Monday, July 1, 2013

318 FHZ (cop) and 14314 (oregon) and criminal doctors and military

There were some decent people around today but I was tortured the entire way into town and back--mostly on the way back. 

One undercover cop who stood out had the first set of plates and drove a white SUV and the other one had Oregon plates.

I really don't know why these cops think I will appreciate it if they tip their heads up, the way I showed Alvaro Pardo I liked seeing my son.

Do these same cops that commit crimes and cover up crimes think I even care about Alvaro Pardo or what information and lies he spread around?  He was working with them the entire time and he did as much harm as the others he was sent out to protect through a ruse.

Why did they think someone from Colombia would be the right kind to fool me anyway?  Maybe the FBI thought I already knew about Edward Lee Victor Howard, the CIA defector, and thought I knew he'd gone to Colombia with Peace Corp before working for them.

I was tortured while walking back in ways that I now realize were always torture and I had thought it was "arthritis" in my neck and it never was.  The entire time it was military torturing me and I know exactly when they used a specific kind of torture to do that.  It was so bad I was forced to go to the hospital and the entire bill was racked onto MY BILL and they used it as an excuse to take neck x-rays of my entire neck, I guess to make sure everything was still there.

I am at my house now and there is nothing wrong with my neck and no pain.  I was being tortured while walking home to the point of almost throwing up and it was sonar to one of my ears and teeth and they used the same thing to create a severe aching in my neck.  The military did this every time I went to the Oregon beach after they implanted me and started torturing me over giving Katie Middleton something to do for them.

I didn't even know who she was, and the dentist that put the filling in my tooth with a microchip which the U.S. Army blew out before she felt "safe" to get pregnant, cleaned my teeth and only cleaned them half-way.  I said, "I thought you were cleaning my teeth?"  It was either him or the U.S. Army dentist in Wenatchee.  I possibly just had the implant, one of them in Portland by that dentist.  But I was due for teeth cleaning and for the first time in my life, the dentist decided he was going to clean exactly half of my teeth and leave the rest of them.  So he cleaned the middle and nothing else.  Basically, the first front teeth and bottom teeth and then just left the rest.  I was polite and asked about it and he said he didn't have time to do them all.  So he basically left me with teeth professionally cleaned only in the middle and not on the sides of my mouth or in the back, top or bottom.

This was at the exact same time Kate Middletons friends Armando Garza and Bujanda tried to get close to me, and her other friend was Mike Tancer.  Mike Tancer works for the FBI.  I was not sure if it was CIA or FBI, but Judy Roark pretty much let me know it was FBI.  That was right before she was murdered, or 'died in the hospital'.  I'm sure.  Mike has lots of medical friends in that industry.  I'm sure anyone who offends him could die by the hand of a pharmacist, medical doctor, or psychologist and I'm sure the FBI would be happy enough to help out.  The only reason Mike Tancer would steal my ring and not return it to me, is if he worked for the FBI, and that's not the only tip-off.  If someone from Helzberg Diamonds accused me of stealing a diamond, it possibly went to the FBI, even though I was never contacted by anyone.  He would keep it to give it to people to see if it was stolen or not.  The manager was Jewish and if he had a connection to Middletons, like Tancer and some of the people I went to high school with did, they could have tried to frame me as being a theif so I couldn't come back at them over the planned assassination attempt against me by Tony Roos, Robin Bechtold, Adams, and Middleton.  He also played a game of copying a vehicle switch that Mike Nichols did and Josh Gatov did before him and they were both involved with the FBI.

All of these things were done at a time the U.S. was putting massive amounts of money and energy into Katie Middleton and equally massive amounts of energy into literally destroying me.

I first noticed the weird "arthritis ache" torture feeling, when it was occurring for no normal reason, and by the way, 3 different people drove by in cars today wearing neck braces in front of me, laughing.  So while I was being tortured to my neck as I walked home, which is only 1 mile or so from the Post Office, 3 different cars drove past me with people wearing neck braces.  Why would all of these people suddenly show up with neck braces, on a short walk I took, while I was being tortured to my neck, unless they knew I was being tortured.  Most of them were middle aged and elderly.

The other times it's been done to me is at the beach, where it's easy to use a sonar and the Coast Guard and Navy are on site.  The only other time prior to this was at a woman's house who, I believe, also worked for the U.S. military.  Her name was Sue, she was blond, and she worked at CTR Business Systems, the computer company formerly owned by Ed Israel (Jewish).  She was a sales executive and invited me to see her pig farm and go horseback riding and I got on the horse on my own and was riding on my own and she said I could ride as long as I wanted and then I started having some kind of weird torture being done to my neck.  I thought it was just my neck or the riding but it wasn't.

She was working for the military.  I remember I told someone in my family about it and noticed the look they got.  It was basically a look that indicated they did not like Sue and didn't believe my neck was hurting because of riding.  I hadn't thought about how it could have had something to do with being tortured and observed by U.S. military employees.  I don't remember what branch of military she was connected to.  She was someone you'd least expect because she always bobbed her head back and forth from the left to the right and walked with kind of a bounce and a great big smile.

She did some work in sales with the sales team, but she was also able to do IT work.  The thing that was weird about her was that she had this really bouncy, bright, blond cheerful demeanor and she was sort of shorter and stocky but quick moving.  However, a few times I did see another kind of expression on her face and it was like she didn't like me, sort of the way someone who thinks they're getting away with something big has when they think you don't know and will never know.  A sadistic smirk.

I had been planning to start taking riding lessons at that time in my life.  The only reason I didn't end up doing that was that I had thought maybe there was something wrong with my neck that prevented me from it but that wasn't it.  It was military and FBI.

You have no idea how many medical bills and what kind of pain and suffering I've been in, that I've had charged to MY personal account.  If it was accidents or normal healthcare, I would have no problem paying it.  The problem is that almost all of these bills are from assassination attempts and torture from the military with the FBI involved.

They are responsible for all of these bills and instead, they put them on my account and lied.  It's worse than any kind of theft.  It's torture, and stealing from me to pay for, and support their own crimes.

I want to say her name was Sue Fisher but that doesn't sound right for some reason.  She was the only "Sue" there who worked in sales and IT.

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