Wednesday, July 24, 2013

CIA Torture Sites In Coquille: Dad Recently Tortured

I am going to list some potential sites where my parents have been tortured by police and CIA.  I know one of them is down a private drive and I got it wrong, a year ago or more, when I reported the wrong place.

I have found several other sites.

Also, my Dad has been recently tortured and his eyes are totally sunken in and these disgusting neighbors who sneak down my driveway and steal from me, the fucking Methodists with the bitchy daughter, were outside washing their car and playing melancholy Sting music.  His wife is Big Boobs, the blond with the double Ds that scared my mother when she showed up with Kathy Hathaway when I first moved here.  My Mom was scared of them.

Then she came to my house with a sharp pair of scissors extended in her hands and repeatedly banged on my door.

Her daughter has been a terror and is a criminal.  Her daughter looks part Mexican or darker like her Dad, and she has some Mexican girlfriend she pals around with.  She just drove past me in a car that wasn't hers but was like the black Saab she sometimes drives, and was playing loud bass "throbbing heart" music that was exactly the same rhythm as what was played when I was stalked in Bonners Ferry, ID.  Her girlfriend, the Mexican, drove behind her in another car, and they were both together.  First the one drove out, and her friend went back into a drive where she came from, and the other one with the music turned around and followed her back in, knowing I was there, and where I was walking, and deliberately wanting to play this beat with me within hearing.  She looked over at me and smirked, along with her Mexican friend, when she did it.

If I see the car again, I'll know it by sight.  It was like a black Jetta.

I found a vehicle that matches the one with teen boys that ran off the road in Mt. Angel and cut across the sidewalk where I was sitting to run over my signs that I had staked in the ground, and clipped my chair so it turned over.  These were teen boys that ran off of the road to maliciously vandalize my property where I was legally protesting and the Mt. Angel police ignored it.  I reported it and the police officer was Catholic, went to their church, and refused to make a report.

The kind of vehicle it was was then repeated wherever I went, showing up in Nashville, TN and this person driving it constantly following me where I walked with it.  There was no point to following me with that jeep aside to remind of the teens who got away with malicious vandalism and nearly injured me when they cut across my chair and ran over signs.  I remember the cop who refused to make the report too, saying "They're just kids".  The kind of jeep it was, and the color, I found parked nearby at a house next to the Steels.  The license plates on it are 711 ARZ (Oregon) and if you want to know the exact type of vehicle that was driven to run me over in 2000, that was it.  Exactly.  Even with the tires jacked up high that way, and the same color and year.

There are several private driveways around here with suspicious out-buildings that look like torture zones.  In addition to this, the Sheriff's department has a secretive out-building about a block away from this house.  Also, there is a water tank facility where I found the same white paint marking the driveway, that was all over my Dad's knees a year and a half ago, when he was being tortured and forced to kneel for someone, in toxic substances, until it caused blisters on his knees, and his explanation that it was from working in the park, didn't match up.  What it matches, is the water tank holding facility, which actually also matches the design someone made for Katie Middleton's wedding getaway car.

It's like someone dressed the car up, thinking of this water tank place where people were tortured and thought it was a great joke.  It is extremely noisy up there, because machinery is being run, so you can't hear other things--just lumber mill machinery.  One of the tanks says MUELLER on it.

As in, FBI Director Mueller.

Just because I report torture against my parents, and care about them, doesn't mean that they have always done the same for me or would.  It doesn't negate the fact something is very wrong.

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