Thursday, July 18, 2013

Josh Gatov's Attempted Murder

I have just realized Josh Gatov was not just planning to rape me.  He was planning to kill me.

I know this is true because I was reading about a man who wished he had a second knife, that he usually carried with him, and it made me think about Josh having 2 knives on him and his purchase of one of those knives, in public, when he was with me.

Then he fled to Thailand, when the other person who lived at that apartment was from Thailand.  He also didn't drive his own vehicle, using a car he said was not his.

The only reason for purchasing a second knife when he was with me in public, when he already had one on him, would be in the event he killed me and cut my throat, or my wrists, he could use the other knife that was already with him and discard it, and then he'd have the one he purchased without any blood on it.

No one simply rapes someone with 2 knives, or needs both knives on them during a rape.  What would he do?  Hold one knife in each hand?  He had 2 knives for the purpose of killing me. 

Then, when or if my body was found, who knows, because he said he was driving a borrowed car.  Then his roommate was from Thailand (I believe) or an Asian country, and he could have blamed it on him and told him to flee the country and claimed it was him while the Asian guy was glad to be back in his home country.

The Lake Oswego cops talked with him before we left the park and it was clear to me they knew who he was already.  Two cops wouldn't have to say they remembered him, and if they did, they could all claim Josh wouldn't have been the one to stab me because he bought "that" knife that night and there was no blood or forensic evidence on it...Just the DNA of a fucking apple.

This country is going down.

He forced me down when he raped me and he was going to either rape me or kill me but he wasn't going to let me live with my pristine "virginity" when the Bitch Katie Middleton was there for Mossad and the U.S. Army and intelligence to promote.  Even when I had nothing to do with her, they all thought I was a potential threat to their activities and look at me now..

I am.

I am a threat because I know too much, I lived with psychic spies, and I can name names and I haven't been blackmailed and I know exactly how some of the Department of Justice fuckers have been playing welfare Mom and Dad to Katie Middleton.  I also know which ones are connected in several deliberate attempts to murder me and also to rape me.

Because this is conspiracy to murder, and the last occasion occurred in 2009 for a hit-and-run and then even later than that for poisoning, I have a case that sweeps up FBI FUCKERS, cops, and military from the Pacific NW to Washington D.C. to Canada to Tennessee.

It means all the crimes, including the rapes AND the attempt to murder me, are all continuations of the same RICO plot to murder me.

Katie is just about done, because most of the individuals assaulting me with rape or attempted murder, have also been found to be supporting her family financially and in business with her family, not just through "Party Pieces" but the CIA, money the FBI laundered to them, and drugs. 

It is also a huge motivating factor for a fucking Jewish editor of Willamette Week to refuse to retract defamation about me in an article.  Of course he wanted it to stick, because his fellow Jew-fuck was on the loose, as a criminal, who fled via Police and FBI tip-offs, to Thailand.  It makes the Portland Jewish Community look like a bunch of fuckers, criminal ones who encouraged my being falsely accused of "diamond theft" by one of them from Helzberg Diamonds, allowed me to be tortured while in their place of business at CTR and then mocked with a woman named "Sarah" to take part of my job over, to being a victim of premeditated rape and murder.

The reason the man who broke into my house on the 4th of July asked for a kitchen knife, when he already had a gun, was to make a point about what Josh Gatov, the Jew-fuck, had plotted to do with me. Or possibly, was plotting to do with me.   He stabbed the knife, plunged it, into the doorframe of my bedroom at what was my chest level.  When he left he went back to ask for the knife back.

He was imitating what Josh Gatov's plans were, potentially, and the entire time he was saying, "I have to finish the job."  When he left who was right around the corner to pick him up?  Cops.  Of course, which is what they did when they helped out Jewish fucker Josh Gatov, who is, by the way, from Coos County.

Katie is the pinnacle of their success, statuette for their acheivements.

Robin, Josh, Mike Nichols...all of these guys knew eachother and are connected by others who knew eachother.

The people Joshua Gatov was most likely connected to include the following:

Ken Kargman (Reform Jew from Livingston, NJ that I worked for as a nanny).  Even the man who held me hostage indicated this much, and also potentially indicated something about Kelly Halverson, who was by then married to a British (London, England) man, Andy, she met in NJ.

Lorraine and Rabbi Rose (Rabbi and English Middleton supporter)

Robin Bechtold (through Mike Nichols and his friend, through police in Lake Oswego and Portland, and through the FBI)

ICE and FBI (ICE is a drug enforcement group that joins Coos County police with Portland police and the FBI, and Josh Gatov was raised and has connections to Coos County, where my parents were told to move to)

Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza (would be connected to Josh through FBI work in Coos County area for drug rings)

Mike Nichols (most likely through the Jewish friend he had that felt insulted by me, or through Robin or Erik Lund directly by employment with the federal government)

Richard Whittemore and John Kaempf from Bullivant Bailey Houser (through FBI employment, which Nora Krevans knew about when she went to the Mt. Angel Abbey for a Christmas concert with me and kept smirking between them, when they were there).

Another thing that is odd, is that Gary and Lauren Hemenway rented a beach house that a few people stayed at once, before I was raped by Josh Gatov, and it is almost identical to a 2 story house (paint color, design, and windows) I discovered that is behind the Coquille Police Department, which is part of the Coos County system.  Gary and Lauren knew Monica because Shirina, one of their best friends (the U.S. Marine) knew them from church, and rented a room from me at the same time Monica did.  Shirina worked for the British man (Kelly Halverson married) at Pamplin Music.

When I later visited Lauren, in 2010, she handed me a brown jacket she said had been her daughters, after Chris Rozollo stole my white jacket from me, and in the middle of watching Hathaways "Princess Diaries" and talking about Middleton excitedly, she said, about a button that was off, "You can sew it on".

This is after I was in Washington D.C. with Chris Dabney asking me to sew on a button for him.  He had one of his shirts he put on a bed and then asked me if I'd sew on the button for him.  I didn't, and then he got Jew Bitch in the house and snidely commented to me, after he'd objected to my doing his laundry, "ALL my HOUSEMATES like her because she cleaned the whole kitchen for them". 

Lauren was living with some man from Yugoslavia who hated my guts and I suspected he was intimate with Lauren, who had divorced Gary.  They acted more like lovers than roommates.  He knew Yugoslavian too, it wasn't like he was just Yugoslav by nationality. 

I started having a bad feeling when I was there at that house.  Lauren didn't act the same, and it was very clear they all had something to do with Middletons.  I remember after I was raped, they all looked at me like they thought I had deserved it and sort of triumphant.  I had been asked to meet them at the Portland Zoo for a Stevie Nicks concert outside and then that was the last time I ever saw them until I went to see Lauren in 2010, years later.  I remember how they greeted me, and immediately sensed something was very wrong.

Lauren used to ask about Monica Allen all the time because she and Shirina became good friends while I was away from the house at work, and then Monica was hanging out with Cari-Sue.  She met Monica, driver of the black sedan with a side panel dented in, who also ended up becoming good friends with Stephanie Maiers, who told me so.

Stephanie told me that since I had spent time with Robin when he was trying to create a scene when Stephanie visited me in 1991, that "Monica and I have actually become good friends now."  After this is when Robin started recruiting Nathan Allen, Monica's brother, into his government mafia.

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