Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sperm Donor Over FBI's Alvaro Pardo Any Day

I would take a stranger, or anonymous sperm donor, over Alvaro Pardo any day. 

To some who wonder why I would refuse to marry him and then consider being a surrogate or still want my own son returned and still want to have more children...

He said he wanted more kids and I still made sure he used a condom.

I didn't want anything to do with getting pregnant by him because he was holding me hostage.  He literally worked for the United States and did this to me, and then mentioned wanting to have kids with me.  All I ever did or have ever done, is be a good nurturer of children in my care and want to escape this country.  This country has used me as a rubber doll for federal government rapists who premeditated raping me and torturing me.  They went on to then kidnap my son.

So if it seems strange I would not have a problem with a sperm donor and would choose being a single mother over marriage--I've always wanted kids and I've never said I wanted to be married just to be married.  I have a right to be a single mother and use my talents for my own children, not government brats.

I'm not interested in being in a relationship or getting married to have kids.  If I want to have children, I have a right to have them and marriage is something to be agreed upon because of interest, not out of a burden or requirement to having kids.  I'm not a lesbian either and I've never wanted to be one.  I am 100% straight, and I have been 100% with children including my son.

I thought I would address this for anyone who thinks I am desperate.

If I was desperate, I would have gotten married like the rest of you.

I am so "not" desperate, I have stood my ground in circumstances most of you will never go through, ever be able to imagine no matter how hard you try, and will never have any faculty for comprehending.

I chose my son, my natural inherent right to be treated like a human being without being forced into something, and I've paid for this, in the U.S.  The U.S. is one of the worst countries there is to live in, unless you want to be a carbon copy of everyone else or change up just a little but not too much.  If you are happiest at conformity, you'll like it here.

Anyone who is an intellectual, a free thinker, and who has enough moral conviction to refuse the FBI and government criminals and billionaires that have wasted my time, will not be happy here.

The U.S. hates me because I show them for what they really are.  Any citizen that is weak and has a poor ego and adjustment problems hates me for being more independent than they would ever dare to be.  I think I'm "better" than those who torture me and who encourage torture over nothing but the fact that they felt measly next to me.  That is not bragging or assuming I'm better than anyone else, generally speaking, it's the same exemption of false modesty that someone who is an atheist might have for someone religious by saying, "I don't agree with you and I think you must not be as intellectual to really believe God hears you."  I'm not an atheist, but the same kind of opinions that make someone set themselves apart, are what I have as well.  It is supposed to be a country where I can do what I want and believe what I want and you could have a totally different view, but yet you don't fucking cross the line and start kidnapping my children because you think your value system is better than mine is.  Or because you think you "need" some kids for government torture and beating bags.

It is hard to look proud and call this country one of freedom and free thinkers, when it's held up against me and what has been done to me to try to force me into doing what most people would do.  I am 100% "better" than Robin Bechtold.  He always knew it, before I ever did and before such a thought ever crossed my mind.  I have always been better and I will always be better and that will never change.

I am better than he is because I stand for something like human rights and my independence while he freeloads credit cards, hunts down women with money, and sells out to work for the government.

So if I am asked, when it comes down to it, yes, if he had to bring it up...I don't rape people and sell my soul or blackmail others or have them tortured.

A sperm donor arrangement is more about the child than a couple.  That's great for those who found someone and settled down and got married.  I never met the right person because the U.S. was too busy raping me with government employees, trying to entrap me to work for them, and using me for free with their own children.  I still have a right to have my son and other children and if anyone thinks they are up a notch for having kids the traditional way, it was the easy way.

I'm not easy.

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