Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vandalism, Biochemicals, and Trying to Force Relocation

The U.S. had more individuals in my house yesterday and the day before yesterday.  The day before yesterday someone turned a scarf pin I have upside down and then turned around a jar of walnuts the opposite direction.  I bought some groceries and someone went in after I made my first trip downtown, and while I was gone the second time, they ruined one of the peppers I bought and crushed it in.  They put something into a bag to rot and because I hadn't done it I didn't find it until yesterday.  I was looking all over and couldn't figure out where it was coming from and thought maybe it was from outside because the window was open, but then I found out someone had actually put something in one of the bags that had nothing in it, it appeared, and was under other papers, to rot.  Basically, what looked like 3 romaine lettuce leaves standing next to each other against the bag but they shouldn't have smelled that foul if that's all it was.

Then yesterday I had put the groceries away and someone went in again and this time bashed in a side of an eggplant I had to a perfect semi-circle and put some kind of mold on it because I had just looked at it the night before and there was nothing wrong with it.  I also saw the bottoms of all of the stalks of my asparagus that I just bought were orange and green and then when I cut them they weren't, they were just solid green.  So it's like someone did something to the bottoms of those as well, possibly, but I'm not sure about those. 

I don't think someone would do this to me all the time and the U.S. poison me and my son unless they were trying to force me to leave.  It's not the first time the U.S. has tried to forcibly "relocate" me and they have stolen all of my belongings, property, my bank account, my money, and my reputation.  While they go on to support Katie Middleton's right to "protect and guard your privacy" in the UK, of all things, and France, the FBI colluded to force me out of lawsuits that protected my reputation and right to be safe and to work and find work with normal U.S. people who are not government fuck-ups. 

It is the entire fault of the FBI and was a premeditated plan to force me out of all of my lawsuits and they even used their own FBI lawyers and police and Judges to help them obstruct justice.

Then to make it even worse, more Middleton freaks illegally closed my bank account to keep me from even having my own business or managing my own money or buying bonds for my business and for my own son or investing in any way.

Then they go through my mail and share what I write with others.  This has been going on since at least 1994.  I sent a letter to Granny and the U.S. Post Office held onto it for a month and only after I asked her about it, did it suddenly turn up in her mailbox.  It was like 1-2 months that she didn't have it.  I remembered because I had drawn on the envelope and addressed it to "Granny: The Queen Bee" and put her address and zip and my return information and then I asked if she got it and she was puzzled.  "Noooooo....."

I then had other mail opened and then given to me later since 1998-1999.  Some mail I was expecting I never received.

Some men came over recently when I was home to fill up holes in a telephone pole with chemicals and I asked them where they were from.  They said the telephone company.  I asked to see their ID before they did anything and it was ID from a company in Buffalo, New York.  Then I asked them what they were filling the holes with (they said it was to keep termites out and they filled them and it released chemicals for 10 years consistently and then they check it again after 10 years).  They were filling them with copper napthalamate (I would have to check that) and an "activator" chemical and I looked them up and it said to clear the area for 8 hours after it's done because it can cause reproductive harm, and the chemicals are manufactured in Memphis, TN.  If I hadn't looked it up or asked, I would have been a sitting duck to having my reproductive rights tampered with.  So I left.

Then after this is when I got some kind of water from New York Smart water company that delivered the batch to Safeway, specifically, and it tasted like rotten meat. 

So this country is doing all kinds of things, like usual.

Given how those guys were from New York, I am pretty sure they know New York's Gregory Fowler who moved to Oregon and is living up to a different kind of "foul".

Also, this is a total tangent, but since I wrote Fowler and it reminds me of fowl, (birds), I was remembering last night how I used to draw fully detailed and descriptive birds in the air in my photos until someone told me to make M's for birds instead.  Two of them next to eachother.  MM.

Which, given the Katie Middleton background, and MKUltra, I think has something to do with Mike Middleton.  I remember then, as a kid, I had my artistic sense even, being dumbed down.

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