Friday, June 28, 2013

Alvaro Pardo: Muslim Liar for Department of State

The U.S. Department of State held me hostage and tried to force me to marry Alvaro Pardo.  Alvaro told me he worked for the FBI but he also worked for the Department of State.  He was in the U.S. during the entire muslim "Revolution" thing that did nothing but kill one leader for another.

It was a CIA game and nothing else.  He did translation for the U.S. government, and that is why they tried to force me to marry him.  They figured they could hold me hostage and either force me to marry him and get some child from Colombia over to the U.S., or they could use it and accuse ME of marriage fraud and send me to prison.

The Pentagon worked with the CIA to kidnap my son.

The Department of Health and Human Services was involved in this from the start.  I had not realized their offices and most of their headquarters were in Maryland, where I lived with Alvaro, and I can trace Alvaro to Michelle Erickson and Jennifer Godfrey from CPS in Wenatchee, WA.

Ever since I didn't marry him, the number 7 has been thrown at me whenever I'm being tortured or kicked out of housing, or degraded.  This has been to "remind" me, supposedly, of Alvaro Pardo's daughter in Colombia who he said was 7 years old.

I don't even believe he has a 7 year old daughter anymore, and I know his cousin Alberto has two sons that look more like Alvaro than Alberto, living in the U.S.  

People in Wenatchee, WA, including cops, were hateful and trying to pressure me to marry Alvaro either to frame me to go to jail, or because they wanted to help Jennifer Godfrey.

A separate but connected issue is that if I was being blacklisted in Portland after Josh Gatov raped me, and I've been told he works for the government and have heard different ideas about what department, if it's Portland that blacklisted me, it would be Portland FBI or Portland Police.  That was in 1998-1999.  Detective Grose never addressed the fact he was a government employee because they deliberately tipped him off to leave the country and then dropped the case, telling him to come on back after the statutes expired.

Alvaro being Muslim could have been why the Eastern Indians who were Muslim thought they were doing Islam a favor by drugging me with Haldol, though I thought they were lying to me and were probably Hindu or something and just saying Muslim to implicate Muslims.  However, if Alvaro was Muslim, this would be how FBI got them incited to assault me with Haldol.

I believe the U.S. used Alvaro to kill Osama bin ladin.  He translated for someone, and did some kind of undercover work in the U.S. and if he was Muslim, since I got thrown to him by Irish Catholics, it was probably through drug trade that Middleton is involved in.  Which is why the Irish Catholics got invited to Katies wedding and then a bunch of Irish Catholic Navy Seals killed Osama bin ladin the next day.

Alvaro told me he was Muslim, but he was a liar.  He lied about being faithful and he tried to set me up to go to prison at least once when I was even with him, and it wasn't by choice I was with him.

I was being held hostage and the U.S. was paying him money to do it.

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