Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oliver Garrett Is A U.S. Hostage: Hate Crime Over Edward Howard

My son is a hostage of the United States.

He is not even a victim of a fraudulent CPS case, but an actual hostage and my "family" is not even necessarily my "family".  Half of them told me they didn't consider me to be their family anymore, after Edward Lee Victor Howard was pronounced dead in 2004.

The U.S. kidnapped my son from me, violated international and domestic law and committed a kidnapping that has resulted in permanent damage and injury to my son.  After CPS illegally had him adopted to the Avilas, I never saw or heard from him again.

This country committed unforgiveable crimes against me, as a baby, a child, and then conspired to kill me when they thought since I wasn't blackmailed into committing some crime, I would talk and it would ruin their plans for other people.  So this country tried to kill me until they decided "now we're safe" and they accomplished some things they had been calculating for decades.

My entire body was abused and tortured by the U.S., and turned into a U.S. Army turkey carving event, where they not only electrocuted me, they put MK Ultra place markers on my entire body through cuts, carved initials and designs, scars from electrodes, and that's not to mention their trafficking of me by putting wires in my body and microchips.

The U.S. kidnapped my son and has done the same thing to him.  They have abused him, tortured him, and are using him illegally, and kidnapped him from me and he is a hostage of government-sponsored crimes. 

Everything points to hate crime over Edward Howard.  Not entirely for that reason, because much of it was religiously inspired later in my life.  When I was a kid, I had a Peruvian guinea pig, Squiggy, at the same time Howard was in Lima, Peru; I was made a dress with lime green dots all over it; and I was told to stand in front of Mrs. Buckley (or Beckley) buck-lee, beck-lee, for my kindergarten photo; and this while a big point was made to me about lima beans.  That was just when I was 5 or 6.

The U.S. set me up to be violated and raped by their employees multiple times, for gang rape.  All of the perps are government employees.

The public defenders I was set up with were all friends with these perps, and did nothing but lie and obstruct justice to keep a kidnapping and hostage situation from being internationally for what it really is.

It is a hostage situation and this country has tried to murder me and didn't care if they murdered my son in the process, if they couldn't use him for the military.

They started using hypnosis techniques on him, in addition to cruelty and torture, before he was 3 years old, which my son told me about and showed me.  The Avilas cannot protect him and never have protected him.  When I once asked why he had a black eye when he showed up for one of two visits with a black eye and bruising all over, when my mother was visiting them at their house, my mother told me, "He fell down the stairs."

Like Edward Howard basically.  He either fell, unguarded, or he was pushed.  My family, adoptive or not, has been blackmailed from ever being able to protect my son from any harm or even be truthful about how his injuries are caused.  That is besides the point.  He is not legally theirs to have and this country never had a legal right to steal him, falsely arrest me, and hold both of us hostage.

The U.S. Army has been torturing him, along with Wenatchee cops and FBI.  They also had knowledge of which babysitters were torturing him or confining him.  Jerod (Ivory Avilas husband) is a U.S. government employee, and in my opinion, he is connected to Chris Rozollo, who works for the U.S. Army and cops.

Steve Mays and the housemates were also connected to U.S. Army and cops.  FBI retiree Rick Baken has been involved as well, and where lawyers who knew I was related to Edward Howard mocked me and told me to tell people "I'll agree to take a polygraph" when this is what the CIA and FBI claimed he lied on, as they said, "Tell them you'll take a polygraph", Rick Baken was pretending not to be already conspiring with them and said, "Tell them you didn't think it was professional." 

I have a strong feeling Dan Gatti knows Rick Baken (both Catholic Italians who supposedly become 'born again christians, like Schneiders claim, and who work for the U.S. Department of Justice/FBI) and that Christa Schneider and her family are somewhere in between. 

As for John Kaempf, he had something to do with attempting to blackmail my grandparents, sending a letter telling them they would "take action" if they didn't control me.  He didn't even say they would take legal action against me, he said they would take action, and didn't specify whether it would be something against my Grandpa (IRS harassment again) or some form of violence. 

The U.S. has zero on their scorecard to show any attempt to act in good faith torwards me and my son.

Speilberg's movie of the "War Horse" about a horse taken away because "we need it for war" was a thinly veiled allusion to instances of stealing children and yet there is no law in the U.S. that allows for that, and my son and I were outside of U.S. domestic law when they kidnapped both of us.  Or, put me under a false arrest as they kidnapped my son and then told me to jump back over the fence "to get your kidnapped son".

That is kidnapping and this remains a hostage situation.  No piece of paper from a criminal AG and CPS changes that fact, or contract to sell a child to the Pentagon.  This country kidnapped a child they were torturing firsthand themselves, to be tortured more.  The entire purpose has been hatred and an attempt to have me lose my mind or sanity because the U.S. and Canada already have a scorecard against them that proves they've tortured me as a kid, and they colluded and planned raping me and trying to kill me.  They used Jews who had their own motives for doing it as well.

They used my parents Bob and Dicksie too, and my Dad Bob is more connected to U.S. Army and CIA than he admits to, just like my Mom, and their friends are all intelligence persons.  My Dad wants my son trained for the U.S. and never cared if I raised him, though he later claimed he did, when it looked less likely.  His old friends are Mark and Troy Shaw who are U.S. Army, and if he wasn't involved with the Pentagon, his own biological mother wouldn't know everyone at the Pentagon, and I wouldn't have met James Cartright in the hallway there in 1995.  Why would SHE have privileged access to the Pentagon, if her son wasn't an employee?  and why would my Dad be told what to do by a bunch of criminal U.S. military pastors that are all grouped up here like a hair scrunchi.  My brother Levi, and anyone and everyone, has access to my son except me because I say FUCK YOU to the Army after they raped me, assaulted me, and kidnapped my son and colluded with Canada and the CIA and FBI.

The privileged version of a tour of The White House was supposedly because of my grandmother's romantic past with a head guard but that's not all.  No one gets to stand behind the podium for the President's address, which only the President stands behind, in the official White House pressroom without a relative actively working for the CIA or without some other high level of interest in a child who is related to a CIA employee, former or not.

This is not Israel, where you go out and force everyone to serve in the military, and there is no "property right" to children, to torture them, and then kidnap them back for more torture after they left the country. 

This is hostage taking and nothing less.

The adoption papers are invalid and worth as much as my birth certificate and I haven't heard back yet from the fucking Pentagon about records for Edward Lee Victor Howard.

The Pentagon is guilty, The White House is guilty, and the CIA and FBI are guilty.

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