Saturday, July 6, 2013

Parents Torture and Winston Tomorrow

My parents are having to go to Winston tomorrow, to a "church they like".  I've been there, and was tortured while sitting there and it was full of local people and people from California.  If someone there is super white, they're not local or from California.  Everyone was tanned, basically, most of them from either working outdoors or being in the outdoors in Winston, or from living in California.

I hope someone decent will go there and make sure they're not murdered.  I am not exactly joking.  It's been bad. 

Also, I updated my post about where the torture marks are on my legs, and in what position.  It's with my legs spread open that it forms a V and then there is a dot on either side of my inner upper thigh, and it basically matches, exactly, the "victor" rat trap design I included in the post.   It is not from a curling iron burn.  That burn is in one spot on one side and has nothing to do with burn or cut scars in straight lines on either leg and the dot on both sides.

My parent's torture has been that my mother no longer has moons, or whites, at the base of her nails anymore.  They're gone.  Her nails are also bright red like from almost heart failure problems, and they have ridges--all of them, like celery stalks.  Her nails were not like that when I arrived.  My entire life, her nails never had vertical ridges like that, on all of them, and she had moons in her fingernails until I reported the U.S. to the UN and Fowler and this pastor moved to Oregon.

No one would have stepped up the torture against my parents if they had not thought Fowler was backing them, and that the military pastor alliance here was not strong enough.

My Dad's eyes look totally sunken in, and it's like someone has been force-feeding him.  He is NEVER overweight and the Bob I saw tonight, had sunken in eyes from torture and a belly, and believe me, my parents have worked out their entire lives and they do not overeat.  The only reason they would overeat would be from torture and being tortured to prevent their working out, which is something that has happened to me. 

No one in my family, anywhere, is overweight.  Except for possibly a couple of cousins that are not even full cousins and are half cousins (never think of them that way, but technically).  This "forcing" them to be fat and torturing us if we exercise has only been since Fowler has been in Oregon.  It became most noticeable, since the Summer Olympics of last year and that is when we were being tortured hardest, all of us, if we dared work out at all. 

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