Thursday, June 9, 2011

Knoxville Police Try To Smear Me (anticipation of court)

The bad members of Knoxville police have been trying to smear me and use entrapment to profit themselves.

1. I made a call for protection and was told someone would help me get into a women's shelter for sexual assault. Instead, the police arrested me on false charges.

Then, because they wanted to claim there was no real emergency, after they dragged me and abused me across the police detention center in Knoxville, they have been trying to use mental illness to discredit me in their defense, or as an angle. Several of the women's shelters are connected directly to Knoxville police. They have been refusing me shelter as a favor to the Knoxville police department.

Here's proof: I called the Family Crisis Center, a women's sexual assault shelter and was told they had no room. After I was falsely arrested, they called me up out of the blue and said they might have something available. Their "counselor", "Heather", told me she was instructed to let me know there was a room that they only let women with "extreme emergencies" to use. She said this was because they had "bed bugs" in the wood of the frame of the bunkbeds. She said there were 2 bunkbeds in a room and that if I was in a true state of emergency, they would let me stay THERE. She said, "It's only for women who really have no other option and feel it's better to be safe and risk bed bugs than out in the open." I said, "Have other women used it?" and she said yes. I said, "I"m not really worried about getting bit by bed bugs and yes, I do have an extreme emergency and I'm willing to take the room."

She said, "No, believe me, you would be bitten all over. The women we allow to stay there come out of there COVERED with bites all over their necks and arms and legs, and especially all over their necks."

I said, I guess to her shock, "That's fine. I'll take it."

After I said I'd take it and needed a secured shelter, she then hesitated and said, shocked that I said I'd take it, "Well, actually, I don't know if we can still do this so I'll have to talk to my supervisor."

I said, "You just called me to ask if I wanted to take the room."

She said, "I have to ask my supervisor."

I called the next day and was told, no, the supervisor refused to let me stay there.

I knew what was going on, and then it was confirmed.

The Family Crisis Center had called me up because someone there is on very cozy terms with Knoxville police that have wronged me. They wanted to offer me the room and then use this to go to the court, and say, "We offered her a room if it was a real emergency and she refused to take it, so she doesn't have an emergency." They made this room sound as bad as possible, hoping I'd refuse it, so they could assist the Knoxville police in their claim that I called 911 without an emergency.

Yesterday, on the 8th, I was told they refused to let me stay there, even in emergency, and I was called up on the 7th, after I was released from the jail and called up Knoxville police to say that since they refused to help as promised, I had no place to go and was put at further risk of harm.

Today, I found out I'm right.

I called again and was told the supervisor said I couldn't stay there. I asked, "Who is the supervisor?" and I was told, "Sherry Eastridge."

"Eastridge" is the last name of one of the Officers that refused to take a report from me, after first saying they would, and then didn't call me about the cancellation.

Since I had mentioned Eastridge and the Knoxville officers who falsely arrested me were retaliating after I said I was making a report to Internal Affairs, some of the women connected to people in law enforcement began assisting the corrupt police in their campaign to screw me over.

Then, I had a man from Internal Affairs call me, and tell me to call this one place and they would give me a place to stay over the weekend. He said, "Why can't you stay at the Rescue Mission?" and I said, "Because I have been sexually harassed every time I go there, and because they require someone to put all their personal information into a database where anyone can look it up and find you. I have a need to keep some of my personal information and location of residence private."

So instead of helping me get into a women's shelter for sexual assault, that is secured and private, he told me to call this number and I found out it's for mental health services. Not only that, they require that "assessments" and "evaluations" be done by those who stay there for a few days until moving into something else. He called it "The Mobile Crisis unit" and it's affiliated with mental issues.

I left a message on his phone saying, "I need a shelter for sexual assault, not mental health."

Then I went to the Rescue Mission to have something to eat and they lied and said you have to have a card to eat there. That is bs because people can eat there who don't live there. They said, "Get your CARD!"

I will never get "a card" and I will never live there. Ever. It's not safe, not private, and I don't care to be entrapped by their corrupt staff and sexually harassed by some of the men they have around there. I got one good tip from a pastor that spoke there on the first day and it was this: "Move out."

So basically, my damages have accrued to the degree that not only do I have proof that Knoxville police who falsely arrested me were retaliating against me, they put me in danger. Furthermore, they have forced me to stay here, in a town where I am blocked from shelter or a place to stay, due to corrupt connections between shelter workers and police. I am not able to travel and they knew about my financial situation and knew this would trap me to stay in Knoxville, which is completely dead end. They forced me to stay here and be subject to false charges when I am the one who is a victim of crime, not them.

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Anonymous said...

You are not allowed to stay at the shelter because you are not a RECENT victim of sexual assault. Those rooms are for women who are currently victims who are escaping emergency situations.