Thursday, July 18, 2013

V8 and Hemophilia A, F8

I have chemicals now being wafted through my house again, starting at about 5 p.m. with the weird smell.  I suspect the reason it started up was because my doctor is going on vacation and I didn't have a blood draw done for Hemophilia A today.

I already know I have it.  I know why some have obstructed me from having the diagnosis too.  My finding out I have a "V" engraved on my inner thighs, along with a discovery that I have Hemophilia A, which is for deficiency in Factor 8 (F8, formerly known as V8 or variance 8) is "too much" for some of these government fuckers to handle.

After all, Campbell has a V8 drink about "reconstituted vegetables" over it.  Which is what this country turned me into as a child--a vegetable and I was supposedly like a vegetable after torture, to the point they claimed I was maybe "retarded" until they "reconstituted" me. 

The next drink to commemorate torture of me was "Fusion" and even better, it's a "fruit" drink, to commemorate the "fusion" of my 3rd and 4th cervical vertebrae, which then led to the U.S. thinking they had the right to call me mentally ill, or a fruitcake, to cover and conceal for microchips and torture against me.

First I bled so much, during the U.S. "National Turkey Carving Contest" when they cut me into a "V"
, they already knew I was a hemophiliac.  There was no way not to know with all the cutting they did of me, along with electrocution which I have marks, permanent marks of electrodes near the cut lines, from.

This is probably why the student from PCC asked me if I had ever noticed Andy Warhol's Campbell soup can painting.  I hadn't.  I have always wondered why he acted so weird about it and brought it up, until now.  Especially after finding the U.S. scarred me on my thighs and near my vagina to look like the "Victor" rat trap symbol.  They thought maybe Campbell, with the blood red soup cans, could go a step further and develop a drink called V8.

They didn't come up with "Fusion" until my neck was "fused" in 1995, or the "fruity" idea until after that either.

The company is from Primus, New Jersey.  Did they buy the rights to humiliate me from the Thebault family?  Or was that done through the FBI Director in charge at the time, who was from New Jersey?


It's sort of like, commemoration for torture, the discovery I was a hemophiliac at the time of torture, electrocution, wiring of me as a baby, use of me in human trafficking by the U.S. fucking feds, torture of me to get to my biological father, CIA defector Edward Lee Victor Howard, and others around me who cared about me, and then priming me to be raped.

They were priming me to be raped the same time they were carving a V into my thighs with a knife, and diagnosing me with a resultant blood disorder.  Of course I bled all over their bloody living Hell.

They are still trying to make it impossible for me to get a formal diagnosis, for this reason.  They don't want me talking about it with a confirmation from medical records, and tying it in with the other shit they've done to me and my son.

If it's not for the Hemophilia and the "V" they carved into me, it's for the voltage they used in electrifying me.

Regardless, the U.S. doesn't want me to figure out which big business owners or companies had knowledge of what was done.

Remember when musician Prince threw his electric guitar into water?

That is what this fucking country did to me and my son.

In Canada, they thought it was great fun to serve me Bloody Mary's with celery sticks soaking up the juice all the time.  Some of them said they called them "Caesars".  Funny how celery sounds like "Sell Loree" and Caesar sounds like "seizure".

I am sure I was both bloody and "seizuring" from electric shock because of Canada and the U.S. which has given many of their officials joint incentive to attempt to murder me and at the least, to rape me multiple times.

I am the Bloody Mary.

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