Monday, June 6, 2011

Arrest, Assault & Battery by Knoxville Sheriff's J. Pearson (not confirmed she was wearing the badge that was hers)

I'm not going to be living in the U.S. very much longer. I give it a month.

I have a massive bruise on the inside of my right arm with a welt in the middle. The swelling underneath isn't noticeable but I'm not going to the hospital. I'm taking photos of it. 24+ hours after Officer J. Pearson assaulted me, and used unnecessary force, screaming at me, I still had striatiations on the insides of my forearms from the handcuffs. The striatians are almost gone but I have swelling on both my arms, and a small bruise (like a fingertip bruise such as was seen on my son, and ignored by police in Wenatchee), and then I have a bruise that is larger than a U.S. dollar coin and it's white in the middle and raised, as a welt. Why it's raised and no blood is there but it's bruised everywhere else I don't know. She also twisted the ligaments in my right shoulder.

That's not the worst.

I can't listen to any kind of music that is upbeat right now. It's very serious. I looked for something in pandora under "we're going to die" but nothing came up. I don't really think this but I didn't know how to look up something that was more serious. Maybe I should go to classical music. I endedup with Sade.

I started feeling like, after everything they did, that they are trying to "get to someone" and using me to do it.

I asked officers to help me find a women's shelter after someone tried to conspire to have me commit a crime or entrap me. I wanted to go to one with women and then renew an order for protection. Instead of helping me, 3 officers came out to harass and be dismissive. After I had already left them and walked away, I called again to find out what to do and one of them ran, RAN after me and handcuffed me and said "you're under arrest." I said, "why?" and he said, "For making an unnecessary 911 call." I didn't think it was unnecessary when 3 of them were ganging up against me and refusing to help and intimidating me when I had a life-threatening emergency and need to have safe housing and this protective order. They arrested me for that, but later, there, someone tacked on "disorderly conduct" which never happened.

They didn't arrest me for disorderly conduct at all. I had already walked away from them, and they weren't arresting me. They only ran after me, and ran to catch up with me, after they must have overheard I was trying to make the 911 call again. When they arrested me, I was'nt disorderly at all. I was worried and quiet. I think they knew the 911 "charge" wasn't going to hold up so they threw in something else that is only my word against theirs and their fire department buddies that were in on it.

So, I couldn't believe it. After these police harassed me and provoked me by refusing to take my complaints about laser and being harmed with technology and leaving me to wait forever, and THEN being told someone was going to help me into a women's shelter like a decent person, they turned on me and since they weren't able to entrap me with impersonation of an identity, they threw me in jail anyway, just for their own kicks and discovery and to intentionally violate my privacy and create distress to anyone who cares about me. They did it for political reasons. I was a victim and they falsely arrested a victim to throw her jail and abuse her. And this is what they did: They threw me in a paddy wagon to humiliate me, saying, "Watch out for the bridge" (when there was no bridge and he was just insulting me--Officer Dugan), asked me to strip in front of male officers, forced me to strip in another area when I refused to take off my sweater in front of male officers, took money from me without counting it out in front of me, then brutally assaulted me and screamed at me while I was naked, allowed male officers to view me nude, to the side and through a 2 way mirror (possibly 2 way), put a white blanket around me that was falling off and dragged me, literally, across large rooms in front of over 6-8 male officers, put me in a solitary jail cell and screamed at me, "KNEEL!" and then told me to put my hands up over my head when if I did, the blanket was going to fall and there were male officers watching. They then refused to tell me what I was charged with, refused to allow me a blanket, refused to allow me a Bible or socks, and refused to let me call a lawyer. They also never read me Miranda rights. They then fingerprinted, handprinted, and side handprinted me. Then they used me for psychic research with a woman they brought in at the same time. They literally DARED to do this in a government facility where they were holding me on false arrest and then they experimented with me. All I did was cry. I just cried and cried and cried. In the past, I have been humiliated an put through all kinds of things and then to have this happen, and know God knows what evil they have done to me and my son and what hypocrites they are and how this is impossible, I just cried. And I couldn't stop crying. I prayed to God, "Avenge me of my enemies." They are my enemies and they are wrong to ever think they are my friend. I prayed, "Please God, avenge me in whatever way you think is best." And then when I had clear-cut proof they were using me as a guinea pig for psychic research right there, in my traumatized state, I said something out loud about the Geneva convention and degrading treatment and they let me out, told me to get dressed, handed me a paper, and said to be in court in a week, to defend myself on bogus charges.

The thing is, one of the male officers may have been trying to help, by approaching while I was nude because I was begging this woman Pearson to stop and that it hurt and "You're hurting me!" and then making exclamations of pain. She was ripping me up because no one but the other woman there was witness. She had a personal fury against me and treated me like I had killed her family. She was enraged and vicious. I believe she was jewish. If she wasn't Jewish, she was Jewish who had converted to Catholicism. She had every stereotypical feature of being Jewish, and hated me with such rage that I knew she had to be one or the other. I felt she was Jewish. And I do not necessarily believe she was wearing the right badge because earlier that night, another Officer lied to me over the phone, and said his name was "Marillo" when I was told later there is no such officer by that name.

Here's how it happened. After they arrested me with zero cause, the Officer "Carothers" who was the same liar that had said his name was "Marillo", put me in his cop car and said, "We want to check your blood sugar levels." (there by the firemen.) I said, "Why?" He asked if they could do that and I thought if that's it, he was just going to let me go as he should. I said, politely, "No, I don't think so." And then he drove around and said, "Okay," over the phone to someone, "I'm taking her for an evaluation." (To a nuthouse again). I didn't cry and had no feelings at all. It's just like living an unreal dream. It's being in false world. So they were going to shoot me up with Haldol. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore because they were going to do what they were going to do and all I knew, is that I was leaving. I had my mind focused on that. The peace of knowing they could not hold me forever, and that when I was out, I was making no delay in leaving and making a UN claim from abroad. What more could they do to me? They've already done everything they could possibly do.

They have allowed and encouraged torture of me and my son, used us despitefully, robbed me of my talent of singing, gave me medications and poisons that changed my brain structure and altered my body chemistry and made me ugly. They made me sleep in the dirt and put me in jail after jail on false arrest and deprived me of every right and benefit. They have used me for psychic research and never once paid me for their use of me while they paid others who had jobs with them. I have been treated like a lab rat with different visitors trying out their own form of experiments and theories to make themselves look good. Trapped. While they are free and free to use me without accountability. They are corrupt. They have done worse to my son.

So I sat there, saying nothing and feeling nothing and then when they pulled up and had the paddywagon (a wagon with dog-style cages or compartments) there, I said I had already known that they were trying to entrap me with a paranoia claim and people knew about it ahead of time. So then they changed their tactic and didn't want to put me in the psych ward for evaluation and took me to jail instead. Officer Carothers. I was made to sit there and wait and wait and wait, until they got some woman they already knew in there with me. And she was the lucky one that time, to get to use me for her own experimental purposes.

When we were told to get out, this Officer named "Pearson" stood in front of me and checked me with 2 men watching. Then she told me to take off my sweater. It was a form fitting long-sleeved black sweater with a simple deep v neck. She said, "You have on another shirt underneath" and I said, "it's just a tank top like a negligee" and she said, "It's not see-through." I didn't want to take off my sweater in front of those men and be left with a spagetti strap tank top and my bra. I said, "I don't feel comfortable doing that and it is against my spiritual and religious beliefs to do this in front of these men." It wasn't so much just wearing a tank top as being asked to undress in front of them while they stared. So she let me go the way I was. However, then, when I was told to undress and hand over my clothes, I did. She wanted to look at the lable on the v-neck sweater, as if it mattered, and then I handed over jeans and bra and I had money in my bra and put it in my hand to hold out to her. When she saw these wads of money, after I had just given her my bra with small pads in it where I kept the money, Pearson literally turned into a Jeckyl and Hyde and FLIPPED out and said, "Give me THAT money!" She was so livid about something.

All these assholes wanted was discovery. They wanted to find out, for their shitty psychics, if they were right that I had money in my bra.

The way she yelled and narrowed her eyes and looked SO incredibly angry, was shocking to me. It was as if I had personally taken HER money. I was already holding it out to her and I said, "Can you count it out in front of me?" and she said, "NO. GIVE IT TO ME" and I still had my hand out to her and said, "But you're supposed to count it out in front of..." and she screamed at me and her hatred and venom seethed out so strongly she even had tears in her eyes. It was the most bizarre reaction I've ever seen. It was as if she hated me as if I'd killed her family or taken her husband but was crying about her loss at the same time, through her rage. She was so completely dismantled that she seized my arms and said something about teaching me a lesson. I was completely nude except for my underwear. She slammed me to the wall, cinched the handcuffs as tight as she could around my wrists, bent my elbows up so my hands were behind my back, behind my head, and kept pulling, cinching and twisting the handcuffs. Then, she took the extra step to then twist my arms, as they were folded up by my head, so that my left shoulder was out of socket or ligaments pulled. She yelled at me, "SPREAD YOUR LEGS" and as I was crying out "You're hurting me" she was shouting that she hadn't even started. She said this over and over in the most hateful voice, and then men were coming around and she had me exposed to the mirror that was in the room outside of the stall. She threw a blanket loosely around me, instead of having me change into clothes right there, in decency, and then publicly dragged me across the floor, into the next large room where all these male officers were standing and staring. The entire time, she was jerking back on the cuffs and pushing my arm down and she was so close me no one could even see how hard the pressure was. I never once resisted or attempted to resist. She just beat me. I was dragged, with the blanket almost falling off of me and exposing me, and then dragged into another room after and then to yet one more room, where she put me face forward to a corner and then she screamed, "NOW KNEEL!" as she stood over me. She said, "Cross your ankles over eachother." Then she said, "Now put your hands on the wall." I said, "If I do, the blanket is going to fall off and there are men right there." The blanket fell down on one side when she forced me to put my hand up and I looked and she was literally staring at my breast and smirking.

Guess what was said to me by Officer Carothers when I was talking with them before being sent to the paddywagon? I recognized he was the liar who said his name was Marillo (or he sounded exactly like him. I knew he knew some of the other guys I'd met earlier that day who had no obvious connection to police. They had been harassing me and then there was some mention of a biblical thing and I don't remember how it came up. I said, "How many sheaves bowed?" and Carothers stared at me and smirked and moved his fingers together to make an "o" for "zero".

Next thing I know his buddy "Pearson" is disgracing, abusing, and humiliating me. She forced me to give up my underwear next and smirked about that as well.

All I could imagine was the air going out of all her car tires. And after I was left there, in solitary confinement, after THEY violated procedural rules and didn't count my money in front of me, and then abused me, they left me there to punish me.

At some point, I began to cry, I think, thinking about God. And I just cried. I don't ask God to avenge me all the time, and I don't take it into my own hands, but I prayed and asked God, "Avenge me of my enemies. I don't know how you want to do it, through a natural disaster or sign or through something else, but I trust you will know best and that you love me and Oliver and will do it. Please avenge me of my enemies." And I just left it at that and prayed for protection for the rest of my family and friends. I couldn't pray very long. It was only 5 minutes. And I didn't kneel or do anything so they could disgrace and dishonor any form of reverence before God. I sat there on a bench and I know He heard me. And it was about midnight I think. I am not sure the exact time I was checked in, but maybe 30 minutes-2 hours after arriving.

And that's when I knew it is hopeless. These people are absolutely hopeless.

I have picked myself up over and over again to be abused and humiliated again.

It doesn't mean I'm going to quit writing my report, as some want me to. That's going forward. And it also doesn't mean that I am giving up or allowed my voice to be squashed.

They want to kill my spirit and when this woman in the paddywagon kept saying over and over, "You're crazy. You're paranoid schitzophrenic....Does that bother you to have me say this?" I said, "Why should it? I'm not mad at you. I don't even know you, but we're not friends either." (she had said something about wanting to be friends for the trip.)

I had impressions of the jail before we even got there and then when I saw they were using me for their own research, right there, I thought, "That's it. Get out." My impressions were of a short single metal filing cabinet with folders in it with tabs and this woman going through it and then I saw their fingerprinting machine but someone had their fingers over it like it was a crystal ball but it wasn't. I saw the shape and then we got there and it was the exact same thing. I surmised this woman had been there before and knew these people.

More in a minute. I need to eat.

They also used technology on me when I was THERE. I didn't say a word about it until now. I just cannot believe what has been going on. It's so illegal it's not even funny.


Anonymous said...

How many times have you been arrested? How many times have you been in jail? How many times have you called 911? Do you remember your first 911 call?

Anonymous said...

How many times have you been arrested? How many times have you been in jail? How many times have you called 911? Do you remember your first 911 call?