Saturday, July 27, 2013

Patrick Jolie Hate Crime Over Edward Howard

I just realized it was not an accident at all that Patrick Jolie showed up at my house, from NASA.  I had already known something was wrong and that they didn't seem like "Mormons" the way they acted.

However, after several rapes of me, they brought a man named "Patrick Jolie" around to have sexual contact with me, knowing all along that Edward Howard's main alias used was "Patrick".  Right about the same time, a man who I believe worked for the Department of Justice and not just as a divorce attorney, named "Victor" came through my neighborhood wanting to see me and raped me.

So along with other rapes, the U.S. was deliberately making a point about CIA defector Edward Lee Victor Howard, and his alias when he escaped, of "Patrick".

It is all hate crime.  On top of being hate crime, if he was really my biological father, he was either given a plea deal with Russia and the U.S. agreeing to lie and say Edward Howard was dead in the meantime, while they continued with crimes against anyone they thought he cared about; or someone murdered him in his own house in Russia (though no one has heard if it's true he fell); or the idea he died from a "fall in his own house" or that he "fell" in his house, connects to Katie Fallon ( or i.e., Katie Middleton) and when I fell from the tree next to my house, after seeing my mother at the window.  I mean, it could have even been symbolic for pointing to someone who was inside my own "house" that was betraying me.

Why else have both him and a close relative, my grandpa Garrett, die at the same time?  By the way, the whole comment about his wanting to get a message to a Marine, wasn't far-fetched because my grandpa was a Marine, and Edward Howard got CIA training from a Marine named Jack Platt, and Marines get connected. 

You know, and then the Maiers whole inside joke about tipping for services for a dinner where I was present, all of them saying to take out a $100 to pay for "all the wine".  They even made comments in front of me, between each other, their managers and Stephanie and her friends there, of "Is that enough?  If we all give them $100 for a tip, do you think that's enough?"  Over and over about is that enough and make sure each of them tipped with a $100 bill.  I don't know how much the tip was, but it was over $500 or so dollars because each person there tipped with a $100 bill and I wasn't asked to pay anything.

Then from Patrick Jolie, or "Jolly", the movie Spy Games came out, didn't it.  With Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie's boyfriend in it, and about a spy that is getting framed.  With, of course, a Katie Middleton woman walking through the halls of the CIA, as I've mentioned before, in a long coat, which she's thought to wear before.

In all of my CPS hearings, the state workers were making jokes about "Casper the Ghost" around me.  They even drew pictures of them and had me go where I could see it.  Basically, they were rubbing in whatever they could, and then served me with termination papers with a man that wore a "Patrick" shirt and gave me documents in a "state archives" box, like it was Edward Howard from the dead delivering Department of State papers, along the lines of their entire disgusting "ghost" theme.

If I even think back to 1994, I was told to work for "Marylynn and Ken" when Ken was Edward Howard's father's name and Mary was his wifes name.  Mary Cedarleaf. 

I can remember when we had a large oak table in Moses Lake--a diningroom table and it had two leaves in it.  First one of the leaves was sold, and then there was one leaf left.  The other leaf got sold too.  I remember a big deal was made out of it, that the leaves were being sold and I said, "You don't have to sell them.  Just keep it" and they looked at me and sold them anyway.  I remember how my Mom looked at me.  I insisted and said, "How are you going to have parties if you don't even have one leaf?"  And I said this because the dining table was small, a square, without the leaves and with them, you could serve up to 8 and it was rectangular.  That table, the entire thing was sold a long time ago.  It had a crossbar under the table and I remember that.  It didn't seem like that big of a deal to sell the first leaf and then the second one was a big deal and I said don't sell it but they did.  After that, no one came over for parties anymore because apparently they gave the "job" to the Middletons.  That was the table used for piecing together jigsaw puzzles too.   Then I was given a cedar hope chest for my 16th birthday when Edward Howard was still alive at least but after he was announced dead, suddenly I was being told it was never given to me and wasn't mine.  ???!!!!  It was not given to me for my birthday?  ARE YOU JOKING?

No.  It was no joke.  Suddenly, supposedly I never was given the cedar hope chest as a gift.

Like it never happened.

So actually, where are my DNA and ID proofs.  Because while the CIA and Department of State have lied, raped me, and held me hostage in this country and then harassed me over "ID" questions, and then moved on to getting people to approve closing my bank accounts, and shutting my entire life down, I am wondering who is in charge and if they think they know so much, why did they keep it from me while they tortured me and committed hate crimes and kidnapped my son.

Given the fact so many government persons have known about my background, I am positive Patrick Jolie showing up was deliberate and a means for trying to cause damage to me by gaining proximity.  Then what did they do?  Brag about what they were doing, over to Edward Howard?

Here is what is even more bizarre.  It suddenly wasn't my hope chest anymore, until U.S. Department of State and FBI employee Alvaro Pardo showed up with me.  Then all of a sudden, it was mine again and I could come get it.  As soon as it was taken to the Jew Mykal Holt's house, she had me locked out and stole it from me.  Her lock-out of me, was totally illegal and she did it for the purpose of stealing from me, which she did.  A Jew.  I mean, ANOTHER Jew.  Then Mormons in Seattle stole the contents of what I had saved my entire life.

Then Katie got engaged.  No one even dared have her engaged until they felt they knew what all of my property was, what I had in records or documents, and if I had written anything or made any comments that could incriminate those who supported and terrorized me and my son over her.

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