Friday, June 7, 2013

United Kingdom, Mossad, and United States Paid for Rape

The United Kingdom, Mossad, and United States paid for me to be raped.

Josh Gatov was paid money.  They did not just pay an individual, they paid organizations for covering it up.

Robin Bechtold is the same thing and he knew Josh Gatov.

These intelligence groups not only sponsored defamation of my character, they incited rape of me, using various media including even the British-owned publications in Canada. 

It isn't as if one or two FBI agents raped me or "happened to" date-rape me, out of "lust" or "got carried" excuses (no excuse is acceptable, but it wasn't lust).  These rapes were carried out and planned ahead of time, by intelligence operatives and they were paid for.

Not one time did the U.S. ever take action or press charges, even when there was evidence.  They refused to make reports of sexual assault that was not rape, by FBI employees as well, bribing a police officer to drop the complaint and not investigate.  When I did a rape kit and provided samples, the FBI blocked it from being processed by police in Wenatchee. 

The persons who raped me ended up with more money in their bank accounts, privileges and raises for family, and new vehicles, elaborate vacations, and houses.  This is true for every single person involved in raping me or premeditating rape of me.

The money came from the United Kingdom and Canada, Mossad, and The United States.  The Vatican was making payments to persons involved as well, lawyers connected to rapists later, but I do not know of a direct payment from the Vatican to one of the rapists, specifically.

The UN defines torture and grounds for political asylum as "state-sponsored crimes" and includes rape.

In every situation, the United States covered up evidence, refused to process reports, and defamed me as a favor to the criminals in their internal records.

This is in addition to arranging for assassination attempts of me where police were instructed not to make police reports when they occurred, and where police knew it was planned and were involved themselves.

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