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Murder & Drugged By Same Drugs U.S. and Alvaro Pardo Used

I am being drugged with the same drugs used by Alvaro Pardo when he was with me.

The first time it was tried, was after I had a bad batch of something I got at the Catholic church where this Irish man worked, and he was the one who later showed up at the library and let off some kind of airborne chemical around me that I could feel and smell and caused me to cough and sneeze.

Right after, I was bleeding excessively, so then all of a sudden, with my mention of what drugs Alvaro Pardo used to medicate me with, the U.S. managed to find a way to do it again.

They started using the exact same drugs that affected my period when I was with both Chris Dabney in Washington D.C. at The Post Pub and the entire time I was with Alvaro Pardo.  I had normal periods before and after meeting those men and both of them work for the U.S. FBI and Pentagon.  It's U.S. Pentagon drugs and medications because that is not something the FBI uses, although it was the FBI that has slandered me to encourage and permit their use on me when they all should be bombed to ground level.  Oh, it happened once and I'm sure if God gets mad enough, it will happen again.

James Cartwright was the 2nd highest ranking professional at the Pentagon and he met me and knew me and he knew what was being done to me.  It was by Chris Dabney that I was introduced and Dabney knew Mark who was with the FBI and U.S. Army and picked me up in New Mexico, and then they passed me over to be held hostage by Alvaro Pardo whose cousin worked in U.S. Army offices, which is probably where Alvaro Pardo went to "visit" his cousin while getting the drugs to dope me with (in Washington D.C.). 

The United States is a joke.  There is nothing authentic about this country and it is not a democracy.  It's a laughing stock and a joke.

Basically, that goes back about 1 year, and more like 1 1/2 years.  The incident that occurred in the library and bleeding, was about 1 year ago and then I was being drugged by the U.S. and they have a bunch of military chemical personnel around here.

THEN, I was starting to feel normal again and I got drugged, and have been medicated and drugged ever since I talked about being a gestational surrogate again, about 4 months ago or more.

I am being drugged and tortured while I am paying for my own education. 

I should never have to work another day in my life.  Or even try, because this country blocked all of my attempts, my entire life, to try, and assaulted me.  They owe me billions and they should be paying for my annuities and settlement.

A law firm should be taking my case and never having to work another court case in their lives again.  And neither should I.  I should get rich off of this government, after they have gotten rich off of me, by committing crimes.

In addition to a muscle and nerve drug or birth control that's been used on me that affects my periods, which is the exact same one Alvaro Pardo used, I am being drugged with Haldol still.

The most recent incidences of Haldol drugging were illegal, without my consent, and in the form of charcoal I purchased to get rid of Haldol and non-consensual drugs.  This is my opinion, that it came from the charcoal pills of one of two brands.  If not, my food was drugged when I was away from my house but it seems to have been added to pills.

I had charcoal from Fred Meyers lined up the same way the bomber in Boston, MA arranged the bomb that went off, who died and who had a brother.  And then I was getting a different kind from Safeway pharmacy and had someone tip me off to something, possibly, and then she was dead.  That was Judy Roark.  She died right after I accidentally intercepted her mail and someone must have thought she wanted me to, deliberately, so the United States killed her.

Isn't that what that fucker Karl Rove has been reminding everyone lately?  about how the U.S. will "kill" anyone guilty of "treason"?

Rove's idea of "treason" means the U.S. gets to torture, rape me repeatedly, allow hate crime, keep me out of court, and drug me too, along with kidnapping my son and if anyone comes close to exposing anything about illegally drugging me, now the U.S. just kills them?

Supposedly she went to the hospital for something and died there.  Like my Uncle Howard basically and I don't think it's an accident.  Either she really died or she's in a witness protection program because I discovered she was working for the U.S. government.

My mother confirmed again, as well, that I am Edward Lee Howard's biological daughter.  She confirmed it, after I went online and posted my ethnicity as I've always known it to be.  How am I supposed to start adding "Mexican" to my ancestry?  I just "find out" one day I'm a 1/4 Mexican?  I mean, you would think this god-forsaken country might have known that would be something I have a right to know.  They set out their Bujandas and Garzas on me, from Mexican FBI backgrounds, and used me, and gave all these agents and officers personal information about my background that the U.S. never shared with me.  Mexicans are territorial people.  You don't just go through life being part "Mexican" and have no one tell you when Mexicans are in turf and political wars all the time.

Even Alvaro knew and he sat there, recording me as he wanted me to agree with him when he said something bad about Mexican and how they were "lower-level".

Basically, the FBI gave glasses to every single person in their organization and then they handed them out to all their friends and family and mafias that don't even work there, and it exposed me to danger, constant threat and imminent danger, and excuses for government torture and hate crimes against me, and they didn't even want me to know.  They wanted me to be blind while I was outnumbered with 10,000-1 odds.  Then it spread out to even more people who all kept it to themselves while I was tortured.

No wonder Julie Thornton with the FBI wanted to brush off my "hate crime" claim that I was trying to report.  She already knew it was true and was my biggest case.

Not only that, Edward Lee Howard went to school in England.  So I DO have ties to England, which some English have always known about and failed to share with me.

I used to shout back at my mother all the time when she would yell for me to get up and go over to her for some reason, "I'm reading."  I was always reading.  Someone had my mother interrupting my reading repeatedly while I was even at home reading, so it wasn't just stealing my homework for school.

I am sure he knew about me.  In the FBI's report, they mentioned on and on, several pages saying he claimed to be part of the Royal Radio Flyer club (remote controlled airplanes) and they disputed it and then said some said it was so.  The FBI got obsessed over it.  I remember when I was little, being at Jim and Shirley Sandberg's house and they had a remote-controlled airplane and flew it around and let me fly it and my brother.  I told my parents I wanted one and they said no.  I asked for a long time.

So then in Wenatchee, in 2010, while the U.S. had used people to force me out of housing to be totally homeless after their employees raped me, someone arranged for a bunch of kids to be outside with remote controlled rockets instead, knowing I would be there at that time.  Looking at me, laughing at me, mocking me, and I had no idea why.

The United States let all of these people know about my background and they incited hate crimes against me out of revenge motives when they had never proven anything.

Edward L. Howard was photographed in Russia next to a triangle sign that looks, from a distance, like a person leaning back as they walked, and on the other side a van like the one my parents had when I was little.  I used to walk that way in Livingston, NJ, all the time.  I read to keep your shoulders back and I decided to walk with my hips forward and legs leading, for posture, and I walked this way all the time, and did it intentionally.  I remember hundreds of thousands of people around me in 1994.  Watching me.  Every time I went out, I was watched closely and I'm sure some of them knew about Edward Howard.  So if that sign is really of a person walking leaning back as their legs go forward, because I can't see it closely enough, I'm wondering what a symbol, in the same colors, for Vitacost is supposed to mean.  Legs up in the air with a round dot popping out?  From Rat Mouth, Florida?

My parents Bob and Dicksie, who someone told me to call "Bob and Dicksie" instead of my parents in the late 80s or 90s once, either Joy Maiers or Robin Bechtold, are being electrocuted and tortured recently.  Maybe because my mother again confirmed I was biologically the child of Edward Howard.  If that is true, I would expect the CIA and FBI to share that with me, not with their in-house rapists.

The eye problem I mentioned, of recessed or sunken in eyes like something was sucking them inwards, is because of electrocution.  It was done to me one night, under the house somehow, and went from one end of my body to the other and forced me body to contract and curl up.  My eyes were sucked in from the force somehow and I looked and they looked the same way my parents eyes looked when something had been done and the noticeable effect was their eyes.

Tonight while writing this I am being tortured under my breastbone, where supposedly the metal stent is that the U.S. put there.

Mexicans talk, so if Edward Lee Howard was 1/2 Mexican, someone was talking about me, which would affect how I was treated by other Mexicans, including Monica Allen's mother Rebecca who was Mexican, my cousins who are 1/2 Mexican, and intelligence, and also the Hispanic man who was part of a hit-and-run against me in 2003.  It also means that the military director during George Bush's time, Gonzales, had a reason to know something and abuse his power.

I also don't really know what Edward Lee Howard's faith was...if it was Catholic or if it was Anglican or Episcopalian since he was in England all that time.

The information Robin Bechtold was getting to use against me, trying to trigger things and manipulate programming used against me by the CIA with their MKUltra, could have been coming from his own father, who he was close to and who went to Costa Rica while I was in high school--the same place Edward Lee Howard went for CIA training.

Francis Ruth Roch was Princess Diana's mother.  When Diana died she is quoted as saying she had been praying that night that God's will be done so that seemed fair.  This is a really unusual comment.
 It's almost like she was intimating Diana's death was "fair".  If death for her daughter was fair was she saying Diana had been unfair to someone else? I don't get it.

Anyway, I'm tired of being drugged and medicated by the U.S. and of all they've done.  They owe me a lot of money and they should pay me and a law firm enough so I never have to work, because they forced me out of work and blocked me from anything I tried to do, for decades with the worst imaginable crimes.

I don't mind if someone else gets rich with me.  It needs to go entirely on the U.S. bill.

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