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Motive For Torture by U.S. and Canada When I Was A Baby

Most of the movies I've seen that have celebrated my being tortured or touched on large segments of my torture, which was not routine or done to most U.S. kids or babies, have been made by Jewish and Catholic people.  I don't know why exactly, but they must have had people involved. 

For the U.S. to have almost murdered me as a baby, and tortured me to the degree they did, leaving cut scars and electrocution scars behind, and some of them in places where babies and kids are not normally electrocuted (for genital area?  To electrocute me they could use my arms or feet or legs for placement of electotrodes and I have marks there as well, but what would the round dots be on the upper inner thigh for?).

Basically, the new "wine openers" someone decided to design that have levers opening up on either side and a screw going into the center to retrieve the cork--that is what it looks like the United States and Canada did to me.  No one showed me one of those wine openers until the night I was being raped either.  It looks like some kind of prod was placed on the insides of both of my thighs to force them to stay open, and then I was cut--slashed down each leg.  What exactly was the U.S. and Canada retrieving from inside of me? or were they just raping me then, when I was a baby?

My mother said, "You were a little baby".

So the U.S. and Canada did this to me.  And then, years later, they used government employees to say I was crazy to conceal evidence of what they did to me, and in a hope to eliminate me while someone was still alive and would talk about them, and while they had other schemes planned for moving people into positions, both the U.S. and Canada tried to assassinate me.

Lately too, they've been making fun of Edward Lee Victor Howard and me, playing off of things someone told my Dad to say to me, "Keep it simple" as if I'm simple-minded and can't handle anything intellectual when all they've done is try to dumb me down. 

Things the U.S. had people blocking me from doing, which they used my mother in as well, to mess up files and records and confuse persons...I've commented on some of these things.  I mean, I've mentioned how I was the one with animal prints, not my mom; I was the one going down the stairs in my walker, not my mom; and other things.

Other things I was being forced out of, or from having, was pretty much anything I liked that worked for me or that someone later didn't want me to be connected to, in case someone compared notes.  I loved pineapple and bought pineapple after pineapple in 1996-1998.  I would buy a whole pineapple and cut it and put it face down on a plate and cut rounds out of it.  It was one of my favorite fruits.  All of a sudden, in 1998, it was like "crazy people" moved in and started trying to force me to not buy pineapple or pineapple juice anymore.  It was nuts, and all of it, has been nuts.  Who cares if I ate pineapple all the time?  I seriously wondered about it and then in D.C. one night, in 2008, after Chris Dabney asked me if I liked pineapple juice, he blurted out loudly one day with my hearing, that Katie Middleton (I didn't know who she was) liked pina coladas.  He made such a big deal about it, I thought, is this the person that the whole fuss over whether I eat PINEAPPLE or not (?) is over?  That was the first time I remember any mention of her at all, because it stood out to me after I'd been forcibly pushed away from buying pineapple or that juice.  I mean, stores that carried it suddenly didn't carry it, or they were all gone, and people smirking at me in a way that made me wonder if it was all in the back warehouse somewhere...that kind of thing.  I was even refused pineapple juice at a hotel bar in Tennessee one day, with the bartender telling me, "No, we don't have any of that for you.  I can give you RUBY RED grapefruit juice if YOU want something."  He made it sound like I was Pretty Woman in the movie, saying she wanted to buy a dress at the Beverly Hills shop, and "we don't have anything you can afford."  He made this huge deal over pineapple juice.  It wasn't even just that he said he wouldn't sell me any, his look and tone were as if I had just gone to his counter asking to buy a yellow diamond and no, he couldn't sell me THAT one, which was on reserve, but I could have the RUBY.  It has been totally nuts.

I was pushed out buying 70,000 iu Vitamin E too, when that is what I bought all the time.  I bought Vitamin E that was very high, not 40,000, it was 70,000, and when I mentioned how it really helped my skin, they decided they weren't going to carry it anymore, after 1997.  And then no one would.  The next time I saw the Vitamin E I used to buy was a decade later in an upscale art district in Texas.

Any habit I had or thing I liked to do or wanted to do was being blocked.  The same thing happened suddenly with Art History classes at PSU in 2002.  One minute, it was fine that I took Art History and then when I tried to sign up for the next class, I was being sneered at and told I couldn't get in and it was just an elective class.  Then, it was Professor Clark telling me I wasn't allowed to do the film studies program they had and he was in charge and I wasn't allowed.  It was open to anyone, but I was pushed out when I had an interest, after the Art History people gave me a hard time.

All this time, while I was being raped, how should I know the people raping me were supporting Katie Middleton in the UK, financially?  and many of them were government employees. 

My favorite shampoo and conditioner, which I chose myself, not my parents, and began buying when I was just a kid or pre-teen, into high school, was St. Ives.  It's pronounced Saint Ives, not Steves.  But someone thought it was "too much" for me to keep using that brand and every single store quit carrying it so it was impossible for me to find.

I remember one day this adult couple and group thought it was really funny to get their young daughter, aged 6-8, to go up to me and put her hands palm-out and say to me, "It's all right.  It's all right" and try to direct me, and her entire manner was like a staged copy from Stevie Nicks' song "Gypsy".  I never forgot it because the adults all began to smirk at me and laugh and mock me, pretty much the same way the Kirkland brand people from Western Kraft company parties mocked me at the Moses Lake State Park, which was right across from the Moses Lake Police Department.  I was told to pick out coins from a pile of hay and then keep them.  So they would throw dimes, quarters, and other coins into this pile of hay and then the kids all ran to retrieve what they could.  It was a "company game" and it was one where I remember adult men making fun of me.  They all grouped around and laughed and mocked me and started tossing more money in over the hay while I was there.

A decade or more later, Mike Tancer was copying what they did to me, and dropping coins deliberately on the sidewalk, flipping them out and then smirking as I picked them up, innocently thinking he'd just dropped them, and then I noticed he was flipping them out on purpose and having me follow behind, picking them up to humiliate me publicly.  He did this after I had a drink that had something wrong with it and I could hardly hold onto my purse wallet.

So maybe we could ask how Mike Tancer is connected to the Western Kraft people of Moses Lake, or the police department there.  How would he know what to make fun of?

I know the Middleton family was involved in my family's life since she was born.  And aha...that must have touched a nerve, that I mentioned this because all of the harassment and trying to cause distress over mocking me over rapes was done after I blogged about that as well.

I have a green bottle of vermouth with the same amount of vermouth still in it as my parents approximately had and kept in the back of the fridge, partly concealed in a brown paper bag.  Since I never bought vermouth or had the idea until after Katie Middleton was pregnant, and seeing where it's at right now, it calls to question how long the Middleton's have been ruining my life.  A bottle of vermouth sat there for over a decade, in a brown paper bag while Middleton's put on "Party Pieces" and promoted her and then I get to see this gross manifestation of everything evil done to me, coming to life.

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