Tuesday, July 23, 2013

He Looks Like A Jerk; She Looks Like Michelle Erickson

Well I looked at the photo and he looks like a jerk (it must be evolution) and she looks like Blow Job Michelle Erickson's double.

If anyone was wondering if I cried or was depressed at all, the answer is no.  I did think their timing, to have the baby exactly 9 months from the day of my birthday, was planned, and was planned to hopefully get to me and it didn't because contrary to what some may think, I am not in 'love' or infatuated with William of Wales.

I resent his terrorist and criminal wife who took part in torturing my son. 

So any idea that I have pined for him is false.  Any idea I had a crush on him is false.  Any idea the reason I hate Kate Middleton because of HIM is false.

I believe Kate Middleton should be in jail for a life sentence because of her crimes and her criminal partners.  My hatred of her has to do with the fact that I discovered she is involved in torture of my son, and that she is a reason for a group of people to attempt to assassinate me, whether or not they thought someone had made a suggestion to William about me at any time, or whether or not Diana knew she was connected to criminals in the U.S. and the UK.

I cannot tell you how identical Kate looks to Michelle Erickson.  Their faces are alike, their expressions exactly the same, and if Michelle lost weight, she would even have a figure that matched Kates.  It is unreal how alike they look and act, and the demeanor is even more striking.  Not only that, they have a voice match and it's hard to find people who look alike who also have the same tonal qualities to their speaking voices.

Actually, when it comes down to it, it's eerie.  I guess I never thought about the speaking voice similiarity on top of everything else until tonight.  From the small amount of research I did on Michelle Erickson's genealogy, according to some newspaper public information, she is mostly Swedish.

Let me explain something else, they even have the same eye color.  For someone who grew up in Wenatchee, Washington as Michelle Erickson did, to have so many attributes identical to Kate Middleton, who my mother's family has been aware of for a long time, is notable.

As for William, he just looks like a jerk to me.  That's better for him than looking like a pansy, coming out of the hospital I suppose, and might be defensive, but he reminds me too much of the Jewish asshole brothers that live in this town of Coquille who go smirking about, and of Josh Gatov and Chris Rozollo who, I think, attempted to imitate him.

I think my Mom is involved in this entire thing, and I think my Dad is too.  I'm not sure which of the twins, of the Bob twins or of the Dicksies, but I just feel there are too many things that are 'off' about who has been trying to kill me, and known people who raped me or had me falsely arrested or defamed.  Since when does the military require fathers to lie about their own daughters the way my Dad has lied about me? or my mother?

The baby looks like it has red hair and I can't see it but it doesn't have a Middleton head at all.  The Middletons were conehead babies and it's not a conehead.  It doesn't look like hers.  I saw one photo of a Middleton baby and the head is longer and oblong, like a conehead.  This is not like Williams conehead or Katies conehead.  All I could see from the quick glance at the photo was the top of the head, but it's not a conehead.  With both of them being coneheads, unless they had a skullbone manipulator who was rearranging the shape, it's not theirs, or it's not one of theirs.

I seriously wonder how often babies are deliberately switched.  Not to mention the IVF potential.

Now, a baby girl, born in the U.S. prior to their wedding--I'd believe that.  That was why the law was changed to include girls, not because of this one. 

So what was I doing when it was born, this one?  I don't know.  I don't know what day exactly, or what time it was born.  If it was born the day the news came out about it, on the 22nd, I had gone to the store, bought some "Reborn" arrowhead water, a thing of apple juice, and other groceries, and since I couldn't carry it all, I took the water and apple juice to my Mom's workplace and set it on her desk.  She wasn't there but Debbie was.  I then grabbed a marker that happened to be red and wrote my name on both the water and the apple juice (just in case of a switch).  The Smartwater I got doesn't seem normal to me and I've felt drugged or desensitized on it so I got different water that day.  I am 100% positive something is being added to my water and to my food or drink.  I noticed the panicked look on some undercover cops faces when they saw me the day I bought a bunch of juice because they knew I wasn't drinking that "Smartwater" which...who ordered?  NYC native Gregory Fowler?

Then I went home and read half of Beowulf, which I picked up that day, and I had ordered Iranian paintings; Safe House by Edward Lee Victor Howard; and two more books of Anglo-Saxon heroic poetry along the lines of Beowulf (i.e., Battle of Finnsburh, Maldon, Waldhere, ...)

I read the first two Clan of the Cave Bears and decided to branch off and return the third, to go back to the series later.  I am in the mood for war poetry, not romances over "which man Ayla will choose".  The only version they had was Seamus Heanys which isn't bad at all and is a quick read.  However, it is so different from how I would read the original, and a librarian offered her books and one on grammar for this and I declined but now I think I'd like to see it.  For example, instead of just "he was born", I think in the original it's "he was born.  Blood spread wide."  Maybe I'm wrong, but he was born is less dramatic than blood spread wide.  So for the poetic qualities, as an icing on the cake, I'd like to maybe look at the original language.

Anyway, I did that and looked up knitting yarn which is what I did the entire night before, for materials to knit a sweater for my son.  I don't know if I'll actually do it though.  I think about it and I'd like to do it but I might end up with yarn and no desire to actually knit.  That's all folks.

Oh.  By the way.  Debbie's reaction to my water and apple juice?  She smiled when she saw it and said I could set it down on her desk, next to half a bottle of Smartwater that was there.  I then took out a marker, and wrote my name on the lid of the apple juice and across the plastic covering 24 bottles of arrowhead water from Hope Springs, B.C. 


Debbie stopped smiling and looked furtive.

I don't know why exactly, because I only did it to be sure the same ones showed up at my house rather than being switched out by the CIA or FBI or military chemical creeps.  But she looked slightly weirded out.

I know some government assholes got worried when they realized I wasn't drinking what they hoped I was, and some of the feeling actually came back to my body and to my tailbone which I broke and which has never been the same, and to my tooth they blasted part of.  I have feeling where I should, when I'm not being drugged, and someone in this country has continued to illegally drug me and tamper with my rights.

Beowulf waes breme--blaed wide sprang

sounds more like Beowulf was born--blood wide sprang (or blood sprang wide) and that is in the original.  I understand it could be interpreted as his 'blood' (or name, or kin) was widely known, but I think that's obscuring the point.  He was born and there was a lot of blood.  It's part of the poetry.  Not to mention the alliteration there in the original as well.

I still like this other translation for reading through it though.  It's great.  I got through it much faster than with Clan of the Cave Bears and I think it's just the style I'm used to. 

I have major problems with this country and what they've done to my life and to my son.  This country literally rigged me up to be tortured and for nothing else than that or to be raped by federal employees.  When I see this recent photo of Kate, I immediately saw Michelle Erickson in her face which is getting stranger the more I think about it.  Lynda Carter was part Swedish, I think, and she looks like her, and so is Erickson, but why do Erickson and Middleton have the same voice and mannerisms?  That's like something that occurs with people who are literally related to eachother and why should Kate Middleton be related to someone in Wenatchee, WA?  Aside from the fact that it's a CIA town?  I guess it's not just CIA, because Hanford, the major nuclear power plant, is 45 minutes away, so it's been an international zone for a long time.

You would really have to be around both of them to see what I'm referring to.  Also, why would Judge Alicia Nakata try to indulge Erickson with privileges no one else in the U.S. would get?

Here is another point:  If Katie Middleton has nothing to do with my life (clearly she has had, since I was a kid), why did Wenatchee assign a woman who looked exactly like her to my CPS case?  when I didn't even know who Katie Middleton was at all?  I had never heard the name before and Erickson was assigned at the start of 2008, or even 2007, 2 years before I ever heard the name "Kate Middleton" or found out who she was.

Even Wenatchee believed Katie Middleton had a part in my life and in ruining it.  There were a lot of social workers to choose from and they had no need to have Erickson take it, but I think it was funny to them, to have someone who was the spitting image of Katie Middleton lording my son and my parental rights over me.  No reason for that unless my parents were involved with Middleton.  You know, another thing, aside from looking exactly like Katie, Michelle's name is the female version of "Michael".  Michael Middleton is Katie's guardian or "Dad-as-she's-known-him-to-be".  So the spitting image of Katie, with Katie's voice and mannerisms, also has the female version of Katie's Dad's name and Japanese Judge Alicia Nakata thought she need special privileges.

Oh yeah, and I haven't mentioned some more Department of Justice people from Portland and the "peeing outside" on club night event.

An aside, here is an obituary from a relative of Michelle's and I know it's one of her relatives because of where it says he had family camping.  It's the same place Michelle was talking about.  Apparently, this man is related to a Heinz.  Being related to a Heinz may or may not be important when it is a fact I knew Mike Tancer and his friend, the Heinz heir, Theresa Heinz's son.  He also looks like the older version of a man who got on a bus with me on the way to Waterville, who wore an Adidas hat and talked about "termites" with someone.

This is only interesting insofaras it relates to my first meeting of Mike Tancer and his comment to me that he worked with "parasites".

Not only that, this man Eugene had a daughter who married a man with the last name Miller, and the Sterling family (Tancer's mother) and Millers are good friends.  Miller was appointed to be prosecuting attorney against me.

Not only that, the Ericksons are tightly connected to Canada.  Dingo.  I mean, Bingo.  Maybe Michelle's got a Middleton in her woodshed.  Look at those lips.

I don't think Judge Nakata (FBI two-timer) would do the things she did for Erickson if it wasn't because of other connections because she treated her with a gross advantage over me and privileges normal citizens do not get in court, for ruining someone's life and giving them no opportunity to counter the damages and defend themselves.  Then, if it's true Erickson is connected to the Heinz family in any way, which is connected to Sterlings and Tancer, it was a conflict of interest from the start for her to be involved in my case and she knew it.  I know she is connected personally to the Miller family, which is connected to Sterlings, and that Tomas Cabellero's neighbor was a Jew who moved to Canada where her family frequented.

Why does she look like Katie Middleton, have the same voice, and the same mannerisms?

It's sort of closing in on who would torture and poison my son Oliver isn't it.  We have motive.

What is bizarre, is that it really is about Katie Middleton.  It was about her before I ever met Michelle Erickson or even heard of Middletons name.  It was about her with Mike Tancer and I didn't know it.  With Robin.  With Josh Gatov.  With Mike Nichols.  With Richard and Helen.  Bujanda and Garza.  It really was about her.

It says Christopher Erickson from Medford, Oregon, works as a compliance director on a site for Erickson Air-Crane, which is apparently an aerospace industry company dealing with airplanes. 

Hmm.  The others have history in military, and hmm, she really looks like Katie Middleton.  How would Judge Nakata know anything about her unless it's through the FBI or through Japan Airlines friends who know Ericksons and Middletons.  In addition, Michelle Erickson and Nakata shared FBI employee Alvaro Pardo as a common link.  That link most likely goes to Thebaults.  Can she bake a cherry pie Billy Boy.  Billy Boy.  Billy Boy.  Can she bake a cherry pie Billy Boy?

The first night I was there, Lisa Thebault ordered a "pie".  It's slang for pizza.

He is related to French that Middletons know in France (Brian is) and they told me, to "aristocracy".  That is what Lisa told me, that Philip was related to royal or aristocratic blood in France and Europe.  Lisa said she was Italian, and as far as I knew, just Italian Catholic but I found out she is part Jewish.  The Jewish relatives are connected to "Baileys" who live right next to NASA in Texas.

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