Wednesday, June 15, 2011

music & misc

I am trying to take my mind off things until I do some work.

I ended up looking up praise and worship and then selecting "flood" by jars of clay. Then, I typed in "antidote" and found johan palm, from finland. I listened to the recording first and then a live performance. Their live is much better than recorded. Contrast links.

Oh. I just looked him up.. He's Swedish.

I haven't had dreams except in fleeting parts. Lots and lots of dreaming but can't remember any of it and in so many parts. But tons of dreaming. No impressions really and not trying either. Today I did focus for a minute to see if I could gather anything but no. There was one expression or something of someone I wanted to see something about and just a jerk or stop or sort of gasp and reflex of some kind. I thought maybe it was health related or shock related. I wasn't sure what it was about. Then nothing else except for someone hitting their head on the pavement or concrete, with their forehead. Got that much later and didn't know if someone intentionally hit their head while praying with forehead to ground or what.

I just looked over and noticed my Bible somehow fell out of my bag and has been standing upright next to my feet the whole time. At first I wondered if someone took it out of my bag because I don't remember how it could have fallen out. Anyway, at least it was up on end. Standing up on it's own, without a bookcase holding it up.

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