Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Torture Tonight & Targeting of Guinea Pig Pets In My House

I'm being tortured to the metal stent near my sternum-heart since about 5 p.m. until now and earlier today I was as well.

This is being done while I am trying to get work done online and with FOIA requests and while I am talking to individuals about sperm donation and surrogacy matters.

It's being done until I eat something, and then the group responsible stops torturing me, and it's been done if I drink alcohol which I've had a few times a week ago. 

It was also done outside of my house while I am not on the computer, as I was talking to my Dad, this morning, and was done to me almost all day yesterday.

It was done all day yesterday until I went for a walk downtown, to be observed by people who are involved in my being tortured.  The only reason to do this to me was to drive me out of my house and to do something else.

All winter last year, I was tortured all day and all night unless I ate food.  I was being forcibly tortured with only breaks if I did this, and it had nothing to do with my eating habits because I am not drawn to food and I have no eating disorders or bad habits and I've never had this my entire life.

I found out from my brother that he was being lasered and burned at his house, to his heart, unless he drank wine.  So he was being driven to having a glass of wine, just to have a break permitted by the U.S. aerospace and Pentagon industry that have ruined this nation.

I don't know how torture is being done to my brother Levi, but if he doesn't have a metal stent, there are still other forms of targeting people and I've been exposed to other things as well.  I have also held my guinea pigs in my lap and felt them being targeted and burned.  Two different times since I've had them, the U.S. has targeted them and made precise hits on my guinea pigs from long-range weapons, as the guinea pigs sat on my lap, and I was not affected myself.  So the target range was narrow and specific enough to only harm them, and they are small, and it's also been expanded to affect my entire body and a larger sphere as well.

After they were targeted, people broke into my house and went through it, most likely to see how the guinea pigs were affected by what had been done.

One was targeted shortly after I had it, and it was on my lap so I could feel the entire body vibrating as it was tortured and it caused the hair to separate and part in two different spots, into wide circles with the hair going out on all sides like a caulick.  I wasn't affected myself, but the guinea pig was, and it was still a form of torture NASA (Jewish director presently) and the Pentagon have tortured me with in the past.

The other torture done to them was while I was not at the house and I came back and there was a part on the top of the head of the other one and a bump and discolored raised red mark in a rectangle shape on his head between his ears.

No one from NASA or the Pentagon has a license or right to do this, or any kind of research or national security motive to do this.  They can target animals in labs where people watch them as it happens.  So doing this to me and my pets, is hate crime, not research.

I asked my brother why he started drinking wine and he said he was starting to have heart pains.  Basically, not natural or normal ones, and someone told him to drink wine.  So, he said, when he had a glass of wine he noticed his heart wasn't burning anymore.

Basically, there is no history of heart problems in my family except for one person who was in the military and who went AWOL.  No one has indigestion or heartburn problems, ever.  All of this "sudden" heart pain stuff began after 2005, which is when I reported FBI agents to the FBI.  Granny, my grandmother suddenly had them, and then my brother had them the same I did, this last year, and Granny didn't have them until after Alvaro was around either.  So, to date, 3 people in my family who never had any "heart pain" of any kind, "suddenly" began suffering from "heart pain" when I refused to marry Colombian Catholic who worked for the FBI and Pentagon Alvaro Pardo.  All of us, all at once.  Seems odd to me.

So my brother and Granny are not so bold to call it "torture" but they know it is and they know it's not natural and my brother telling me how he was only getting a break from it if he drank red wine, was his round-about way of explaining to me that he is being targeted and tortured too.

I told him not to turn into a wino.  Which makes sense actually, for hate crime criminals.  Of course they would torture us and then only quit if we do something destructive to ourselves or drink alcohol.  What is the point of that other than their hope that we will be incompetent one way or the other.  If hate criminals can't keep us down through torture, they quit and "reward" us if we engage in a destructive habit that sidetracks us or ruins motivation and the ability to work.  Of course, the point is to drive it to the extend they hope it will become an addiction that will develop, and then they can claim we self-destructed and killed ourselves, and they didn't do anything.

The U.S. is not engaged in "research" with my family.  They are committing genocide against us.  It is hate crime and only hate crime and anti-competition that has been driving this, and it's not to push us back but has been to kill us off.  The U.S. has already killed a dozen members of my family and they have tried repeatedly to kill me, and decided torturing us was more fun for their sadistic nature and it gives them an excuse to call it "research".  Someone would ask them, "How is killing them research?"  so instead of trying to assassinate all of us now, they have killed the ones they think they can find another excuse for having die (older, or illness) and they have settled for torturing the rest of us, with a fraudulent claim to investigators that it's "for national research reasons".

Annilhation of an entire family is not research.  It's the same as genocide. 

I've been prevented from working normally or going to college since 1997.

I would say, if I had to choose a year when it all began, that was the year.  1997, and only after Princess Diana died, for whatever reason that is.  It was started in 1996 with Del Balzos, but on a regular weekly basis, it was 1997.  Prior to this, torture occurred a few times my Senior year of high school, after the assassination attempt by Adams and Tony Roos.  So it was seldom but it did occur, in 1993, after a failed assassination attempt, sending me home from school.  Then it began with a regular pattern, not just a few "tests" done on how it harmed me, in 1996, sending me home from my job as a nanny.  Then it began on a regular weekly basis, in 1997, sending me home from work in a corporate setting to the point I was forced to share my position with another woman.  In 2005 it was escalated to an attempt to have me commit suicide myself, to torture every single day, and that was after several failed attempts to assassinate me by members of the Department of Justice.

Along with all kinds of attempts to reconstruct what kind of family my family is and was, one example I can give, of what has been forced is my mother is not a bath person.  She is only a shower person.  She has never liked baths.  As long as I've known her, she has taken showers and has told me more than once she doesn't like baths.  I used to talk about taking baths because I was the one who liked them. My mother didn't like baths at all and only once did we have a shower-bath combination and it was in Oregon for her bathroom and she never took baths, only showers.  I cannot think of more than maybe 2-3 times I ever heard of my Mom taking a "bath" until they were forced out of their house next to the river and began living in town in Coquille.  Even though they have 2 houses, she doesn't go to that one to take showers.  She has only had the bath here at this property.  So every single day my Mom "takes a bath" which is as foreign and unlike her to do as it is for a strict Hindu Indian to eat with their left hand and start wiping with their right.

I took showers growing up but I always loved taking a long bath and reading while in the tub.  My mother never, ever, took baths.  So basically, this is one very small example of things that my family has had reconstructed for them to do, as if that is their nature or habit and not something else.

It seems strange to me, as if some group is very paranoid about having another group discover the truth about us.

Another thing that my mother was forced to do, which is something I always did and she didn't do, was to start wearing animal print designs.  She hated them and had NO interest, in her life, wearing animal prints (leopard spots, zebra stripes) of any kind.  It is not and was not her style, at any time and she specifically told me she didn't care for it, for her.  I was the one who wore animal prints and I only wore one kind--leopard or cheetah spots.

So that's another thing.  It's like someone wanted to start confusing my Mom and her habits or interests, with mine and mix us up for someone.

Again, it has to have something to do with government paranoia over another group finding out the truth about us.

It seems odd to me that some group has been trying to switch my habits and things I did by having my mother take them on instead of me, as if it was her and not me.  They also told my Mom to say she was the one who fell down the unfinished stairs in her walker.

It seems to me, oddly enough, to point to Diana and that she was interested in my life and some Mossad group has attempted to obscure that, along with Catholics or Mormons or others who hated me or wanted to promote someone as soon as she was gone. 

And why have my mother take on these things?  Just to humiliate my Mom?  or to promote my mother if she is connected to another person (Kate Middleton?) that the U.S. government and Mossad has wanted there.  I'm not saying I had a role and I never knew them or paid attention.  But for all of the promotion she did about torture and putting landmines where people could be blown up later by them, by the military, seems to point to a possible attempt to expose the U.S. Army for what they did to me.

Why torture me to the point I lose it, and say horrible things either, unless that is exactly what these groups wanted?  no escape, no alley, no avenue of recourse from criminals in the U.S.  According to her, it also included some in the UK, and since MKUltra involved the UK, Canada and CIA and U.S. Army I don't see how it wouldn't come to the attention of some in the U.S. that they could be in danger of going to jail or being revealed publicly.

After all, Kate was still worried about getting pregnant until one of the microchips was blown out of my tooth, that led to the U.S. Army and who knows where else it would have led...probably to someone who has attempted to be allied with her in the UK.  I would guess those involved in defaming and harming me are much more closely connected to Kate Middleton than imagined by anyone.

I am left wondering what it is that "you really don't want to know".  I felt one thing someone said to me, who I was sure had some very big information that was withheld from me, knows just how bad my problems have been.  He said it was so bad, ..."You really don't want to know."  I had been poisoned, raped multiple times, tortured day and night, set up for false arrests, defamed, robbed, had my ability to make money taken from me as well as my son kidnapped from me, and what exactly was it that I didn't know already that would be shocking I "really" didn't "want to know"?  The first thing that ran through my mind was some kind of massive family cover up or betrayal because that, to me, would be the most shocking thing.  Or some hideous dark secret about how bad the torture was of me when I was a baby and toddler.

I really don't want to know?  what?  My Dad and Robin Bechtold colluded together to have me killed?  Robin had an affair with my mother when I was in high school?  My parents are not related to me at all, either one, and I am the child of Edward Howard and some strange woman who just looks like my Mom as much as E.H. looks like my Dad or Grandpa Garrett?  There is an archive like a library that is built underground and has the highest classification of security known to anyone in the U.S., that contains the story of my life as videotaped by hidden camera in my house since I was age 2?  Edward Howard is my biological Dad and didn't really break his neck in Russia and hung himself in a suicide attempt after my Dad Bob Garrett and Robin traded CIA secrets on how to rape me and then tortured E.H. with this and said they'd do worse if he talked?  After so many FBI rapes of me he couldn't take it anymore and was depressed and killed himself?

What do I "really" not want to know?

Diana is my biological mother and Edward Howard is my biological Dad?  She gave up an egg for IVF and had a secret child?   I mean, how shocking can it be, that it's this bad, the U.S. and Canada both try to kill me over it and then torture me and do worse.

My parents tortured me before I could remember, to "get to" my biological parents who defected, or as part of an impersonal "programming" routine and then they wanted to kill me when they were worried I was old enough to find out and an actual relative might talk?  The CIA used sperm or an egg from my Mom or Dad to create Kate Middleton and have her undercover in England?  My parents work for Mossad and always hated Edward Howard?

Tony Roos and Adams and others in the government who had different motives for wanting to kill me or get rid of me, all had ideas about how to do it and worked together?  It's all U.S. Army and psychologists again, after all.

It seems pretty obvious Robin got information from someone who knew about my programming and that would be my Dad, someone in the military or CIA, or his Dad finding out from CIA when he went to Costa Rica, also with a motive to terrorize and traumatize Edward Howard?  Katie went to St. Andrews because it's in Scotland and she's related to my mother's side of family that are Scottish, the Bairds?  My grandpa likes her because he's in the U.S. Army and supports Scottish things?

I mean, how bad is it, that it's this bad?

We watched the Sean Connery movie with "Katie" in it and I was introduced to a friend named "Katie" to give my parents a cover and excuse for mentioning the name Katie in our house?  I had a nickname of chatty Kathy but also, I was introduced to "Katie" Fallon the same time Katie Middleton was being born and then I was served peasant fettucine for Katie's birthday.  Which is kind of common.  The Fallons and Maiers were connected to Canada and Karin's family and so was mine because we went there for vacation every year until Katie Middleton was born.

How bad is it?  It must be horrendous, beyond anyone's worst imagination and more shocking than any horror movie or book ever written.  It must be devastating, is how bad the cover up and information must be, that I am tortured like this for this long and had my son kidnapped from me.

It has to be beyond the pale.

If it's not something so bad that someone in my family isn't even who I think they are, then it must be so bad it's something like videotaped evidence of my mother holding a machine gun when she was 6 years old and killing several people in a line-up, under orders of the U.S. Army and then told she'll go to jail for the rest of her life to blackmail her well enough to do psychic work for the government.  Or that my Dad is actually Roman Catholic and Italian and so is Katie and I'm not even related to any of them and was tortured to get to my real parents.  Or my parents were chained up and beaten in secret jails and sodomized until they promised they'd cut me up and teach me bad habits and take me to lessons where I would be dropped so I'd be too scared to pursue any kind of skill, to teach "so and so" a "good lesson".

Or Locklyn is my biological mother and since the Maiers family, led by Pamp, and the Locklyn "Luv" family, are both U.S. government contractors, the U.S. thought it would be hilarious to have me connected to two different diaper industries.  Luvs and Pampers, because it's just so funny to the Intelligence Community.  Oh, even cuter, connect it to the Huggies in the UK.  SO darn cute that diaper triangle.

Luvs, Pampers, and Huggies UNITE!

I'm really lovin' it.  In fact, Depends diapers for grown ups is even in on the joke now, with a woman who looks like Katie Middleton saying, "For charity?  sure, I'll wear them" and pulling on a pair of Depends diapers while she dances the cha-cha. 

What was the name of the operation?  Diaper?

I remember watching a movie called Operation Petticoat with a submarine unleashing a bunch of women's underwear into the water through a cannon. 

Boy am I in the mood for some Peasant Fed A Genie. Or Peasant Pet A Gene E.  Or Peasant Fed A Jean E.  Or Peasant Fed Uh Chi Nee.  Or Peasant Fed A Cheney.  Love Dick Cheney. Yum yum.  Chi-chi-chi-Chia!  Buy your Chia Pet!  Make sure the grass is tasty!

And may I ask why Katie Middleton is the spitting image of Michelle Erickson (who went to college in Cheney), who sabotaged a CPS case involving my son?

I mean, it's not like the entire U.S. hasn't been lying just a little.

So tell me.  HOW bad is it, because actually, I DO want to know.

I wore cloth diapers as a baby.  There were pins and covers.  Which had me thinking, cloth...and clawfoot tubs.  The first parts of cloth and clawfoot sound the same, which makes it really interesting when my mother was telling me it was planned to be a clawfoot tub in the bathroom they're redesigning but now it's going to be cottagey.

Which is sort of a cute pun for cottage cheese of yeast and thrush isn't it.  I mean, especially when Kathy Hathaway has been over at my parent's house, forcing my mother to dig her finger into cream cheese and lick it and joking about cottage cheese and cream cheese "goodness" of women's yeast--all from Kathy.  I got it a couple of times from men who were unfaithful.  The thrush I had wasn't a vaginal yeast infection, but maybe Kathy Hathaway still thinks it's funny.  Maybe some gang even has forced my parents to eat women's yeast saved from a specimen.

I mean, it has to be THAT bad, right?  to torture day and night, with billion dollar bribes and the mafia involved and royalty too?

It's bad enough that someone I would never guess is involved in trying to kill me and has been torturing me and it's bad enough that Presidents or royals were getting blow jobs from me, along with Middleton's Dad (biological one) when I was a baby.

I'll say it again.  I DO want to know "how bad" it is.

Who has the balls to tell me.

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