Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Opinion

I don't know this guy at all. I have no clue what his politics are.

All the scandal sounds humiliating and incredible, but the point is, what exactly did he do that's so wrong?

As far as I know, he didn't break any laws.

Arnold Schwartz had a photo of his naked body online before he was elected to his office. So even if it's distasteful, if he didn't break any laws, why is a personal exchange grounds for removal from office?

If they did this with the FBI, police, politicians, and CIA on a regular basis, how many people would be forced to resign? How many are engaged in affairs, or sexting, or swinging, or other non-traditional or personal things, and they've just been lucky enough to not have someone bring their skeletons or bones or whatever, out of the closet.

If he was dismissive about what it was, I think there is a huge difference between LYING UNDER OATH and fibbing to the media. One is perjury, and the other is actually legal. It's legal to lie to the media about personal matters.

The only thing that sounds questionable to me, in the least, is something about an exchange with a 17 year old. It is said they exchanged tweets or texts or something.

That is the only thing, out of all of it, that borders on possibly a problem, but ONLY if the content can be proven to be sexual. If it's sexual, it's a reason to resign and a big problem. If it's not, so what. Politicians exchange emails and texts all the time with teens and so what.

What is odd, is that all of a sudden, the others, who are guilty of much worse, are saying he's the embarrassment? what about the ones who take all kinds of illicit monies and favors? or who abuse their kids? or used prostitutes at one time or mistresses (shh!).

Obviously, it wasn't very smart to do what he did, but I would like to know what Nancy Peloshi is hiding under her own kitchen table.

If he's done something totally illegal or lied under oath or betrayed public trust, he or anyone should step down. If he is just some guy who made mistakes of doing openly what many of his colleagues manage to do with more secrecy, it's sort of like that saying:

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

Oh, what was that? I think I heard one small "plop".

I'm going to have a look at Nancy Peloshi's photo. I don't know. I had a look and didn't pray about it but just looked. My impression is that she can be hard and mean. Like a velvet hammer with the velvet thinning a little bit. I can't judge her though, as to wondering if anything is wrong or she's done wrong. Money laundering? I don't know.

I don't exactly know all the definitions of money laundering and how politicians might use it to increase their earnings and help with advertising campaigns for political careers. If someone can't take more than a certain amount of money for politics, but can take however much money they want if it's coming through a personal business, is that ever called money laundering?

For example, let's say you have 2 political opponents. One is a lawyer and their salary comes from the average client and then you have another opponent whose friends want to give large sums to, for political reasons, and yet they can't unless they appear to be buying something of that value. So what if a political contender starts a winery and it's crappy wine, but someone just buys in massive bulk, knowing it will go to their favored political person's ads and office? Is this what is defined as a "self-launderer"?

It's illegal for terrorists to use one business to act as a shell for receiving money that is to support another business or objective. Is it illegal for U.S. politicians to use a business as a shell for getting around donation caps in the political process? I mean, why is everyone who is a politician fairly rich? where are the Abes?

I'm not against Nancy either, by the way, but the question came to mind, in general, for any and all politicians.

If someone uses a personal or private business for hawking in untold millions to support a public and political office it's never called money laundering? or a "Shell Corporation"? A shell, or covering of one company that covers for and conceals the underlying company or objective.

I guess not. I guess it all falls under the category of capitalism.

Well, my opinion is that God knows about Weiner. If he did something wrong, even if it has nothing to do with sexting, maybe it caught up with him and Pelosi is right to ask for him to step down.

Everything I write or say in this post, is not firm at all. I am just guessing, rambling, and speculating and I have no knowledge about anyone.

Really, what I care about personally, is having those who have undermined me, held accountable. I don't want my son and I to be terrorized and tortured and I don't want those involved to get away with this and calling me mentally ill either. I want my good name restored and my son returned.

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