Monday, July 1, 2013

Cardena Artist Celebrating Rapes

I saw a cartoon by Alejandro Cardena from WSJ (Wall Street Journal) magazine and looked up the artist.  My feeling was that the artist was Jewish.  When I looked at what came up, it was a wiki on how the Cardena family is of Spanish origin and though some are Catholic, most are Jewish.  So first I got a different one, from Colombia, with the same name and possibly related.  With a painting of a person with one eye bulged out and the other not, and then a black hand showing like the hand prints my son made on our art while we were tortured in East Wenatchee.

He ended up, apparently, in NY.  Not surprising in general, as many artists do have showings there.  This is where the other one, who illustrated the cartoon I saw, is living.  He went from Chile to Miami, Florida (where Chris Rozollo and Chris Dabney and Raul Bujanda are from or lived) to Brooklyn, NY.

I admire his art.  I like it, and it's something that artistically, I'd have in my own house and pay for.  However, what is disturbing is the content and apparent celebration of premeditated rapes.

What is also notable, is that the idea of the cartoon from the June 2013 WSJ magazine, is very similar to an idea put forth by the editor for The Humane Society, who wrote an article about her "bird-shaped heart" in April 2013.  The other thing that was printed about the same time was a review for the book "Mafia Birds".  It had a summary of how, of the mafia birds (a book about birds, literally) "cow birds" were not as good as "songbirds".  How one wouldn't want to listen to a cow bird as much as a songbird. 

I really wasn't looking for this information at all.  But look at how stupid and oblivious I've been my entire life, not realizing what kind of criminal circus is celebrated around me.

In the cartoon from WSJ, which is a newspaper I know Chris Dabney reads, Cardena made a cartoon of a dog with a cat arriving at a party where their host, a bird wearing a party hat, is receiving their gift.  The gift is a clock and from what I can see, I'd have to look at that U.S. stamp again, but it looks like the clock stamp for 10 cents or so with the hands in the same approximate place which was issued by the U.S. Post Service in 2003.

The gaffe is that "Anubis" is presenting the host, "Bast" with a clock he has been given many times.  The collection of all his clocks is on a table with legs of a deer.

So later in this same magazine, is a collection of cameras in a box, written by William Eggleton, where my name "cameo" also means "camera". 

When I was raped first by Josh Gatov, I was taken to see "A Clockwork Orange" and then I was the victim of premeditated rape 5-10 more times by U.S. government employees.  So who is the "host" wearing the party hat who is accepting these "gifts"?

For one thing, Alejandro Cardenas, looking at his bio in WSJ, stands out to me as Jewish.  He goes on to explain his cartoon and ads that he is currently working on a story about a woman who ends up in the afterlife of the gods who are living eternity out "in bliss".

His design of the dog and the woman with the dress holding a wallet to her face like a fan looks is placed, by the WSJ editor, next to an ad for a black purse that is being held out like a gift, and has belt marks on it like Alvaro Pardo had, and a fist up in the air like Alvaro used to do, at a 9 o'clock angle with the hands. 

The entire magazine features elements of my life and being raped, and then it also features a section that is reminiscent of the Pamp Maiers family, with a story about "Pampas".  The other idea in it features a section by a "Josh" and a "Clare" that is titled "Shape Shifters" and says tight is out and look at the new shape.

This is remarkably convenient timing when my family is tortured to be prevented from even exercising or going to the gym.  My entire family is out of shape and has quit memberships we had to gyms for decades.  It also goes back to the time Josh Gatov, the rapist, told me to quit wearing high heels and start wearing flats.  So this section by a "Josh" features out of shape styles and flats and flip flops.  The mention of "Clare" is clever enough, when I know of a Clare that was best friends with Stacy Darling who dated Robin Becthold for years and is possibly related to Kate Middleton's cousin, the stripper Darling.  Robin is sort of a bird name.  I guess Fowler is too.  The deer with the clocks on it?  Maybe the furniture has "Tancer" on the underside.  On dasher, on dancer, tancer, and vixen... I think the party hat represents James Middleton if you ask me.  "My sister is going to be QUEEN".

WSJ is not playing around, obviously.  I wonder who their mafia money maker is. 

Can anyone tell me how Josh and the Maiers are connected?

The other thing is, when this magazine is obviously putting an ad that resembles my former fiancĂ© next to a cartoon like this, and then in the same months another similar magazine is featuring "Mafia Birds", a book that possibly this cartoon and the Humane Society editor wanted to reference to, when they are saying the sound of a songbird is much better than that of a cowbird, I'm confused.  Didn't I give a card to my fiancĂ© about cows?  I sing, yes, but then I was tortured, and I did give a card to Alvaro that said something about some men say why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free and I say (a woman) why buy the pig when all you want is a little sausage? Why bring up cowbirds at all, of the "Mafia Birds"?

Oh it looks like the FBI is really on this rape case aren't they.

It's not even subtle, this edition of WSJ. Neither is the torture by the way.  Do you really think this many journalists and artists can know about me and make a public display of me, and then ignore the fact that I am actually tortured by the U.S. government?

What is the U.S. then?

It's not a country at all.

Oh guess what, it gets even better.  Cardena supposedly means "songbird".  It's not like murderers and torturers don't have artist and journalist friends to laud them while the FBI jokes about it and drinks and then accuses others of things they're not guilty of.

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