Thursday, June 9, 2011

U.S. Law Enforcement Corrupt, Blames It On Mafia

I read an article about killings in Michaocan, Mexico today.

The group that killed said they are tired of having corrupt government officials blame them for some of the crimes and using them as scapegoats.

Here is how it is in the U.S.

No one in Mexico is safe because the same corruption in Mexico is interlaced with U.S. corruption.

It's not that the mafias are better than law enforcement--it's that the "law enforcement" is corrupt and infiltrated with people who do favors to the highest bidder or favorite political ally. The U.S. might go after one mafia group and leave the other one alone, when they're equally bad. Why? Because whoever they have investigating or coming up with projects, is likely to be bribed and paid to give protection to one mafia group and not the other.

The U.S. is making billions of dollars off of Mexico, and the killings in Mexico. It doesn't "cost" the U.S. to be involved in DEA or other opperations, it's profitable for them. Whether they're profitting by getting a part of the cash when they cover for their favored mafia group, or whether they get a big pay raise because they made a "bust", it's how they make money.

The U.S. has, and always will, blackmail criminals, as criminals themselves. People have used and tortured my son, and the only way to blackmail people into not talking or exploiting others more, is to use someone they have "something" on.

Half of the interpol or international drug enforcement databases and sharing systems are totally corrupt. There are people who have jobs with the U.S., that have shared information to mafias and put other other mafia's lives in danger. They pick and choose. And some of the U.S. law enforcement acts as a puppet to the mafia. They do what the mafia tells them to do, not the other way around.

Anymore, I don't know what the difference is. There are some good people in the system, but there are surrounded by corrupt people and they are quickly fired, laid off, killed, demoralized, and defamed.

Rich white professional men are the ones who profit the most. They have hands in with the American justice system and with Mexico and others. Others do their dirty work, and they use their connections to keep people from getting caught.

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