Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Use of Technology at Salvation Army & Other--someone Changed my phone

I have people trying to screw things up for me no matter where I go. This time, they were ahead of me because I talked about going to Knoxville for months. They knew exactly how little money I would have and what to have in place when I went.

I always find it strange when others are celebrating or commemorating a man I lived with, in Wenatchee, the one with the cats, who stole $100 from me every month I got a paycheck and cashed it. This, while he was doing his personal psychic research on his own abilities, for the Army. Most likely not just the Army either.

And then people trying to imitate mannerisms of my Ex from Colombia. In Knoxville? This black woman who is working for The Salvation Army, made the same mannerisms. Exactly. Not only that, she was the first person I saw this morning and she was trying to make me sound nuts.

I went in saying I had talked to this woman, "Ms. Wright" and this woman said, "I'M Ms. Wright." I said, "Oh, well she said she was." This other woman kept trying to say I never talked to this woman when I did. I gave a full physical description and she was saying I hadn't talked to anyone or no one worked there that looked like that, and I had to make a description over and over. Finally, this other elderly woman at the front desk, said "She did see ___ because I saw her leave this morning myself." If that woman hadn't verified the other woman even being there, it was like I was being told I was delusional.

I didn't think she was totally unreasonable, but then she was saying I didn't qualify for the housing. I gave all the information needed and , well, first, I found out when I showed up at 9:00 a.m. as requested, it was actually 10:00 a.m. I found out later that someone CHANGED my TIME ZONE by 1 hour.

Unless going to Knoxville from Nashville is a change by 1 hour. I guess I could look. No, but that wouldn't make sense because I should have been 1 hour behind not faster.

Someone HACKED into my cell somehow and changed the time.

I don't even know who can do this. I never left it with anyone or forgot about it in the time where it was changed. Someone somehow hacked my cell phone to change the time, and I was set back. It happened after I left Nashville bus station, because I bought a bus ticket with a cell phone that had the correct time.

When I was being refused to get on the bus in Nashville, my cell phone had the right time. No one got into my locker to do this either. The only timeframe where someone could have changed the time zone on my cell was from the time that I purchased my ticket to while I was on the bus to Knoxville because it happened within this 2 hour time frame.

It most likely happened while I was talking on the phone with my Granny on the bus. I remember because I looked at my phone, on the bus, and noticed it was an hour behind. So it basically happened while I was at the bus terminal or in line or on the bus in the first 1 hour. It was the first part of the trip that I noticed.

So I was late and didn't know it, this morning, until I was on the computer after being told to come back at 2 p.m. So I was there at 2 p.m. There was a different woman there who said to bring certain pieces of documentation. I said okay but asked to talk to a woman because I didn't have a doctor's note and didn't have a way to get one. I said I could provide other proof that they require from anyone else.

So the black woman came out again, the supervisor Miss Wright. She said I didn't qualify because their program was for "employable" people only. I said, "I am employable and I worked and even if I have migraine disability I worked, depending on the job." She didn't want to hear it.

Oh! and this was AFTER I sat there on that bench, when I went in for the 2 p.m. appointment, and someone used the exact same technology that was used on my son and I in East Wenatchee all night and some of the day, for months, which caused very severe lower stomach cramps, severe aching lower back and almost a feeling like you had to use the bathroom (bowels). It wasn't "nature" and I didn't use the bathroom. I recognized it immediately as the same form of technology used to torture me and my son for months. I think it some form of ultrasound. I sat there for awhile and it got worse and worse, and was exactly like East Wenatchee times, so I wondered who was sitting behind me in the other room or where it was coming from. There was just me and this little old lady across from me and she was doing a crossword puzzle.

I am starting to think, more and more, that what happened to me and my son was more FBI than CIA. They have bent over backwards to try to cover up poisonings of me, and have worked with others to discredit me and make me sound crazy and they have the tools to do this. Who is over here in Knoxville? At the Salvation Army? I don't know. FBI? CIA? or plain old mafia?

They set me up and they set this up.

So I went around the corner to look and see who was on the other side and it was this black woman named Erica Haigher (or was it Gainer? I'll have to check). Anyway, she was the only one in an office next to me. Then, right after I moved around to go look and see, this other black man comes out from another section, and walks over and sits there on a seat in the room I was in. I found out later he is the guy who runs the men's ministry.

I was sitting in a row of chairs lining the wall with the receptionist in front, another shelter to the left out of the way, no one to the right, and Erica immediately behind me.

I could not believe it.

As far as I know, I was told these are all so-called "Protestants" too. Even if some guy with an Irish Boston accent was the one who said I should try to stay there, and he lives in the men's section.

And then, yes, crazy enough, I still tried to see if I could stay there. Because I need a place to stay. This is how crazy it is--I have people torturing me, literally, and getting away with it like cold blooded murderers, and then I am still staying with them. Why? Because this is where they put me and they know it. They put me in a position of being unable to choose safe housing and work, and being tortured and having to deal with it like a survivor of domestic abuse who feels she can't choose.

I can't choose because my own country isn't investigating. My domestic abuse is happening in the domestic U.S.A. which makes it more bizarre than ever.

So THEN, after this woman Ms. Wright comes out and says I can't stay there because I'm not "employable" (even though I said I could bring documentation to show I am), I asked to speak to the supervisor, Ms. Hammer. So she comes out, a white woman, and after she realized I might be able to work, she took on a different angle, saying, "We have requirements that you are homeless for a certain amount of time." (and I qualified).

So I finally said, "I feel you are finding a way to not have me stay here, and I would like to know what it is." Then Ms. Hammer said, "I feel you are "SHOPPING" for where you want to go." I said, "Of course. Doesn't everyone "shop" for where they want to go, no matter what it is or who they are? You look for the best thing for yourself just like everyone else. These people that are homeless, shop for where to go, just like you shop for a husband, for a job, for a place to live, just like anyone." She said, "Yes, well we feel like you're shopping for a place. Most people just do the intake (and don't ask questions)." I said, "Well, I have a brain, and I've been on both sides of the fence, and I think it's really insulting to the homeless to think of them as "nothings" who can't or shouldn't make decisions for themselves, but have to be guided and picked out by NON-HOMELESS, to do whatever the non-homeless think they should do--YOU go here, you go if they don't have the same rights as you do. "

She stood up, clasping her notebook to her chest and said, "I think we are finished and I don't do that, we treat people with dignity." I said, "I don't know why you are standing up as if I insulted you personnally. I was talking about people in general and if it's true that you respect the homeless than why would you be offended by my mentioning their right to shop?"

The whole time I tried to be polite and nice and tried to explain myself. Finally, they were just discriminating and saying no, and that's when they had not even seen any documentation. I could not believe it.

It's bad enough to be assaulted, AGAIN, at some "protestant" christian (or not, I don't think it's a requirement to be and I'm sure not everyone is good regardless) place, where they used the same technology as was used on MY SON. And then to be told, basically, they are refusing to house you when you do qualify, is just bizarre.

I said something about how I didn't think they were even acting like christians at all, and then it got even better, because then I almost started to cry, and I stood up and grabbed my bags and this glass bowl (I have more than one), flew out of my bag, and landed on the floor shattering all over the place. It was a lot of glass too. With the red lid flying off (tupperware) and another small container (plastic) flying out.

These women acted happy instead of upset. It was my bowl that was broken. I stared and then said, "I'm not suprised that happened. I guess SOMEONE is getting married." And I walked out after they said get someone to clean it up.

The whole thing was this experiment, and they used me, as a pawn, to just see what unfolded. It has been the same thing.

I then thought I should talk to the manager and the woman Ms. Hammer, stopped me at the door and said what did I need. I said I needed to talk to the CEO. She said he was busy and I said, "He told me to check back with him if I talked to you first." They had all left the glass there on the floor and I later thought, "Good idea I went back...the way they were acting how do I know someone wouldn't try to claim I just had a temper tantrum and threw something and stormed off?" I was also peeved that it was such a big deal to them they wanted more people to see what it looked like before sweeping it up. They weren't blaming me, it was part of their game.

Before this happened, I had others trying to use me to play games. Here I am, new in town and just needing honest instructions and I went to this Bush Volunteer Place (no connection to Bush) and they failed to tell me it was United Way sponsored. This woman there told me I could go to The Emerald Baptist Church for a food drive. And there was this young black kid there and he kept trying to get me to cut through the cemetary. I didn't. This woman, Hutton, said over and over to go there and then I said how do I get there and she gave directions that ended up landing a dozen churches, none of them by the name of Emerald Baptist. I walked all the way, passing a Northside Baptist and wondering if the name was wrong and then asked someone and they said it was at the Methodist Baptist. I went there and they were so hateful to me...I mean, just mean and degrading. Trying to rub in the fact that I was homeless and they already knew who I was. One man was there who had been military and there were others. They gave me a few things and really, just harassed me and humiliated me. I said thank you and took the food (they only gave me a few things) and then watched as a dozen older white men, some women and others, drove past mocking me and laughing. Then I walked past the cemetary and they had some man proposing to a woman on bended knee but it was a mock scenario.

All these people have done is follow me around and try to humiliate me and enjoy it.

Back to the "Bush" place I walked in the door and some guy was wearing a t-shirt that said 8 on it and then I was told I could microwave things. This woman, who gave me misleading directions intentionally (she's been a resident here for some time), then told me, after I had been told it was fine to eat there, that I couldn't eat there.

I never should have eaten the food they gave me. It doesn't matter if it was boxed or canned. They handed it out to me and I never should have taken it. This same woman then told me to leave, after she stood there and watched to see what time I took it out of the microwave and then she said, "I want you to leave." After she gave me her business schpeel about what she did.

There was something so wrong with her it wasn't funny. She wanted me to go there and knew the black guy that told me to go there, and then gave me incomplete directions on the church wondering where I would wander to, and then she was doing this hot and cold act as if I had done something wrong when it had been her point to have me there.

I think her husband works for the government, if she doesn't.

All I know, is that I'm still going to the FBI.

I don't care what people have done and how they try to make it worse--I'm the reason they want to make it a big deal....They kept pushing and pushing to be right and cover for little lies, that got bigger, and then criminal, and now all they want to do is stay one step or more above me and ahead of my being believed.

They tortured and ruined my son's life. And then I have people driving around thinking all of this is a great game while their kids are safe and sound. They have used and tortured me and my son.

I expect an investigation and I don't care what is done. I expect the FBI, or someone in the FBI, to investigate crime.

My entire point of "shopping" is to find the safest place to be and whatever is best for my son.

If my son does not come back to me after an investigation, I have no reason to live in the U.S. Corrupt public officials have taken my son by criminal means and he has suffered and I want my son back.

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The time changes at Knoxville. Instead of it being 9:00, it would be 10:00. Noone hacked into your phone.