Saturday, July 27, 2013

Naming Of Guinea Pig Babies

I think I've named them tonight.

I had some ideas but wasn't ready to name them.  There were 4 but the boy died so there are 3 girls and I think they are:

Charlie-Carr Venus Flytrap

Fifi Dolarosa Sasquatch


Coco Jolokia Manos de Sharon

Their mother and father are Kipper (Mom) and Francis (Dad)

I'm calling them Carr, Fifi and Coco for short.  I was calling the one Charlie-Carr but I don't like saying both all the time.  It's Charlie-Carr like Charlie-horse in a sense.  I either call them by the entire name or in short.  So Francis, Kipper, Fifi, Coco, and Charlie or Carr or I might choose a different nickname.

Fifi is a white one with Abbyssian traits in the longer and ruffled coat, Coco is a white one with with a sleek coat (I can't remember the breed name for that kind, but it's more short-hair because the mother is Abbyssian and the father is the sleek short coat kind, but neither are Peruvian.  I had a Peruvian one when I was a kid, with tan or sable color and white spots on it and the long coat.
And then Charlie-Carr Venus Flytrap is the solid sable one with Abbsyssian traits and the ruffled longer coat.

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