Friday, July 5, 2013

U.S. Disfiguring My Face In Attempt To Conceal Evidence

The U.S. has been disfiguring my face and skin for the last month.

I have been waking up in the morning and getting back from walking downtown, to find scars and marks made on my face from laser and ultraviolet radiation.

This morning, after last night, I have a line over 2 inches long, straight, and lighter white than the rest of my skin and etching into the side of my face.  Before this, they put a triangle mark lower on my face which showed up at a Macy's when I went there and looked at foundations, and prior to that, a semicircle mark was made up on my cheekbone to look like the pads of skin that are used for cheek implants.

Every single one of the disfiguring marks, all of them made on the left side of my face, have been since I showed photos of scars from cuts to my arms.

All of them.  I had a few blotchy marks from laser hits, but it was to harm me, not to disfigure me.  In the past month, or since I posted traced outlines of some of the scars made on my arms, feet, and rest of my body (I also have them on my thighs and on my rear end, in the back, two lines with round impressions made like clamps were holding me down from the insides of my thighs and bottom,  the United States has attacked me, and the reason for doing this is anyone's guess.

To make me uglier?

To punish and intimidate me for talking about it, by putting all the marks on the left side of my face where they know I'd see them?

To try to mix up and distort actual scars from cut and torture made on me when I was a baby and toddler with superficial marks they're making now, in desperation to conceal how badly this country assaulted me?

This is being done to my face and it was done to my chest, and all of the marks of assault on me that are recent are since I posted tracings of scars from being cut.

I was also given a ring from my nana which was stolen from me.  I had always wondering why it had inclusions in it, or cut marks inside, like a line or crack, and I know it was to indicate what was done to my body.  I got it for my 18th birthday. 

My parents were even acting weird and defensive when I showed them my scars last.  One day I was actually scared of them, because of how they acted.

They said there was nothing but on one or two occasions they didn't say it nonchalantly--they said it while taking a hard look to see if they could see anything still, from the evidence.

The marks on my rear and thigh are identical marks and round like electrodes were placed on both sides, pressed down, and then there was some kind of line or cut made from there that was identical on both sides.  The electrodes circle marks into my skin, on both sides of my inner thighs and rear (one on each side) are sort of where they would be if you're having a woman's exam, and you have to go to the end of the table and spread your legs and there are those cushions on either side that hold your knees open.  The marks on me are on the upper inside of my thighs like someone had electrodes there.  Or whatever they are, that are about the size of the end of the eraser on a pencil. 

So basically, on one of the x-rays I have, for my knee, where the bones are, there is a Y kind of mark in one spot, with two round dots at the end of both V ends (like the top)  Sort of like nubbies on the end of both sides of the bobbie pin.  Someone did this to the inside of my knee, somehow, to bone there, and either before or after this, I already had some kind of a mark made where most people wouldn't see, with round dots at the end of what looks like cut lines.

Basically, if you look at this one brand of a rat trap, that is made in Canada, England, and the U.S., and is wood with wires and then painted on v shaped rat head with dots near it, they imitated what is found on my thighs, on my body.  The brand name on it is Victor.

So I was tortured and the U.S. knows it, and they never quit.  Ever.  I never, in my life, have ever been a free person in the U.S.

My Dad used to show me how to jump start my car, and made a big deal about the wires and clamps and how to use the right clamp to grip the round screws or knobs on the car battery, and this is basically what it looks like Canada and the United States government did to me.

Also, this one photo of Edward Howard in Russia, shows him next to a van with a cut mark over it, and I have similar cut marks all over my body.  Particular on that same side, as someone made in the ring I was given, which was stolen from me.

I know who stole it.

It was a green tourmaline ring and I remember it well enough I could draw a picture of it, with its features and characteristics, and I will do this and post a photo so that if anyone is ever caught with it, they are potentially stolen from themselves and go to jail.

There is no normal explanation for having cut marks on the upper inside of my thighs with round dots from torture of electrodes or something.  It basically makes a V shape when my legs are together.  I would have to check again, but it was either if they were apart or together, it made the V shape with a cut on either side and then an electrode dot at the end of each cut.

The same countries that did this to me, kidnapped my son Oliver from me and did this kind of thing to him.  The U.S. and Canada both assaulted and tortured him.

The U.S. used people even in Wenatchee, at state-government offices, to torture him and did it with me there, and wanting me to see the evidence of torture done to him.

This is when I have nothing to do with this God damned country.  What did I do, as a baby, and toddler, to deserve torture by my own country?  What did my son Oliver do, as a baby and toddler, to deserve torture by the U.S.?  I have never done any spying of any kind, for anyone and the U.S. even knows it because they're the ones who illegally wired me as a kid.  Not once have I ever worked for a mafia, a gang, a federal/state/or local government agency of any kind, and not once did I ever work for that sort of thing for any other country or group in the world.

I have never agreed, verbally, in writing, or by "sign language" or any other method, to spy or be part of a mafia or U.S. or other country department or group.

What shocked me was that when Obama only recently signed a law that allows the U.S. to take U.S. citizens hostage secretly, without telling anyone about it, and to torture their kids to get confessions, was my Dad didn't seem to think it was a bad idea.  That law that Obama signed, through the Pentagon's urging, was only this last year.  There was no such law in place when this country tortured ME or my SON, and not once have I been part of any government group, nor has my son.

They also never had a law that allowed anyone to torture me or my son to get confessions out of someone else (that I wouldn't have even known about) until this last year.

So how does the U.S. and Canada explain the marks of torture THEY did to me?  From 1974-1980?  They had no law that allowed them to do these things to me, ever.

Then, they went right for my son Oliver, and I wasn't ever even in a government group.  I signed sign up, ever.  I didn't agree to anything with anyone.  I didn't even marry anyone who was in the government.  I did nothing that would permit the U.S. to torture my son.

So basically, they decided they can just torture kids that are how many times removed from espionage accusations?  Maybe we should all extend the law to say the U.S. can torture the second-cousins of twice-removed brothers-in-law who have a step-sister that is half related and accused of spying.

Not only did the U.S. have no excuse to torture me or my son for accusations of spying at any time, they had no legal right to torture me for MKUltra or to do this to my son in a continuation of Pentagon programs.

Why did the U.S. kill my Grandpa Garrett the same time they killed Edward Lee Victor Howard?  Did the U.S. torture me and put marks that match the "Victor" rat trap, out of revenge for Edward Lee Victor Howard?  If so, he wasn't even with the CIA then.  He supposedly didn't work for them until 1982 or something like that.  Maybe the Victor brand name came up later.  I don't know.

My Grandpa Garrett always sent me Native American cards too and now I don't know if this was because I have Native American, or if he was indicating the Native American from being part Mexican through Howard.

I sang over the phone to him while I was being told he was on a lifeline before they pulled the plug and I was told "He must have thought it was an angel singing". 

At this point, I don't even know who was ever hearing my phone calls and me sing or talk.  Maybe they played it for Edward Howard before they murdered him.  Or maybe they played it for my Grandpa actually. 

Regardless, the U.S. had no right to torture me and there was no law.  If the Pentagon suddenly decided they needed a "law" for it, last year, they knew all along they had 'problems' with their past and their lawyers know it too.

My son has been kidnapped by people and a country that made itself a war criminal against us.  They kidnapped my son as war criminals and nothing else.

If Edward Lee Victor Howard is my biological father, which is what I'm told now, and what seems to be adding up, then all of the federal employee rapes that were premeditated against me were crimes that were encouraged by the CIA, FBI, military, and Department of Justice, and it includes a lot of Jewish Americans too.

It means potentially my own Dad (Bob) would rat out his own Dad and Edward Howard and use torture and collusion with people like Robin Bechtold and others, to find ways to rape me and let Edward Howard know.  It would mean somehow, a possible reason Mossad and Jewish Americans did these horrible things to me, is because I actually have NO Jewish background at all, not even 4 generations back.  Why would Raul Bujanda, with the FBI want so much to tell me he ratted out his own mafia Dad and he wanted ME to know it?

I can't imagine what it is that is so bad but I have a right to know, rather than have my imagination all over the place, wondering just how unbelievable and bad it actually is. 

My son has a right to be freed from this hostage situation.  He is not a U.S. citizen, and never was, and never will be.  All he will want to do is kill the Americans involved.  Which is the only reason the FBI would be using internet companies now, to keep me from my own email accounts that would prove to my own son what lengths I've gone to to have him returned, and it would also prove to lawyers and other countries, the amount of time I spent on it.

My parents are psychic spies and I'm not.  At least, Bob and Dicksie are psychic spies and I'm not.  Which would make Katie Middleton more relatable to my mother than she is to me. 

Today I took a shower at my parents house and brought things over and I was in there and had decided not to wash my hair.  I was told through the door my 15 minutes were over already, and then got out and when I combed out my hair at my house, I found what I had thought was a bobby pin still in my hair, was a branch of thyme that somehow got stuck in my hair and tangled into it.

My Mom wouldn't say anything about the time, 15 minutes, which is what Canadians said to me while driving me to a plane there, unless she knew I had thyme in my hair. 

They are psychic and the U.S. has used them.  The U.S. tortured me so badly as a kid, if I ever was psychic, I wasn't when they were done with me.  They made me into someone they just wanted to assassinate and use for torture to try to force "confessions" out of other people when I had nothing to do with any of it.

The FBI is guilty of the worst crimes, war crimes, and what is shocking (WAKE UP) is so are Jews.  They were involved in raping me and defaming me.

Jews.  The poor "Holocaust" people.  Like anyone should feel sorry for them.

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