Monday, June 24, 2013

U.S. Department of State Kidnapping and Democracy Lie

Boy, just as soon as the Department of State kidnaps my son and tortures us, but greedily succeeds in getting Katie Middleton married to William of Wales, the following shut-downs in communications occurred:


Current Travel Warnings

Travel Warnings are issued when long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable lead the State Department to recommend that Americans avoid or consider the risk of travel to that country. A Travel Warning is also issued when the U.S. Government's ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate or because of a drawdown of its staff. The countries listed below meet those criteria.
Somalia    06/21/2013
Israel, the West Bank and Gaza    06/19/2013
Honduras   06/17/2013
Niger    06/14/2013
Chad    06/11/2013
Libya    06/07/2013
Nigeria    06/03/2013
Iran    05/24/2013
Mauritania    05/21/2013
Cote d'Ivoire   05/16/2013
Eritrea    05/10/2013
Central African Republic    05/10/2013
Congo, Democratic Republic of the    04/24/2013
Burundi    04/22/2013
Sudan    04/16/2013
Colombia    04/11/2013
Pakistan    04/09/2013
Lebanon    04/01/2013
Republic of South Sudan   03/29/2013
Mali    03/22/2013
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of    03/14/2013
Guinea    03/14/2013
Tunisia    03/13/2013
Syria    03/01/2013
Iraq    02/25/2013
Algeria    02/19/2013
Philippines    01/30/2013
Afghanistan    01/29/2013
El Salvador    01/23/2013
Kenya    01/14/2013
Haiti    12/28/2012
Mexico    11/20/2012
Yemen   11/19/2012
Saudi Arabia   11/19/2012

I was actually looking up Cuba when I got this list.

Do you know what you get for torturing your own citizens and kidnapping mother's children and then preaching your "democracy" (that doesn't exist) to others?  Disrespect.   I really don't care if some of them hate me too, and I'm sure some do, because I don't fit what an ideal woman might be to them, but the United States is NOT a democracy and the doors have closed and will continue to close against the county of the United States because of their military and scientific practices that are WORSE than anything "Nazis" ever did.

Also, whoever has been in charge of torturing me decided to torture me worse this afternoon when I indicated to a U.S. Army man that I had no interest in being connected to the Army or U.S. government and I didn't want my children to be either.  So I was tortured from that point on, starting at about 3:30 p.m. or so and going on until now, at 6:30 p.m. 

The United States is NOT a democracy.  Someone needs to get kids to chant this in school every day to counter the brainwashing this country has done to everyone.

The U.S. is a military state operated and controlled by a plutocracy and oligarchy.  That means, big business, and whoever bribes lobbyists and religious and businesses to get politicians and judges in place, is part of that oligarchy. The U.S. intelligence has become a plutocratic mafia. 

You have a lot of money?  So what.  The oligarchy can have you committing suicide after they torture you to take your business over.  They have friends you know, in NASA and the Pentagon.  You think you're a celebrity?  Sure, you are, and as long as you stay PC Baby, you might not get murdered when you're out of the country for a movie shoot.  You're a journalist?  Really.  Well what does that mean anyway because the only authentic journalists are bloggers. If you actually, ha!, call yourself a journalist, or reporter, that is really hilarious because you work for the government and just how much flexibility do you really have in your industry?  Keep up the sardonic "hard tea" comments baby--you're not a blogger, you're a loser.  You think, as a poor person, that Obamacare and "democrats" stand for democracy and will keep feeding your kids when BJ left you in the low?  it's called socialcrats, not democrats, and there is no democracy, so yeah, next time, put in your vote like a number for the big lottery bubble that blows a bunch of balls around, and maybe you will be a lucky winner of...a free condo vacation!  if you are interested in purchasing a share!  Voting in the U.S., while torture exceeds all expectations, is nothing more than a right to throw a coin into the fountain.

The U.S. claims to be modern and the most advanced civilization, basically, and yet all of their letters and books and lawyers and judges and courthouses are nothing, while we have Revenge of The Nerds in NASA and science fields, working for who gives them the best buck.

So what if you can vote.  Like that makes a difference.  How about, give me the right to measure what energy is being directed at me to torture me and my son when we are innocent, to keep us out of court?

The only way the U.S. will be a democracy is if it's "for" and "by" the "people" and when NASA and the Pentagon are the only groups controlling new advanced technology to torture their own citizens, and U.S. citizens have no way to defend themselves, democracy is over.

It's gone.  Done.  It is not present.

Okay now.  Who is the "Ivy" bratface that cheers up that one with me.  If you have ANY brains COMBINED with any experience or knowledge of what is going on, YOU agree with ME.

And who is repeating the truth to you?

WHO is telling the truth?

Besides me, where do you go for the truth?

Blogging trumps "intelligence-owned journalism and reporting".  It's funny, because I get tortured and paid nothing for the truth, while people who spin for others get millions per year.  I think there should be a trade.

Since the leaders of the U.S. are too stupid to realize people are figuring out what is going on and how it is going to impact the futures of anyone who is actually "freethinking" at all, they should be overturned.

And Obama, by the WAY, was not BORN in the U.S.

When is the last time you heard a news journalist giving a special or story about how the U.S. is no longer a democracy and what evidence there is for it?  You haven't have you?  It's because the only place you're getting what is REAL is from people who are tortured in this country.

I have a birth certificate that the U.S. Department of State fabricated and hasn't even been honest with me about.  But I am at least telling the truth about what this country is about. 

Adam Smith didn't project or foresee what consequences and new problems advanced technology would present to "democracy".  He wrote during the Industrial Age, when THAT was the revolution of the times, and now, where is the person who is talking about the impact that state-control over military and NASA has on citizens and our freedom? 
This country is corrupt for that reason.  It is overrun by Nerds who are bribed by Oligarchs.

The "right to vote" was a necessary tool for "democracy" in the 1800s.

The right to measure and prove torture by NASA or Pentagon, through satellite, laser, microwave, MRI, and other technologies, is more important of a right than it is to vote and has been since the 1980s and where is the U.S. legislation on passing the laws that are in keeping with the times and where is your fucking "reporter" that knows how to talk straight and not out of both sides of the mouth?

This is why the U.S. is a failure and is no longer a democracy.  Outdated philosophers, outdated economics geniuses, and outdated lawyers and judges who kiss oligarch and plutocracy *&*&^&%^%!.

How about a curve?  Lets get a nice economic CURVE to show the supply and demand for "democracy".



This is how it goes:

White man gets big guns with fire and Indians no have fire from trees, from sticks.  Indians no have this fire from white man's hand.  Indians fight with arrows.  Indians die. 

U.S. man gets big satellite guns with radiation and energy waves.  U.S. man gets invisible weapons shoot invisible pain to U.S. Indians.  All citizens no work for U.S. government just U.S. Indians.  U.S. man shoots Indians with invisible fire.  Pero, it's not white man against native man, it's citizen against citizen so it is Civil (Star) Wars.  Citizens no like U.S. man bullying all people pero U.S. big men and big ladies with SUVs and lots of snotty nosed soccer kids hate Citizens in their way.  Shoot invisible fire against citizens.   Citizens die.  Citizens so much pain, commit suicide, like they want.  Go to crazy hospital like they want.  Poisoned, like they want.

But we still have the right to VOTE!

GEE WILLIKERS thanks so much I can vote like THAT is a defense.

I am the only sincere President you'd ever have and you'll never have me because of U.S. Man and Ladies in SUVs who shoot citizens with "invisible" fire.

There is no democracy.  It does not exist.  Come to grips with it. Then, think about how much money was spent trading out one "ruler" for another in Middle Eastern countries over "torture and assault claims" against "the people" and realize, OH MY GOSH, what a bunch of propaganda from U.S. Terrorists.

So how do you protect yourself or your children from "U.S. Man and Woman"?  Hmm.  Are most of them from the same church?  Because if it's slightly religiously slanted one way or the other, we have all heard about "Crusades" haven't we?  The tactics is this:  Convert or be tortured and die.

SOME DEMOCRACY we have here.

ACLU accomplishes about...Nothing.  Afterall, why is ACLU accomplishing ANYTHING when they are subject to being tortured like I am by the U.S.?  So why would the United States sponsor the efforts of one legal organization they like:  ACLU, and not the efforts and rights of a Pro Se litigant like me?  The U.S. chooses to torture me and they CHOOSE NOT to torture the ACLU.

Which pretty much means the ACLU is buttering their bread and giving it to them while the comforter and sheets are still tucked under their chinny-chin-chins.

The U.S. and groups like the ACLU and "Legal Advocacy" Hookers LLP don't like competition from people like me, so they have me tortured and close my bank account when I'm filing for my own non-profit group, and have other government and mafia bullies obstructing justice.

Because, remember! THIS is what a "democracy" looks like.

When I speak of the supply and demand curve for democracy, what I am talking about is the increase in power to technology groups and the plutocracy that bribes the nerds, who are so nerdy and whose families have been so nerdy so long they really want to feel special now and don't mind torturing and murdering people for it, in contrast to the power of the public, the general public and the people, to counter serious weapons they have used and employed against citizens.

The first act of Civil War was committed by U.S. state-sponsored employees.

It is Civil War.

What's nice, is how the U.S. government corrupts have such a head-start without most of the population even realizing what is true.  That is how wars are always won of course, by a Trojan Horse.  Well guess what--the aim is against other citizens and what do the citizens have to fight with?

And these Trojans even want to take the guns away and leave the Indian-Citizens with nothing.  What the Trojans deserve, is full complete outright declaration of


Segments of the U.S. government have been commiting acts of war against U.S. citizens for decades and getting away with it, with idiots FATSOS who eat from MISSISSIPPI corn-dog chow houses while kids starve while military and police take food away as punishment and to intimidate people from talking about the truth.  Karl Rove and even a bunch of "Mormons" who are not religious at all, and are nothing but Heathen Militants threaten others from reporting the fact Civil War has been engaged, with "death" and "torture" for "treason".

Since when does the U.S. have the right to declare Civil War against its own citizens "secretly" and then threaten them with "death" if they dare to waken the sleeping masses that "CIVIL WAR" has been declared by the United States government?

No section of the U.S. or religious body or political entity has a right to engage in acts of terrorism and war against their own citizens without having all citizens know about it.  It's not like a state going into another state to secretly start a war.  This is a RICH faction of the U.S. that has engaged in Civil War, requisite with rapings and child kidnappings and torture, and the U.S. thinks they have a right to keep this division a secret. 

It is a worse war than North and South.  And we are, my friends, in War.

This is a twist-version of where the landowners bully the peasants into selling off their land, houses, wives, children, and property.  This twist-version is exactly the reason why those who are responsible are feeling so friendly with other Europeans accustomed to this manner of treating "civilians", "peasants", "citizens".

You wanted Katie Middleton? for example?  You got her.  And why was she important at all?  She is only as important as Gary Middleton is to his mafia and to royals who agree with ideas of oligarchy controlling military and aerospace defense.  She used the same tactics to get where she is, that the others use in Civil War in the U.S. against their own citizens. 

These are the "Americans" who like the idea of peasantry and torturing others who they can control invisibly like the Wizard of Oz.    They even control some who are rich, over their politics or beliefs, simply because they are invisible and they can and no one has given power to the people to assess and measure new methods of torture and assault.

So the ACLU is pointless as long as there are no scientists willing to put that power into the hands of the citizens and no lawyers who put new laws regarding advanced technology assault into place.  Meanwhile, Karl Rove will be threatening any scientist who tries, with "death" for "treason".  For what?  Knowing something about technology and what this country is getting away with?

"I keel U.S. citizen with my invisible power" says the U.S.

The U.S. cannot commit WAR against their own people, "secretly", and think it's okay for the people not to know about it. 

The "Hostile Takeover" of America is being effected by those who have access to these weapons and technology and to the intelligence and their religious and personal persuasions that order it done, and the rich who pay for it as a neat result in enhancing a flow of commerce to their own business when others are murdered, tortured, and give up.

Party Pieces anyone?

While the U.S. was busy with employees ensuring they had a nice share in the benefits for that family, from the Pac NW to 14th St. in D.C. to Nashville, TN and Knoxville, TN, and so busy using psychics to humiliate and destroy me when I was even a child, figuring out and plotting how to do me in, this country fell apart.

All that you got for that was Katie.  Happy?

Look at all of the taxpayer monies and time, and government resources, spent over her, and ensuring what she could do for U.S. and other beneficiaries, and during this time, the money spent on something like that, was not spent on employing lawyers of any worth and was not spent on scientists whose mission would have been to ensure "democracy" was safe.

That is clearly not what the U.S. wanted. 

They wanted to revert to an archaic dictatorship using new technological means.  Nice.  Look what you've done for all of us and how proud the entire world can be of the "democratic" ideal.

The other countries thought they were becoming "democratic" when really, they were just joining a different mafia that had control of the 'invisible guns'.

My biological father, I'm told, was Edward Lee Howard, and they humiliated him.  Then the U.S. and mafia went about torturing my Dad Bob Garrett.  When George Bush Jr. announced it was okay to torture children of "traitors" he was speaking about me.  He allowed me to be tortured when I was innocent.  Then this God-damned country kidnapped my son and used people who are not even his actual relatives against me, and they think they can commit international fraud and keep him.

They are wrong.

In case no one in the world knew it, The U.S. is in the middle of a Civil War and they have kept this a secret for too long.  I'm the one to break the news.  Not Mr. "Hard Tea".

But oh yeah, don't copy me and swear because I don't approve of my occasional swearing. 

Here is the only remedy:

1.  War against the U.S. for Civil War that has been one-sided.  This is not an initiative of war, it is a defense and the Constitution permits and allows any militia to form against the U.S. government when the government is corrupt and is committing acts of terror or has fallen into an irreparable state of repugnancy.  The U.S. has declared war and has engaged in acts of war and terrorism against their own citizens, allowing only some to prosper and encouraging all forms of war against others, including mass rapes, torture of children and babies, and pillaging of property.  This is not a declaration of war against the U.S. as much as it is a declaration that victims retain the right to self-defense.

2.  Scientists and engineers who form a coalition to develop tools that any citizen could use from their home or outside of their home to measure, or collect data, that is sensitive to technology used which effects pain and torture by methods which are "invisible" such as satellite, laser, radar, microwave, ionic, x-ray, MRI, and other electrical forms of energy.  These tools must be put into the hands of every single citizen if there is such a thing as democracy restored.  While Bill Gates wants a "computer in every household" so he can make money, he isn't exactly working to put technology like this into the hands of every family is he?  I want detractors from Gates and Microsoft and other big businesses for this project and the incentive is altruism and knowing you did the right thing with your talents and were not bought and sold out like a slave.

3.  Philosophers.  There are no new philosophers, economists, or others who help develop political science theory today.  Not one person has arrived to address the matters that are most important and how they affect any kind of political state.  This person needs to clearly argue how and why the technology today affects the lives of every citizen and has demolished democracy and they must articulate what needs to occur to have it restored.

There you go.  Three missions.  Have at it, if you dare.  Or if you'd rather, be the little wimpy pusses you are and keep torturing women and babies.

As for me and my son, we want out of the country. 

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