Wednesday, July 17, 2013

D.C. Records Request Ignored (3 Months)

I sent a records request to Washington D.C. police department and they got it, and it's been 3 months and no one has responded to it.

I even sent a money order with it in case they were going to charge me for my own records, even though a victim has a right to reports without having to pay.  I sent it anyway, just in case.

So I waited and thought maybe they were looking for them, or the mail was slow.  But it's now been since April and not one person from Washington D.C. has contacted me at the address I provided, nor have they sent a response to my FOIA request for my own records for a hit-and-run that harmed me and could have harmed my unborn, and a death threat I called police about which occurred a few weeks later, at my place of work.

Both events involved police officers who talked to me and got my information.

So why is D.C. not giving me the records I'm entitled to?

By the way, some guy from Nevada got back to me, a cop, regarding Mike Nichols' attempt to kill me and his hijacking of my car, and he said no State patrol anywhere in the state has any mention or record of my name or person or the incident, anywhere.

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