Friday, July 19, 2013

Chemical Fumes Coming From Vent In Ceiling

I found one source of where the chemical fumes were being emitted from last night.

I basically had to sniff all of these different vents and cupboards because I have smelled it before and strong, but not been around when it was more localized and usually it has already filled the entire house.

One place is from a vent overhead in my living room.

Basically, it's a large square vent with a grate over it and I could smell the fumes coming from there so I unscrewed the plastic and looked, and it's a vent that has electrical wires and then goes way back to where I can't see, with electrical wires in the way to keep me from looking more closely.

After I took the cover off, the fumes stopped.

This is 100% one of the places where somehow, fumes have been directed to pour into my house.  What is in the rest of the ceiling I don't know, and I don't know how tubing or something may lead to other devices or whatever contains the chemical, but I've woken up after being totally fumigated, gone outside and then come back in to discover I had been completely doused in chemicals while I slept.

So the entire idea of being a "frog in a pot", which was something I mentioned on my blog years ago, when I first started this blog that has been exposing who some of the criminals are, and which I then was using to describe the state of the U.S. citizens who are in the pot and don't even realize they are getting heated until it's too late, has basically been another U.S. joke.

The entire town is full of military and some are chemical division workers and they have been drugging me in my own house, with chemical fumes and other things, since I've been here.

The "Belinda's Chinese cooking spices" smell my Dad has commented on, which I can smell too, has been coming from an overhead vent, a large one, that is in the center of my house in the ceiling.  It's a chemical of some kind.

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