Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Recent Example of U.S. Torture and Abuse (all federal employees)

I am going to give 2 recent examples of torture and abuse from U.S. government federal employees and it involves persons in this town and my "parents".

Whatever my Mom and Dad ended up in, I think it's possible they tried to escape or get away, but in my opinion, they've been too comfortable with whatever perks the U.S. has provided them with to actually band together and go public about torture and exploitation.

They are government psychics.  They work for the U.S. government and they have always worked for the U.S. government.  I have no doubt they were pushed into it as kids, and that maybe they were accused of trying to switch to some other country's intelligence, possibly, because the U.S. has a huge and terrific fear of government psychics working for themselves or anyone else but them.

A good government psychic is as much of a threat to most countries as a nuclear bomb because they are able to access secret and confidential information 99% of others cannot access.  Some can remotely "view" secret documents or see ahead into the future about what actions some individual will take, or where someone is putting secretive things.  They are able to see "psychicly" which employees are going through files in the file room when they're not supposed to, and what kinds of strategies some officials might have.  They can see if another person is romantically attracted to someone, a potential lure that the government can use for entrapment.  They can also make predictions and target a person specifically to the point that the entire goal is to predict what products they want to buy so a government can figure out how to poison that product and assassinate them.

The U.S. has been kidnapping children to abuse and hold hostage if they believe they can "extract" the worth out of them.  All of the laws and justice system, are as firm as tapioca pudding when the U.S. decides they don't care about human rights and they'll take whatever they want--FUCK your parental "rights".  That is the attitude. 

The fact that there are now artificial ways of creating children, makes it a psychic product line the U.S. is using like a bunch of Mattel psychic dolls.  Instead of kidnapping kids from parents that refuse to give them up willingly, the U.S. is using technology to create as many kids as they want, to be born into families that don't love them and are only going to raise them to abuse them and torture them and train them to be government psychics.  All it is, is the creation of children for government property.

Last night the U.S. targeted me again and lasered my face in another spot so it's a check, which is the same mark my mother made into a piece of watermelon the other day.  So first the U.S. made a straight line and then last night they added dots to my face, which I can find two of, from a laser, and next to these laser dots they made a line to create a check mark on my check.  It isn't just a line or mark, it's a depression into my skin, making the top layer of my skin sink in more than the rest of my skin.

The fruit stands around town just decided this summer to carry a bunch of fruit that is marked up like that too.  The plums at the fruit stand in Coquille, off of Central, are called "Crystal" plums and they all have these depressed patchy grooves in them, and then after I bought some, the U.S. began doing this to my face.  It's like a disgusting joke to them.

The Safeway in town was carrying boxes of Crayola crayons (48 count) and I bought a box and sent it to my son Oliver yesterday and then when I was putting tape over an envelope to a letter to Granny, a red streak caught on it and the tape had a faint red line from the tape onto the white envelope.

This country is so sick and messed up, this is what kind of sick psychic game they played over it...First of all, they carried a box that had a red line of red crayon on the white crayon.  I had looked at them before sending them to my son, and the white crayon was marked with a red streak.

This was all at the same time someone in town decided to put out 2 mattresses striped pink and white, like the "royal flush" cake I mentioned, and register tape receipt from Middleton, TN that I also mentioned while working at Logans, which uses international lawyers that are CIA employees.  My managers were both U.S. Army employees:  Matt was U.S. Army and the 1/2 Colombian man was U.S. Army and they were the ones running the Logan's I was forced to work at.

Before I mailed off the box of crayons to my son, along with a letter to Granny, which I added coffee too inside of it, which sort of padded it out, I didn't get my gray tank top back when I gave it to my Mom to wash (I have no washer and dryer at my house) and then someone went into my house and stole the liners out of my tennis shoes.  First the liners were stolen out of my tennis shoes, and the shoebox with them, and at the same time, my gray tank top was missing from the laundry I sent over.

So basically, I guess the idea to someone in the CIA, U.S. Army and Mossad (Mossad is 100% involved in all of this) was to steal my "gray" tanktop at the same time as my liners to retaliate against me for saying Katie Middleton doesn't have a silver lining.  I said this, and wrote a blog post about it around the time she got married, regarding her wedding dress.  I said it more than one time, or wrote this, publicly, on my blog.

So then, this was done to me after I purchased the box of crayons for my son that had a white crayon with a red stripe in it.  I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it for myself or give it to him and I decided I would give it to him.  So then someone stole my shoebox with my shoe liners (my shoes are black with white and pink on them) and my gray tanktop, and I was given a pair of white and black flats and then a pair of gray sweatpants that says "The Girls" on the label and is from axiomatic brand, and it really doesn't matter, because someone stole my tank top, and it was stolen after I gave it to my Mom.  Then someone had to break into my house to steal my shoe liners and shoebox.

So I walked to the post office yesterday with a wrapped box of crayons to my son, and a white letter that had coffee inside of it for Granny.  On the same day, my Dad got out of his truck carrying a box in his two hands about the same size as my shoebox, when he knew I was looking.

The entire sick psychic "work" over this, was, I guess, to predict, by stealing my property first, a box and liners, that I would send a box and a letter lining the box off to the post office.  I got there and it was Carolyn.  Carolyn is one of the U.S. post office employees.  So she took my box and letter and had shaking fingers and I said I just wanted the meter for postage on both of them.  I noticed she was specifically looking for the red line on the white envelope, to Granny, that went across the corner on the right hand upper corner.  It was an entire fucking U.S./UK/Mossad psychic game and that is all they have used me for since I was a baby.  Then, I always write on the receipt to mark what it was I sent, on that receipt and that post office had no pens at all, anymore, because they were all broken off or dead pens that didn't work.

Someone decided to put in a new pen in the right hand corner, and I saw it on the beaded chain thing and the one on the left was broken off still and I asked Carolyn, "Does that pen work?" and she nodded and said oh yes it does!  So I went to the right hand side of the counter and marked the receipt and suddenly Carolyn (who is a Jew) seemed very smug and satisfied about it.

This is all after I figured out why some of the bizarre things have been done to me by Jews in the U.S. and why I've been pushed out of things and why they have promoted Katie to appear as though she has taken the "pen that is mightier than the sword".

I mean, the attempts to assassinate me have been very real and so has the torture, and I pray to God, all of Katie Middletons children die by God's hand and that she dies as well to smite those who have tortured me and my son our entire lives when we were innocent.  She came into her own and even if she was innocent as a kid, she is not now.  She has Mossad working for her, and the U.S. CIA, U.S. Army and some factions of the UK-Canada as well.  It is connected to MKUltra, which is sponsored by UK and U.S. but Mossad is involved.  I have no idea how Mossad managed to wiggle out of the liability for what MKUltra has been about.

So basically, I had mentioned this book Clan of the Cave Bears, which Katie Fallon wanted me to read and when I was introduced to Katie Fallon after this Bitch Katie Middleton was born.  The author, who, by the 3rd book looks like she is working for the FBI, Jean M. Auel, writes about some woman who is of the "Others" (adopted) and learns to hunt on her own secretly.  She uses a slingshot and then learns to sling 2 stones at a time, in rapid-fire succession, when no one else does this.

I remembered, while reading this book, and cluing in to some of the sick games the U.S. has played with me, how some who stalked me when I was even in college or learning to study law on my own, reacted to my comments about "the pen is mightier than the sword". 

It is pretty much like someone got freaked out that I filed 2 lawsuits on my own, both of which I would have won on my own, when they had Katie Middleton itching like a Rabies Bitch, to "outshine" me, after this country tortured me my entire life.  I really hate her now, with everything in me, because I know more about her and what her supporters have done to me and my son and how she managed to get away with crimes and ruin my life, with Mossad and the CIA.

When Katie filed her first lawsuit, over photos taken of her, before she was married (sort of like the kid that was conceived before her wedding), it was frivolous.  It wasn't even to protect her reputation when I was the one who had an actual claim of extreme defamation and illegal use of police against me.  Then, she filed a second one and won that one, and I remember my Dad saying, shaking his head, "That's two".  As if she had accomplished something, by filing 2 lawsuits and proving she could take on "the pen is mightier than the sword".  She did this, for a bunch of Jewish-American fuck ups who have always tried to best me and tortured me and raped me to get there.

So basically, all of this money went to pay for her stupid "2 successful shot" lawsuits, after the U.S. FBI illegally obstructed to justice to force me out of my own lawsuits, through torture and stealing my car. 

I say Jean M. Auel looks like FBI by her 3rd book, because her photo for the first book she looks like an intense researcher, and deep.  You can tell she's been studying a lot, and it's not the glasses--she is serious and calm.  By her second photo she looks like she's being manipulated and groomed by media, and has lost a little of her self-confidence as a researcher and writer, to appeal to publishers or media or someone.  The glasses are gone and her smile is to make her approachable but she looks timid like someone brushed her hair out, put on another coat of mascara and then said, "Okay, now smile!"  By her third book, in that photo, the only thing it said to me was:  "FBI.  She is working for the FBI."  She's wearing a suit jacket and has a white shirt under it with a black beaded necklace showing but it's not the black and white that made me think FBI.  It is in her eyes.  It says FBI to me.

So suddenly, she is from Oregon, which is where I live and was living when filing my lawsuits, and I was in Washington state before that, she comes across to me as someone who is in the FBI, and has based part of her books on inside knowledge from torture and psychic research from MKUltra. 

From the start, since 1980 when she published the first book, she had a double publishing house.  She had the book published "simultaneously" (it says) by Crown Publishers in New York and General Publishing in Canada.  So, U.S. and Canada.

After I moved from Moses Lake, or at the same time, Karin from Canada was moving to Moses Lake, WA, next door to Katie Fallon. 

I am positive the only reason I was introduced to Katie Fallon when I was, was to cover and make an excuse for my parents and others to refer to Katie Middleton.

Even if I discovered Katie Middleton was related to me, by blood, by half, I would hate her and want her to die, because I don't know of anything or any vengeance that would be sufficient to repay all of the things I have been through my entire life because of her and her supporters who tortured me, oppressed me, and stole my belongings to give them to her instead.  Then, she even had the FBI working for her, to obstruct me from my own lawsuits, and force me to fail while I was tortured, as they then encouraged HER to file lawsuits and be successful to show me up.

I hate, most of all, the FBI and those who have been involved in any way, Middleton or not, with torturing me and my son and I pray to God they are cursed.

I have a legitimate right to hate her and want to defend myself and my son.  That doesn't mean I would kill her myself, or harm her or anyone, and I never have.  It only means I pray to God that God avenges and makes it very clear that despite the best of plans, and torture, it is not going to turn out the way criminals wanted it to, for their own lives and for the lives of their children.

I don't even mind Camilla Parker-Bowles as much as I mind Katie Middleton, however, I do remember how suddenly Camilla was chummy and smug around the engagement and I don't know why.  I wonder about her last name "Parker" now, now that I know a U.S. FBI agent with that last name was the lead investigator against Edward Lee Victor Howard.  I also think an incitement to rape me from Canada, when I was being approached by Bryan Parker, whose Dad sold collectible cars internationally, is suspicious.  Doesn't Michael Middleton collect old cars?  I read he does.

Also, about Christa Schneider.

She was involved in ruining my lawsuits to start with and she knew Fr. Joachim McCann (Bill McCann) personally and I didn't know it.  So not only was John Kaempf a lawyer for the FBI and Bullivant Houser Bailey at the same time, Christa's father knew all of the FBI agents because that's who he worked for as a former federal Prosecuting Attorney.  A federal Prosecuting Attorney is charged with the responsibility of working for the federal government and state, to take cases the FBI wants to be heard in federal court.  The agency they work with most often, is the FBI.

It is pretty much like the FBI knew all along how they were involved, and they deliberately put people in my path to ruin my lawsuits, and even had their own lawyers and lawyer's kids working against me, along with rapists.  The only motive the FBI would have had, for ruining my lawsuits before I was ever even introduced to Raul Bujanda or formally to any FBI agent, was if they were guilty, as an agency, of something.  This would give them an incentive to want me to fail at my lawsuits by having me blocked from even working on them.  Crimes against me would also give the FBI an incentive to want defamatory material against me to stick and not be contested.

The FBI was responsible for criminal collusion to force me out of my lawsuits.  They were guilty of this before I ever made a complaint about 2 of their agents for misconduct.

I recently got this conditioner that Christa had in her apartment, and which she reacted very oddly over, when I mentioned it.  It is TIGI's "Self-Absorbed".  She had moved from an apartment near downtown Portland to a small room in the Pearl District.  An entire section of Portland is refered to as "The Pearl District" and mostly it's because this is where the Jewish community seemed to concentrate.  She invited me over once and I took a shower there and was using the hair products when I read the back labels as I usually do with any product.  All of a sudden, as I was reading, she started frantically knocking saying she had to leave pretty soon or something.  I got out and asked about the hair product because I liked it and instead of looking normal, over a normal question like that, she looked worried and guilty and concerned like she was afraid she'd been caught.  I never forgot how she looked--her expression.  So I bought it the other day and read the back again.  I read it in all of the languages this time, down to the German.  That's when I understood.  In the German description, it was written in the same style as Fr. Joachim McCann.  William McCann.  When he had written letters to me, he used capital letters for words where most people would not.  For example:  "Cameo.  Good Greif!  I wanted to let you know how Sorry I am that Sunshine and Crouching Tigers were not in the Forecast for your day Today!  Don't Worry because Grass is very Green on the Other Side."

It was a stylistic approach McCann used and I didn't know anyone else that did.  So Christa had that in huge bottles, surplus free-thank you sizes in her bathroom, and I think she didn't want me to notice this and connect how the secretive attempts to ruin my life were coordinated between individuals she was involved with, and celebrated in even labels for shampoo and conditioner products from Lewisville, TX (where her sister lived and Robin Bechtold moved to...TX) and from TIGI International which is based in West Drayton, UB7 7RQ in the UK.

West Drayton used to be Yiewsley (pronounced "use-lee") and then became part of Middlesex and is located next to Falling Road, Hayes Park, and Holloway.  Anyone seen Natalie Hollaway lately?  She disappeared in May 2005, from a place called Oranjested.

Christa Schneider's hair products that I had asked her about, are orange colored, and made in West Drayton next to Holloway Road.  I visited her at that apartment in late 2004 when I noticed her odd reaction to my question.  Read the German everyone--it's great fun.

If you want to know who the criminals are, they are all working for the FBI.  Oh yeah, and the Middletons from the UK.

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