Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Howard Line-Plantagenets

I'm looking into diagnostics for hemophilia and now that I've been told I'm related to Howards, I'm looking for information about Plantagenet blood disorders.

In doing so, I have made further discoveries.  Apparently, at one point, one of the branches of Howards ended up being dubbed "of Cambridge".  So Katie Middleton's title is supposedly an allusion to this I suppose.  What else?  When the Howards were losing power and got divided, around the time the name Windsor was adapted after the war, "Cambridge" became a name of identity among the Howards.

So exactly who does SHE think SHE is?  She thinks she is a Howard?  or a Master of them?  I.e., Duchess of Cambridge-Ruler over Cambridges... I think it would be fascinating to know more why that title was chosen for her.

So the Howards were Plantagenets before they were Howards, or something like that.  I'm sure they were always Howards, but at least from the royal throne standpoint, and a certain branch of Howards, it goes to Plantagenets.  Which makes for another question over William of Wales' peeing photo, which I did look at one time, out of shock and wondering if anything was medically wrong with him.  It was not to look at his private part, believe me.  As for Katie's deliberate undressing, I don't care at all to see it, ever.

Why he chose to pee in public I have no idea.  There were bushes around there, and he could have gone to the trees so it seems to me he was deliberately trying to send some kind of message.  I have no idea what, because the only symbol that correlates is the one of the kid, Calvin Hobbes, peeing, that goes as a decal on cars.

The only other thing I am wondering about now, is that there are two branches of Plantagenets, supposedly.  One is from an Edmund, and the other is from a bastard son of Henry II Curt Mantel, William Longsword, 3rd Earl of Longespee. 

I don't know.  They are said to have had some kind of bleeding disorder and then it went to Leopold and then another name, Rupert, gets thrown in, which makes it even more bizarre when Monica Allen all of a sudden, one day began using this name sarcastically (in high school).

It is really something to find out almost everyone who was ever surrounding you was a cop or worked for the government, or got recruited to do so. 

Some of the inside jokes and things people have done to me, while I never cared about any of this or had any clue what the inside joke or game or conspiracies were over, are really mean.  I can look back and think about many who referenced Edward Lee Victor Howard and associated me with it.

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