Sunday, July 28, 2013

ZKY 740; 532 DFU; 25192 (oregon) Torture

Some plates of persons noticed today on the road.  One is specifically connected to people who are in technology and torture.

The one that is certain is 25192 (Oregon) and it's an SUV.  There were about 3-4 people in the vehicle, driving down the Hwy from Coquille towards Coos Bay.  I know they are connected to people who torture because I was walking along the road, and first some group of people went by, to see if I would wave back when one man waved at me.  When I didn't, several looked happy about it.  I smiled but didn't wave, and then I passed some kind of black strap with lavender on the road. 

After this, several other cars passed and the next thing up ahead on the road was this long white strand of toilet paper and at the same time, I was being tortured in my arm and hand (my right one).
  Someone started doing this right after I passed the black and lavender strap thing.  Then another thing was done to my left arm and I could have reached over and touched my one arm with my right hand, at the same time I was walking past the solid white line of toilet paper, but I didn't because at that same moment I intuited it was another U.S. government fuck-up job and attempt to see if I would do what they hoped and predicted I'd do, if they tortured me to have me do it.  And then sure enough, at the same time, all these cars and SUVs came by that were solid white and only solid white ones, not another color or variation and looking over at me and harassing and pointing to the side.  When I saw the white vehicles, I knew the one right behind them was checking to see if I did what they hoped and they'd have no way to predict or hope I'd react, to pain and torture to my arm, unless they knew I was being tortured to that arm.

So that SUV that was following a solid white sedan with a white man who had a scruffy mustache and was hoping I'd do something, has plates 25192 and I am 100% they were following the man in the white car by their engagement in harassing behavior like him, and I also know it means they and people they are connected with, will lead to people who have information and knowledge about who is responsible for torturing me.

The 532 DFU was a jeep with middle aged men in sunglasses who seemed like undercover cops or military-trained to me.  They also came out of a driveway close to where police were and about 3 police cars were on the road during my walk.  After they passed me, a few trucks with men wearing red t-shirts and hanging forearms out the window with tattoos like Raul Bujanda said he wanted drove by and then a woman who was Hispanic that I felt was connected to him with plates ZKY 740.

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