Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ARUP Obstruction in Labratory Testing

This is the kind of obstruction I've had with Phoenix, AZ's laboratories.  Actually, it's Salt Lake City, Utah.

I have been trying to get tested for hemophilia and this company is deliberately obstructing me from having this test done.

My question, is why are they concerned, personally, with whether I am tested for hemophilia or not?  Do they have an issue with this?  Clearly, they do, and otherwise I would not have this kind of problem, nor would a doctor or other labs that call them.

I just got disconnected from them at 3:33 p.m.  after asking for a genetic counselor, which is what they have previously told me to do.

I was disconnected after a woman named Melissa, from genetic counseling, said "hold on" and then disconnected me, and this is after an obnoxious woman named Katie tried to obstruct me from talking to a genetic counselor.

The first time I talked to ARUP, they specifically told me I had to talk to them directly before I had any test for hemophilia done. 

I talked to a man who told me I had to have "genetic counseling" and fill out paperwork with them before I had one of the hemophilia tests.  He told another lab they wouldn't do any test for me, and that a doctor had to approve genetic counseling first. 

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