Saturday, July 27, 2013

2 More NASA Torture Marks To My Head & Boxing with "Victor"

Yesterday and the day before, mostly on the 25th, the U.S. tortured me targeting my head all day and all night and they put what looks like "chicken pox" scars on my forehead, but they're not chicken pox scars.  They are discolored darker and impressed at the edges like these, and I remember when it was happening because of the severe pain.

They also made 2 round ones, and my guess is that it was to punish me for dropping off water and apple juice off at my Mom's house, which I described doing on the 23rd or 24th.

I mentioned on the day Middletons kid was born (I didn't know it) I bought a 24 bottle crate of water (and since there were so many smaller lids on the top, I wrote my name across the plastic covering the top) and a bottle of water (which had a larger lid so I wrote my name on the lid).

The U.S. tortured me and left 2 round marks, the same size difference as the lids on bottles I said I bought, making one larger and one smaller, above my left eye.

Then, I noticed yesterday, on the 26th, my Dad was watching a boxing game on t.v. and I had just happened to walk in.  They had two men, Gonzales or something like that, both Hispanic, with one named Joe, fighting on the mat outside and then some man as a spectator in a white shirt putting his hand up to his forehead.  Then they went to interview this Hispanic man's "Uncle", who the U.S. named as "Victor", and said "Victor had brain surgery" from a boxing match and said the new boxer wanted his Uncle Victor there and this man Victor, had a huge scar that is in the same size and place on his forehead as the U.S. NASA and Pentagon made on me.

So the U.S. is not only torturing me, and have been recently working to disfigure me (repeatedly marring my face and torturing me if I attempt to exercise or work out, and torturing me until I eat at my house, only stopping the torture if I keep eating something), they are making jokes out of it.

The fight was from yesterday, in Lincoln City, CA
Josenilson Dos Santos vs. Miguel Gonzalez
(lightweight division)

And they made a point to have this man come out and talk to the announcer, who had this mark on his head, after the U.S. Pentagon and NASA did this to my head on the 25th first.  Why the U.S. did this to me was hate crime, but then they like to broadcast what they've done to get money.

I'm pretty sure this was the fight because it was yesterday and it was an outside ring, and they kept talking about the "glare of the sun" and the ropes were red around the box, they both wore red boxing gloves, and it was over a corona mat. 

I noticed the mark began to show up on my forehead on the 25th, which is the day I was "knocked out" the entire day and night by being targeted by the U.S., and I knew it wasn't a natural headache.  It started after I had already got out of bed in the morning and was going to go to an art store that day, and had done my hair and gotten dressed.  It wasn't a hangover or anything like that.  It was torture and then the U.S. made sure they made a documentation of what they have been doing, out of my face.

This is what this country is about now.

Sorry, but it's impossible to squeeze in "democracy" or "free market" or "equal rights" or "human rights" into any idea referring to the U.S.  It's more corrupt than most countries and people make more money off of the corruption than other places.  No one comes here anymore to "work hard and get ahead".  They work corrupt, and make more out of it.

Then yesterday I walked to the art store and back and noticed the U.S. had a huge group of people go out to harass me, in an area they knew I'd be at for awhile, and concentrate their numbers in that area to make it look as bad as possible.  There was car after car packed on the road, with group after group leaning over, mocking me, making faces.  Most of them, making dramatic faces of hate, looking at me and moving their hands or mouths faster than anyone would to talk, sticking tongues out, laughing, for about 2 miles while I walked back from an art place and they were all going from the direction of Coos Bay to California direction.  All of them except for a few with Oregon license plates and some with California. 

Usually I go from that road, the highway, into town, and typically it's quieter there.  If I had done this, it would have seemed the traffic just died down for that reason.  But I didn't.  I stayed on the highway for another mile or more and went that direction and realized, there were no more incoming cars like before on the highway.  They had all arranged to go as a massive "wolf pack" to make their numbers appear larger than they are.  They also used a variety of vehicles, from brand new large SUVs to older cars, but I kept walking, waiting for more cars and harassment and there were none.  The traffic on the highway was actually normal.  They had deliberately concentrated their numbers in an area they believed I would walk to have me think it was tons of people, packing the entire highway in numbers when it wasn't.

So after I kept walking and hadn't gone into town as they thought, it was like a handful of cars on the highway, for the next 1-2 miles as opposed to cars in each lane every few cars apart.  Someone then attempted to make the harassing faces like, 2 cars of people, after I saw a mile of nothing but normal traffic, and it looked like a sorry back-up attempt to keep the flow going.

As for the NASA and Pentagon migraine to my head all day and all night, and then the marks, I had commented about my Dad's head one day asking what happened, because it looked like he had a mark on his head like he was hit.  He said nothing and then said if I didn't leave I was going to be the one who got hit on the head, and then his Pentagon and NASA people did this to me.  I say "his" because who else does he work for?  Forced or not?  His mother took me to the Pentagon and The White House.  We stayed with people who worked for the CIA or FBI, in Virginia while we were there.

It was actually done to both sides of my head, the marks, and then this morning I can't see the other one as much as the one to the other side, in front.

Judy Roark hinted, before she died, that the FBI was responsible for medicating and drugging me, along with the rapes.

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