and crashed into the Twin Towers.  I think one was aimed for the White House wasn't it? or was it the Pentagon?

Why would they aim for the Twin Towers?  to continue taking out any kind of symbol of twins, which run in my family apparently? or out of getting fed up with federal government rapists and torturers? 

If someone thought it was  revenge over what was done to me, maybe that's why the cop-bitch Stacey Stubblefield tortured my son in childbirth and forced his birth to occur on the 11th to match 9/11 symbolism.  My son wasn't going to be born on the 11th.  She broke my water after I told her not to and she did it anyway.  She even scheduled me to go in for an appointment with a plan to do that.  First she asked me if I wanted her to "separate the membrane" and I said "What's that?" and she said, "It will start your labor and you'll have the baby faster."  I said "No, don't do that. I  want it to be all-natural."  So after I told her NO, she said she wanted to have another look real quick and I could see she didn't the fact that I said no, I didn't want to do that.  She put her hand inside and I heard something tear and felt it and then she looked smug and right after I left, I was in labor and knew she had done what I told her not to do.

The U.S. has an "issue" with keeping their hands to themselves.

The entire reason I had the double contractions, back to back with no normal break inbetween was because she violated my wishes and basically, did as much as raped me.  If a woman puts her hands into my vagina and does something when I tell her not to, the fact she is a woman and a midwife, does not exclude her from being guilty of violating my body and tampering with my son's birth.

She violated my body and my son's right to be born naturally from the very start.  Then, in the hospital, she continued on the same trajectory, refusing to do a C-section when it was obviously needed, and instead, manipulated and pushed against my son's head for over an hour at one point in the labor.  She tortured him, and she did this after first violating me.  SHE wanted my son to be born on May 11th.  That was not the time when he would have been born.

I said to her, "No, I don't want to do that."  Then she suggested giving me pictocin.  She kept pressuring me to take a drug or to let her "separate the membrane" and I said no, I wanted it to be natural and for my labor to start when he was ready to come out."  She didn't like my answer so she violated me.

That is how Stacy Stubblefield and her state cop husband from Portland, Oregon "roll".

She even told me exactly how long it would take to start labor if she broke the membrane and that she knew how long and it made it easier for her to schedule and plan for.  I told her no and she did it anyway.  I don't know why she wanted Oliver to be born on the 11th, but she made sure that was what happened.  She planned the office visit knowing she would do what she wanted regardless of what I said, and how long it might take.  If someone thought they were taking a baby girl home with them, to kidnap from me then and there, maybe they also wanted to be ready for that.  I don't know. 

Because of what she did, he was born before his due date and he may have even wanted to have been born after his due date.

It was more Russian Jews in D.C. that hated me and Chris Dabney started dating a Jew and he was friends with them before he met me.  If you see the movie Alice in Wonderland, there is a section where he leans over and says something in her ear and then says "you won't remember me", Chris did that.  He said some foreign language phrase into my ear and I said what? and he wouldn't say it again.  For all I know he was giving NSI the signal to destroy my baby.  He was hostile by the time of his birthday which was September 12 and he was the same age as Harry of Wales because someone told me this.

Other Jews include Mike Tancer and Richard and Helen.  These are people with Jewish backgrounds who tortured me or raped me or assisted in doing this.  Also, ironically, the Kargman's in New Jersey were Jewish and so is Lisa Thebault and I had no idea about that.  I only heard she was Catholic and part Italian but I found out (if it's true) she is part Jewish.  ?!

So that's a lot of Jews that have been working together to set up rapes against me and other things.  Or Jews trying to get close to me for purposes of screwing me over and inciting Catholics against me so they don't look guilty themselves.

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