Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lasered At TN State Offices (security guards above room)

I had this incredible break, all night last night, and then lasting until about 2 p.m., of not being targeted with lasers or assaulted with sonic crap or anything of any kind.

Then, I went to check out food stamps and that all changed. I was sitting in the conference room with this supervisor, and someone in that instant, lasered the HELL out of me. It was all of a sudden extremely hot through my entire body, and it is very specific and noticeable. It's not "hot flashes" or "fire of God" or psychic work. It's technology and it's laser.

Then, I found out there is an entire 2nd floor above that area and it might be leased to security guards. After I was told it was empty and nothing was there I walked around to the back and checked and there was a sign that said the "MG security" was on duty in the front or not available there. So I don't know what the 2nd floor is used for.

It only happened in that room. I was taken to this conference room and sat across from 1 woman: Linda Morrow. Her back was to a wall which had security guards on the other side and I sat across from her. To my back was another conference room and I don't remember whether the door was closed and someone was in there or not. To my right were state employee offices and closer to her right (both of us, with a wall inbetween these offices) was the public restroom.
To my left was a hall. And there was a ceiling and the easiest way to get me and not her would be to either laser from the floor above or to have her doing this to me. It makes more sense that it was coming from the floor above. But those were the possibilities: from the public restroom, DHS offices, or floor above.

I asked what the names of the guards were and wrote them down. 2 of the guards that had been there had left and the other guys gave me their names. Then, I asked for the new guys names and I think they wondered why. I hadn't even gone to the back to find out there was access to them, to that 2nd floor, until after I wrote their names down.

I did call 911 again.

I called, because I believe it is a life threatening emergency. When I am being lasered, and so often, I feel it is impossible to think that my life is not in danger and has not been in danger. It is wrong to think it does not shorten my life or immediately impair my ability to function.

I told the 911 operator that no, I didn't want officers to come out because I didn't want them to arrest me. But I said, it was wrong for them to arrest me to try to intimidate me from being secure in my civil rights and need to be safe like any other citizen. I want them to investigate, or for someone to know, and it is morally and ethically wrong, and illegal, to try to block me from making documentation of each incident.

I have to document each incident or it will continue. If the U.S. is punishing me for documenting these things, it makes some of them look guilty.

I told 911, this kind of thing has not only been done to me, but it's been done to my own son, when he was an infant, a toddler, and now a little boy. My son was "chosen" be abused and tormented.

I had some of the same things happening at the Knoxville detention center. Here, I had just reported being targeted with technology and they put me ina jail where a few minor incidences of the same thing occured THERE. Who knows I'm there or has access to me other than guards, law enforcment, and CIA? There is CIA in Knoxville somewhere because of the nuclear plant. It's just something one has to believe to be in touch with reality.

I didn't have lasering happen or the overheating thing happen while I was in there. A few other things DID occur, that were by use of technology. But the lasering or overheating occured in the van on the way back to Knoxville. It didn't happen on the way over to the jail, but on the way back. And it started before the van was loaded up with young men on the other side. It was me, a woman to my left, and then the same woman who rode down with me on the other side. And then an Officer Hensley driving. It only occured the entire time I was in that van. I cried the entire trip back, sobbing.

Why? Because my son and I are guinea pigs in own country and we are not safe.

The other thing that happened, which I've seen happen to another man, in the same cafe, is something I have sometimes confused with voodoo. But then when I saw this happen in a really wild way to a young man in a cafe, I thought, "Is this maybe his reaction to being targeted now?"

It was really weird. I think some small things like temporary twitches of just one eye, can be done by voodoo or maybe even technology. But when there is an involuntary prickling static energy kind of twitching all over the head or face or feet, or targeted area, it's technology. And I saw it happen to a young man who was trying to get my attention and he was normal and then all of a sudden, it was like someone centered something on him instead of me and his entire face did this totally weird thing and he was embarressed. I thought, "I hope he doesn't think I'M the one doing that to him."

It's one thing to have normal tics and things. And it's something else when forms of energy and technology are being used against a person. I had thought it was maybe some kind of physical thing or even voodoo and then I realized, no, it's not me. And where the static energy creeping feeling of all these weird little firing of neurons and moving of skin was happening, it was always on my head somewhere, which would suggest it's coming from a source that is above head level possibly. So then, one night, at the women's shelter recently, I put my head at an end of the bed that wasn't expected or likely, sticking out into the aisle instead of sheltered by the wall, and it was being done to my feet. It was just my feet. That has never happened and it was only that specific zone and after it was done for a long time, then I was getting charley horses in my toes. It wasn't all over my body, just the region where my head would have been if I'd been lying in bed the expected way. Some things are from the energy of people you shouldn't or wouldn't want to be around, but some of it is technology. On the day in the cafe where it happened to the young man that came in, it had happened to me first. And then all of a sudden it quit happening to me, entirely, and it started happening to HIM.

I had someone from the police who had a degree in theology tell me "Lasers cut through glass" and "Lasers don't distinguish between organic and non-organic material." This isn't true and I told him this.

Then they tried to say, including my own Dad, "The law about lasers is regarding laser lights or pointers." But it's not. Not according to the Tennessee law.

In Texas, there is a specific law about "pointers" and "laser lights" and it is very specific about how it is referring to the pointer or light from a laser.

In Tennessee, the law is very clear, that all-inclusive of any form or kind of laser or like technology. It doesn't specifiy "pointer" or "light source from a laser". It says no laser (all inclusive of any kind or type or form) shall be used, or "such kind of device." "Such device" makes it even MORE broad, because it then allows for the inclusion of any kind of laser and also, any such device, and that includes any kind of device that would be like a laser, mimic effects, or be in the same category of technology. Which could very easily be extended to include non-lethal or less-than-lethal weapons and technology.

I do not believe the Tennessee law is vague and open-ended or inclusive because they had bad lawyers drafting it. I believe it's all-inclusive to allow room for prosecution of devices which have any kind of similiarity in design, form, effect, or ability to harm.

If they had wanted it to be about laser "lights" or "pointers", they should have been specific, as they are in Texas on this subject.

Any use, regardless, still falls under the category of assault and battery. Each time I document an incident, this is a "count".

Today, I documented 1 count of assault and battery against me at the TN state offices.
At this library, someone has been using something that affects my heart and pulses in and out strong and then not as strong. This is count 2, but I am not going to call 911 about it because I feel making at least 1 report per day about this kind of thing should be sufficient, even if I will document it otherwise. Also, it is not as strong here.

Today, 2 counts of assault and battery against my person. 2 separate incidences.

I am not mentally ill and the only reason someone or an entire group doesn't want me to report is because it scares the hell out of them to think I am documenting each incident as a "count" which could be later used against them to put them away on life. If not that, they know I have a Geneva convention claim and that each incident I document can make it easier for others on my side to figure out who is responsible.

I have a right to be safe and protected from such assault. The law enforcement in Tennessee protected themselves with such a law, but not the citizens. We can still use battery and assault, and we can point to the laser law to prove they are not ignorant of "such devices" but we are out of the loop when it comes to having our civil rights valued and persons safe from harm.

I guess I should have married some undercover guy huh? Because that way I would be immune from being used as a guinea pig because it's against the law to do this to federal or government employees and their families? It's mafia and gangsters working with friends in government.

I can't even get medical care here without being afraid I'll be injected or sent to a looney bin.

I will need to leave, clearly. ASAP. I have a court date, but it doesn't mean I have to live here.

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