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UPDATED: Deval, Dabney, and Goodman Harassment (Jewish and Catholic Hate Crime)

If I have had people trying to create events of torture in my life to ruin it, even high school friends I had who were solicited by parents or others to get involved, and people older than me, torturing me, poisoning me as a kid, and stealing homework from me, I realized my Dad does too.

He also has people who are older than him or his age, trying to keep track of him and ruin his life, and younger people like Chris Dabney, his Jewish girlfriend, Nikki, and Charles Goodman (Amy Roe's friend) beating him up and trying to ruin his life.

I think Goodman is a very significant one.  Goodman is a psychic Jew who lives in Seattle and housed with me and has organized beatings of my Dad.  He has some unique abilities, such as being able to produce small insects from one location to another (teleportation or telekinesis).  He specifically was teleporting ants.  Not in groups, one at a time, from sealed locations to other sealed locations it was not possible for them to show up instantly without teleportation.  He did this in Steve Mays house, with one showing up in my shower after I had already undressed and the stall was clean and nothing in it, and nothing up from the drain, and water on the ground and then an ant showed up at my feet.  Of course I know spiders and things can turn up in baths and showers, but it was not that kind of thing--it was teleportation and it was done several times when he was around me.  This is very rare even among government psychics, but this isn't all he does.  He's part of a Jewish gang and mafia. It includes Mike Middleton, in my opinion, but on that, I can't say I know for sure he's with Goodman's specific gang.  I think they've worked together though.  Why teleport ants?  I don't know.  Amy Roe, his daughter's friend, recorded me asking if I was going to be an "auntie" once, and once MaryLynn and Ken Kargman made a big deal when I told them about a dream I had about a spider in a bathtub and in the dream they were screaming at me telling me how could I be so "unsanitary" that she walked in and found a spider in the tub.  In the dream I told her, "It isn't my fault if there is a spider in the tub because spiders do that sometimes."  It was a dream about being persecuted for things that were nit-picky and not in my control and no normal person would freak out about.  So if Charles Goodman was trying to make a point, for either Roe or the Kargman's (Jewish family in Livingston, New Jersey) maybe that's why he teleported ants.

Chris Dabney is a seriously ill person who used me to figure out how to predict my life and ruin it.  He hinted about how things would be better if my Dad killed himself and how maybe one day he would; claimed my mother arranged to put a hit on me; and raped me when I was incapacitated, having a bunch of dogs jump on the bed and saying "Here's another one in the hole" to degrade me for the listening pleasure of others.  He works with Kate Middleton and what that connection is I'm not sure aside from his being friends with a lot of people from Australian embassy.

I think what was done to Ghadafi, where a bunch of Muslims dressed in blue and white (Israel colors) and beat him up and killed him after he was in a well, is what some Jewish gang has done to my Dad.  I know several of them raped me, and they were no different from some of the Catholics in that regard.  Why would Muslims dress in Israeli colors unless they were making a statement?

There are people using my mother to say things to me that are nothing that my mother would say, and only intended to try to get to me or confuse me and believe something that is degrading about me or an inside joke to them.

I'm taking a class that is being based in Virginia, the state of Virginia, where Dabney is from.  It's a Geography class and the instructor is off-site and last night when I asked for permission about watching a movie he gave it.  I said thanks and maybe I'd look at the other list but thank you for letting me know I can.   I went to Netflix and was looking at availability of all the films on a list.   Bel Can-can was the only one not showing up and then when I was talking to my Mom today asking about another country to go to, she was prepared with a song Kathy Hathaway or one of them taught her to recite to me, and she said, "I can tell you where.  There's a song I used to sing when you were little, and it goes like this" and she sang some kind of cabaret sounding song that said "I know a place where you can go/it's not a map but you can find it if you know/Gloria, Gloria" and I said, "That's not a song you used to sing, that's something someone told you to sing, like Kathy Hathaway."

One song I played online was "King of Glory" and then my Mom had someone telling her to sing a song to me about how I could go to "Gloria", basically, Heaven.  So they had some can-can version of a song about you can go to your grave, sung by my mother when I already know it has nothing to do with my Mom's song list from the 70s. 

The person who wanted me to be on Netflix, was Dabney.  Chris Dabney was the person who kept trying to persuade me to sign up, in D.C. and why, unless he or someone tracks it and the choices of films.

I have a very strong feeling he is working with Canadians and was tied to the Canadian Embassy.  There are very good Canadians, but their government had people trying to kill me and inciting rape of me and they had a motive to lie about me and defame me like some in the U.S. did.  They would use men to rape me too.

Anne Crane was working for them.

The monitors CPS used were specifically monitors who work with the U.S. on government abuse and torture of children.  They were chosen for their ability to make me sound bad, and yet sound impartial, and to document the things the U.S. wanted highlighted as part of their observations about how my son and I communicated after we were separated and tortured and then brought together.

The U.S. didn't want just anyone.  They picked out people who would provide documentation for the CIA.

When I was first in Cashmere, I met a man who saw me reading French fashion magazine, printed all in French.  He said the CIA had tried to recruit him and he refused.  He said, "I don't agree with their politics" and something about ethics.  At that time, before I realized how the U.S. was premeditating rapes and torture of me, and to keep me from doing anything but being a failure, I thought he had turned down an exciting sounding opportunity.  I don't think this anymore.  I would never be friends with anyone who works for the CIA.  I didn't know he was the greatest person either, as later it seemed a lot of Catholic Mexicans liked him and maybe made fun of me, and when I was back in the area I met his parents and they were military background and I felt they were part of the same system and didn't like me.  They seemed like the type who would go along with the government.  However, I do know since I'd been gone, their son (this French teacher) had had surgeries of some kind and went from being totally healthy to having his intestines fall apart.  I had the feeling it wasn't from natural causes.

There are a bunch of CIA and retired CIA in Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Dryden, and they used the state of Washington to facilitate crimes against children for them, by Steve Mays and others.  Anne Crane is one of them, Sue was another, and the Canadian woman who was first there, was another.  The U.S. was even allowing Canada to share in taking documentation of torture and trauma effects to my son Oliver.

So yes, there are people who have been hunting down and trying to control my parents before I was even born.

I think Patrick Deval, who is a Governor of Boston, MA has been involved in beating up my Dad and torturing me and my son (through gang associates).  I know Chris Dabney is connected to Boston, MA as well, and went to a college there at one point, lived around there or visited, but possibly went to college there.  Tim Henderson also has been involved, with the Allens, which is a surprise but Robin was visiting Monica and Nathan privately since 1992.  I didn't know why then.

Monica was best friends with Shannon Adams, Alicia Peters, and Erica Wiltbank (mostly) before meeting me.  In high school still, they started having reunions without me and after high school too, including Monica but not me.  Monica had been best friends with Wiltbank and Alicia and Shannon were best friends.  I ended up being someone who was just targeted by government brats.  One of the darker colored sedans involved in the Tony Roos assassination attempt against me was either the Peters or the Adams.  I remember seeing it again later and realizing it was the Peters or Adams or a sedan at the house of a 3 year old I babysat named Katie (pretty sure her name was Katie) that Shannon usually babysat.  I remember I was shocked when I saw the parents driving the same sedan because I recognized it as being involved in the assassination attempt with Roos.

It is possible that Monica was being recruited to infiltrate and report on my family since at least 1992 and that from there, connections Nathan and she had with Becthold, Wiltbanks, and Adams and Peters ended up in an introduction to Tim.

That has affected both me and my family.

Jim Sandberg, on the other hand, is someone who has been around my parents for a long time and when they're connected to law enforcement and daughter works with FBI, I don't see how it's possible I could be defamed the way I was and have things stolen from me all the time, unless Sandbergs were helping Middletons even back then.


Gloria was the name of a woman I knew as a little girl and she was married to a Moses Lake cop.  Pretty sure about the cop thing.  I will post more about her later.

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