Monday, June 6, 2011

Injection At Jail??? Raised "Wheal" On Arm

I am getting a little weirded out about one of these bruises that showed up after this Officer was all over me.

When she was yelling and holding me down I thought, before I ever got a bruise, that she was maybe getting some kind of needle or something to inject me. I couldn't see it but it came to mind and I thought, "Oh no, she's going to shoot me up with something" but I wasn't allowed to turn my head.

I didn't feel a prick if there was, because I was being assaulted so badly. But the part that's bizarre is this...

This very large bruise appeared on my arm and in the center, a raised pale bump came up. I had some people telling me to have a TB test or I couldn't go to a woman's shelter and I haven't gone because I haven't had the test yet. I took shots for TB years ago, for traveling overseas and I know without a doubt that I don't have TB.

However, I got a few bruises on my arms and very red marks around my wrists. Yet nothing is as large as this one round bruise, that has a little round center that's raised and whiter (not bruised looking).

This is exactly what a woman described the symptoms as being, after getting a prick (it's a small needle) with a TB test.

My arms still hurt, to the bone, from what she did, however, this bruise is not normal.

After I read about TB tests I thought, "That is exactly what my arm looks like and the symptoms I have and I had even thought she was trying to inject me with something but hadn't felt anything so I didn't believe it had happened."

And actually, it may have happened.

I'm taking photos tomorrow.

If I find out Pearson or her friend did this to me, on top of assaulting me, that will be something else.

But then too, I looked at it, and it is extremely sore there, from her twisting of my arm. And there is more of a scrape than a wheal so it might be from a part of the handcuffs just digging in and then causing swelling.

I looked up TB on wiki, and oh no, I do not have the reaction that is caused by this. At all. Nothing like what they show. So mine is from something else.

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