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WSJ's "RBS, Lloyds Seek Federal Permission To Further Plug Hole" (May 23, 2013)

You see the front page of Wall Street Journal from May 23, 2013.

They're main title at the top is about RBS and Lloyds of London getting permission to "plug hole" and then next to it is a small photo of a man who looks exactly like a lawyer I was given in Wenatchee, WA.  Identical in appearance.

He was  a lawyer who was a public defender that was appointed to represent me on a fraudulent accusation I had committed grand auto theft.  It was how I was forced out of work and a job I had been hired for in Seattle, and I was told I couldn't leave the State of Washington for 1 year, so it was also a way to trap me in a place where I was assaulted, forced to live outside (for not marrying an FBI fucker), and had attempts by the FBI to extort eggs, yes, from my ovaries.

The lawyer was appointed as someone who knew Alvaro Pardo.  Not only that, he was connected to England.  And furthermore, I know one interested person who reads the WSJ on a regular basis, is none other than the same person who said he was going "into the hole" when he raped me, was Christopher Dabney of  14th street and Euclid in Washington D.C.  His exact words were:  "Here's another one in the hole."  Another federal criminal--another FBI rapist.

Also, Alvaro Pardo lied to me about everything, and I believe he even lied about his actual name.  He said he wanted to go to NYC for the honeymoon but actually, he has a lot to do with California.  I'm sure he knew people in NYC, and he was already working for the FBI Headquarters and with police, and had been doing that when he was still in Colombia. 

He tried to even put on an act as if he didn't really understand English that well, and then looked guarded when I caught him laughing while watching "Sex and the City" because he knew it meant he understood more English than he claimed.

"What would your Dad think to know you were taken by a Jew?" said one U.S. federal employee rapist.  Another said, "Here's another one in the hole."

Real nice group.

The U.S. kept a steady line of men, federal employees, positioned to rape me to keep me distressed and distraught as part of preventing me from being able to emotionally handle their kidnapping of my son.  Before it was my son, it was a way to try to ruin my ability to attend to my lawsuits that the FBI was involved in.

I thought about it, and Josh Gatov, for all of the collusion he got with FBI and police to protect him, really has no right to live.  It wasn't even like he just raped me, and used knives, and premeditated how to do it, he used a phrase that indicated clearly it was with malicious intent and malice.  Then, it wasn't like the Department of Justice did anything about it, to satisfy what rights I had as a victim.  They instead used it to further degrade me and set me up with more rapes, while they tipped him off to flee the country for the entire time it was possible for him to be prosecuted.  Then they continued to use him as their employee.  Because of the level of encouragement he and other federal rapists received, and the fact other federal employees used it against me and my son, and refused to provide any kind of victims compensation, prosecution, or normal investigation, he and other involved deserve nothing but death.

I am praying for the deaths of every man who raped me and every woman involved in helping them arrange it.  I pray they contract diseases that kill them, are murdered by someone else, have fatal collisions--I don't care how they die, I can leave that up to God to avenge.  But I do pray to God with all sincerity for their deaths.

Had they done something to redeem themselves, at all, or this country made the least effort, and not been the worst country in the entire world, maybe it wouldn't be as important.  However, it is important for others to know it is not excusable and that there will be a higher price to pay now than there could have ever been before.

I am not violent at all, and I haven't ever harmed anyone.  I didn't even spank kids when I know a lot of people who beat or spank their kids and go on to be "respected" in their professions and when most of them are federal and state employees.  CPS encouraged the beating of my son and tortured him in front of me as well.  So my wishes and prayers for the deaths of the rapists is not a desire within me to harm but for God to avenge, which I have every right to ask for. 

I hope God avenges to the fullest degree.  I also hope anyone who has physically harmed my son Oliver gets the same.  Death and no less for harming my innocent son.    This country encourages multiple federal gang rapes of innocent women who did not put themselves into a position for any kind of sexual encounter, rape or otherwise, and they encourage and pay for torture of innocent children.  This country is damned by God.  So is every "Jew" who thinks they are so "chosen" that they get to rape women for political strategies and out of hate.

I also hope Brian Grose gets the same for his choices.  Detective Brian Grose is a criminal who wears a police badge.  He deliberately obstructed my reports of rape by Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold because he knew one of the rapist and was connected to them through one of his police partners.  He had the ability to do something and instead, he deliberately sought to use the occasion as a way to create distress.  The first time, he did.  And then the next time he decided to "pop up again" was for the specific purpose of attempting to derail me emotionally and I knew it.  He waited until I was in the middle of trying to appeal a case for my son Oliver, to call me up and begin trying to have me relive being raped. 

These federal fuckers not only raped me for the purpose of derailing me and causing emotional distress, they used planned timing to revictimize me, knowing bringing it up again would cause the same or possibly a similar effect.  I knew, from the timing Detective Grose used to reintroduce the subject, that it was nothing more than a John Kaempf-the-fucked-up-FBI-lawyer strategy to create distress at a time I was just starting college again or trying to get that in order, and trying to work on appeal for my son.

Sure enough, that is all that Detective Grose did.  He brought up the subject and wanted me to think about it and talk about it, and then after a deadline for something important passed and he got the results of distress from me that he wanted, he said, "Oh, I found out the statute of limitations DID expire and anyway, he seemed too laid back to rape anyone."

God damn you Brian Grose, to hell, and I pray I get to read how you are shot down in the line of "duty".

That man knew what the statutes of limitations were, and his only reason for saying, "Maybe we can still prosecute" and bringing the entire matter up again, was to deliberately and maliciously cause distress.  Anyone who works in sexual crimes divisions, knows that recounting rapes by a victim, is traumatizing and causes them to relive the experience, which is called "secondary victimization" or "re-victimization".  It reintroduces panic attacks, and other things that occurred during the crimes.  So when experienced sexual crimes detective Brian Grose, wanted to reintroduce and have me revisit the rapes and talk about it again and think about it, when he knew there was no point, was for the purpose of causing distress and nothing else.  He is a criminal, malicious, mother-fucker.  I'd like to see HIS family tortured and then ask him what good is fucking credentials are then.

I remember the timing and I remember what my intuition told me about why he was choosing to bring it up again and wanting to recreate distress.  I knew before he ever then "changed his mind" and said "Oh, I checked with someone and I guess it's expired."  He already knew what the facts and law were before he wanted to re-traumatize me.  He had told me before that the statutes were expired and then later he waited until it was a time they most wanted to cause distress, and brought it up again and said maybe they would still press charges and he thought there was time left.  He said "I think there might still be time".  Then after traumatizing me, he called back and talked sarcastically and said, "It's too late".  Not only was he deliberately traumatizing me over federal rapists they were keeping undercover and not telling the public were actually U.S. government employees (Josh Gatov and Bechtold) he was trying to retaliate for my not marrying FBI fucker Alvaro.  He deliberately led me on, and said it was possible to prosecute and then said, "I guess not, it's too late" and then insulted me by praising the rapist Gatov.

I pray for the same for Sgt. Austria, who is nothing but a criminal who colluded with the FBI and was rewarded with a promotion and raise from "Sexual Crimes" unit to "Homocide" unit for not allowing me to send my own witness statement and writing a fabrication to get the Prosecuting Attorney to not press charges over Bujanda and Garza.  Who, by the way, were connected to rapist Robin Bechtold.

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