Friday, July 12, 2013

Edward Howard's Death: Truth Or Lies

I didn't know today was Edward Howard's day that he died until tonight.

I have read the cause of his death has been disputed.  Supposedly he fell down stairs at his dacha and broke his neck, and what another source said is the FBI killed him and was there doing counter-surveillance, and then another KGB source just says he disagrees with the version of events and wouldn't specify what happened.

I think it's strange too because I read the FBI went through all his things when he left the U.S. and he had a box of gold in an ammunition box.  I had my ears pierced with 2 gold studs that looked like bee bee pellets when I was 4 years old, and today, earlier, I thought about it when I found a gold stud on my carpet.

I only found one, and thought where did this earring come from?  and I picked it up, because it was next to a step from my livingroom to bathroom and then I saw it was the gold end of an eyeliner pencil I had which was white encasing gold.  I'd used most of it up and all that was left was the end which looked like one of my earrings, and some of the gold and white.

I decided to look up circumstances of his death or reports because after I talked to someone and they asked if any man in the family had bled to death, it reminded me of Christa Schneider's story about a woman (that was made to sound like me) dying of bleeding to death while having a kid.  She told me about it in about 2002, which was the year Edward Howard died, and if I'm related to him, it made me wonder if he has a bleeding problem, or if someone just gave him rat poison so he died, like the rat symbol on the Victor rat trap.  Not only that, Victor Bernabei, a lawyer for the FBI raped me around that time, following Jew Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold.  That was when I cut all of my hair off, to just a buzz cut, which is like the woman's in the movie "Spy Games" with Robert Redford.  This is also the movie that features the woman who I thought was staged to look like Katie Middleton walking through the CIA doors.

Ratting on Howard started in London.  Supposedly a KGB defector went to London, not the U.S., and then the U.S. got news from England.

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