Sunday, July 28, 2013

Josh Gatov and FBI (Tattletale Torture)

Several individuals I talked to said Josh Gatov worked for the FBI.  I never had that confirmed because I was told to make a report to police, not FBI, however, since FBI told me to make a report about their employees Bujanda and Garza to them and not police, I think the FBI also needs to receive reports and deal with their issues with Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold.  I am not 100% about Tancer, but he also fit in with what they were doing to me at the time.

What Josh Gatov told me was that he worked in construction, before the tutoring center (a federal salary job) and I believe he said he was in or was a reserve of the U.S. Army.  There was something to do with U.S. Army--not Navy, not Marines, not Air Force.  Army.

What I later learned was he was working for the FBI and I had always thought Robin Bechtold was working for the FBI because of things he said to me when I said I wanted to be a lawyer and work for the FBI to use that money for fighting "corporate crime".  Funny enough, the FBI should have no jurisdiction over "corporate crime" when THEY are guilty of corporate crime.  How does the FBI prosecute RICO cases with any kind of clear conscience, when they are guilty of RICO offenses?  That kind of conflict and like-like behavior puts the FBI in a position of being bribed, blackmailed, and corrupt, and in fact, more corrupt than some (maybe not all) gangs or mafia.  I mean, they should prosecute and investigate, but when you have corruption there to start with, you have people like Laura Laughlin flat-out refusing to even "hear" any suggestion of a problem with her agents.

So maybe he's not--maybe Josh Gatov was not working for the FBI.  Maybe he was working for Portland police undercover and that's why the FBI did the Portland PD a favor in exchange for the PD doing the FBI a favor regarding taking cases of rape by their employees.  What I know is Robin Bechtold has a lot to do with the cops in this town specifically.  I guess a part of that is through his brother, but there's something else going on that has given him a leverage and hold with the cops here.

I think it is possible my parents or brother are connected-to or know Josh Gatov through other FBI and federal employees they already knew.  The reason I think this is because Robin Bechtold was paranoid about my reporting Raul and Armando and all of them were from Texas.

This "telling" on them, by me, was contrary to how I was programmed and raised, to not tell or get cut up or poisoned or tortured.  The U.S. literally assaulted me as a kid to condition me to be afraid to "tell on" people who harmed me.  So when they brought out all of these U.S. government rapists and hoped I wouldn't say anything, they used some of the same tactics of weapons and threats to try to prevent me from exposing them, which would eventually lead to a round-up of their entire circle.

This is why it was such a huge deal for me to take a stand and protest on my own.  I never stood up for myself because I was taught not to, and the religious brainwashing piece of it was "be a servant like Jesus".  Being a servant for Jesus can soon become an excuse for exploitation by others who know better, and conditioned 'servitude', voluntary especially, leads to the idea that someone is meek, mild, and if history repeats itself, not going to talk.  To then rape someone like that and shame them is to hope they don't talk and feel too ashamed by what happened to say anything as if it's their fault.

That is what these U.S. employees plotted and planned.  When I did take a stand for myself, it was to protest, but I hadn't reported any rapes officially yet because I was still afraid and unsure what to do.  All of the brainwashing about "forgiveness" and "don't do anything because God will take care of it" were tactics by the military, CIA, FBI, and others to use against me so they could commit hate crimes they knew would offend and horrify people who cared about me, and then train me to internalize all of this and "forgive" them or "forget". 

They wanted to create an impression that I was not as 'good' as I seemed to be as well, which is why I think they were deliberately setting me up to drug me, rape me, and then quickly repeat the exact same thing with the next person, as if I was having a chain of one-night stands when I wasn't.  I was having a chain of gang-rapists collude to rape me.

First they relied on the pattern of my not telling on people, even if they harmed me.  Then, when it finally came up, they relied on saying to me directly, "Don't tell anyone" or "I don't think you should tell anyone" to see if that worked.  When that didn't work, they acted like since they were the law, they didn't need to follow it--it didn't apply to them.

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