Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bible Weirdness & UK Psychic Network (blackbird)

I don't do anything weird when it comes to religion. I just pray, read scripture, and listen to worship music sometimes.

Today something sort of weird happened though, not super weird, just slightly weird, and then I will write about a blackbird thing that happened that corresponds, I guess, to someone who wrote to me from the UK or at least using the UK psychic network forum, asking me about dream interpretation. It was maybe not a European person, but maybe a U.S. or other person, just using the site annonymously.

But first the Bible thing. I've been grumpy, so I'm not perfect, and sometimes, God probably gives us slack, knowing what we're dealing with. I opened up my Bible to read something this morning and got Habakkuk 3:14-19. About "yet will I praise him". Then, I had just been in the sauna and I was upset because someone put pink dye on the bench and it got on my towel. There was a man with the number 12 on his jersey and I just started looking at these 3 different men who had come in at different times, with suspicion. Not only that, it was almost like the spots of blood I had on April 29th, but those spots were definite circles and only 2. Today, someone got the wise guy idea to do something to my towel when I was in the steam sauna, steaming my hair in curlers. There were 2 pink blotches on different sides and then a tiny green spot in the middle. I then walked into the women's lockeroom and all these women in pink came in and I just felt peeved. I said, "Does this happen in the gym all the time or is just special for me?"

Then I opened to Habakkuk and read the passage while doing my curlers. And then, this is really weird...I looked at my plastic bag that had been holding the curlers and there were these milky white droplets on it. I don't even want to say what it looked like, but it looked like a man's you-know, fluid or something. It did. And then I thought, what in the world and big eyes and then I randomly turned to a new section in the Bible and guess what it was about? I was staring and thinking it looked like semen (sorry, but how else can I describe the next part?) and then I turned right to the one section in the Bible that talks about sexual things and being pure and marriage. I thought, "Thanks so much for the nice reinforcing symbolism here. Way to get your point across." Well, there are many sections in the Bible about sexual things, but I landed on this: I Corinthians 6:18, "Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your body." And then it goes on to the section about marriage, Ch. 7. I personally haven't been intimate with anyone for about 2 years, but still, I saw how it was brought to my attention. Then the 3rd section I turned to was one of many about kingdoms and 12 tribes and I don't want to say which one bc I don't want anyone to try to guess or impart meaning to it. This one stood out to me because the guy wearing 12 had been there and then I was calling my Dad and complaining about my towel being dyed, and it cut off at 12 seconds.

I didn't look for work today as I had thought I might. I was going to, but I might be doing something else so I was waiting for a call from my parents and wandered all over kingdom come instead. I had no plan and ended up from the gym to the art museum. I hadn't even known where it was and I walked right into it. So I couldn't afford to pay to go in but I walked around and looked at what I could, and saw these kids there too. It was the Dallas Art Museum, and then the Sculpture Museum and the Chang Crow Museum. My favorite part, where I felt this wash of calm energy come over me, happened when I circled the Henry Moore "2 figures reclining" sculpture by the Dallas Art Museum. As I walked and stopped, fixing my gaze on 1 angle and then another, I realized, it was meant to evolve and change as one walked around it and it did. I thought, "I know how to look at art! and I don't even know what I'm doing." But it was cool, to stop and study an angle but then keep moving and see it changing shape and form. I thought it was really fun and thought I'll bet my son would like this too. And I enjoyed so many other things too.

But then I was just looking for a grocery store and I ended up all over the place, I mean, and sort of followed and finally I thought, "Go into the Jewish cemetary." It was right there. I was trying to get to the grocery and then it was there and I had passed it before, on a different day, and knew not to go in. Then for some reason, I felt it was okay to go to the cemetary today. I had just passed some guy that looked like Prince Charles from the back, next to this big truck and I was on my way to the grocery and there was the cemetary. So I prayed, "Okay, where am I supposed to go in here?" And I just walked foward and felt I would know where to stop. And this man was putting a lot of green branches and trimmings in the garbage can and I walked past him and then I stopped when I was right across from this gravestone that said Cohen. I think I figured that was good, because it's been Cohen this and Cohen that lately, and not my idea either. I think there were other names I noticed as well, but I saw that one and then thought, "you have to be kidding me. Not again."

Then, the Charlie man comes into view as I bent over to pick up this green branch in front of the Cohen collection and waved it up at the gardner and said, "You forgot some brush!" I was waving the leafy branch up over my head and then the Charlie faker came into view and said hi or something and I thought, "Huh?" scooby doo style.

Then, I was just all over the place and finally I was trying to get back to find this baby blackbird (I haven't mentioned this yet) and got lost again and was peeved with everyone following me and said, on the phone, "What do they want? a big show?" and then, just immaturely decided to cut through the cemetary again to get into town, because it was a beeline. I crossed at davidoff and ended up on the other diagonal past a card that said "free". Anyway.

I got back to the baby blackbird and it was still okay.

So, there was this person who wrote to me, on the psychic network, and this is when the papers fell after this person told me about a dream they had about paper, and at that moment, all these papers fell on their own. Very eerie. And then they asked me about this dream they had (maybe same person?) about blackbirds. They told me they had some dream about 2 blackbirds in a garden and then one flew off or away and the other was gone. It was 2 and then 1 and they couldn't see the other one. It was in a garden they said.

So last night I was saying I would rather die than be accused of being mentally ill all the time and refused work and college, and had just had it. And then I found this baby bird with one wing outstretched and awkward on the patio and I was afraid to look at it at first. I told my mom on the phone, "I'm afraid to see how it is because if it's suffering, I don't have a gun to put it out of its misery with." But I went over later anyway, and then checked in with it and it seemed out of it and tired or dazed and its feet were curled up and warped. After a long time, I finally picked it up and held it for awhile and gave it water from my fingertip for a long time and then I finally made a bed for it, with ferns. I just picked some fern after feeling the leaf above and it wasn't very soft so I set it on a blanket of fern. And then I figured I'd check on it in the morning. There was a mother and father bird and they were cawing but the baby couldn't get back into the nest. It was mainly the mother bird and baby but the mother stayed up in the tree. So I didn't know if it had just fallen or what. Then there was a torrential downpour this morning. I got to the baby bird in the morning and sort of glanced but not looking and I didn't see anything so I figured it had flown away somehow or something happened to it.

Then, I was sitting there at the table, in this garden section, and it was a walled, waterfall garden around the sides and then some foliage and trees in beds that were above-ground and then hard marble or concrete floor.

So I sat there, hoping the baby bird had been okay and I was worried it had died and someone took it away and then I heard this peeping and cawing and the mother flew down from the tree and hopped over to where I had laid the bird, and was making such a racket, after seeing the mother bird fly up and down a few times, I thought, it's still there? So I walked over again and looked and there it was! and it had its eyes sort of shut and was shivering from the rain but it was alive! but it was hidden from view further underneath the fern. Then, I ate my hard boiled eggs and cheese and thought, "I have to look again" and got up to throw out my coffee cup and the third time I looked at it, it stared and me and said, "CHIRP!"

It looked so lively and I was shocked because the night before, it was out of it and I stroked its head lightly and was giving it water for a long time. Anyway. I sort of thought about this dream someone told me about, but it was their own dream, not mine.

I thought about taking it to a bird refuge but then I sat and watched it more and though it's handicapped or crippled, the mother is caring for it and feeding it, even though it's not in the nest, swooping down and watching protectively. The only thing I feel reticent about is that they might be victims of torture actually. No, I'm serious. The one had its feet curling up in a really unnatrual way and was dazed in a weird way, like drugged or dazed or stunned and couldn't sit upright with balance. Today, it was different and it was able to be upright. But not last night. And then I noticed the mother's feet today. One foot is missing. She is flying and getting around, but she has only one foot.

So it makes me wonder if there is some kind of animal cruelty going on.

Which would be good cause to have both of them in a protective refuge. Ya think? I thought, "No, the baby bird, though crippled, might die if taken from the mother because there is a clear bond between them and she is caring for it and the mother bird knows best." But then again, how does this baby get around without a nest and yet it's not just the baby that I have a suspicious feeling about, but then note the mother, there is something not right about the mother too. What are the odds?

I don't know exactly what kind of bird they are. I think they're blackbirds. They caw like ravens and look similiar but are slightly different. The mother is slightly brown and black and the baby is black and with a little white on the top, under the feathers, with long raven-like beaks. They both looked black at night.

I think someone is doing to birds and animals what has been done to me and my son. Technology.

Whoever is responsible is a sicko.

There is no reason why the baby bird should seem dazed and stunned as if in a stupor, last night, as if almost drugged, and then have these feet all curled up and unable to control cramps like that, and then no stupor the next day. The feet were still curled, but there was no stupor.

And I told my mother, last night while I was in that garden area that I was feeling technology effects MYSELF while I was sitting there. So it was me and these birds and it's going to affect birds a lot more than humans.

Just like what happened to me and my son in Wenatchee, when even our cat ended up with this totally bizarre kinked tail out of the blue, and crooked legs. Our kitten was fully normal, in every way, until the kitten, my son and I waere tortured in East Wenatchee with technology. And as soon as I said, or blogged about the kitten and how we could use the cat for evidence of what happened to us, the cat just disappeared. Overnight. Someone stole the cat and got rid of it to conceal evidence of crimes. The cat's tail and legs became crooked and physically altered from technology and when we were all being tortured at the same time, that cat was acting out like it was crazy. I wasn't the only one who sounded crazy--the cat was not normal. It was irritated, agitated, and not normal. Racing through the house like it's tail was on fire and crying out, and then all of us were unable to control our bladder functions. We all got diarrhea when we were being tortured. The cat couldn't make it to the litter box. I made it to the toilet of course, but not without almost passing out first. My son had the same problem.

We were TORTURED. WE HAVE BEEN TORTURED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And if the U.S. doesn't take care of it, or has no interest in what kind of shoddy internationals would do this, then THEY are directly RESPONSIBLE for being a part of it.

My son and I are victims of torture.

Do you want a dream interpretation? Or do you just want the truth.

And of course I'm going to "sound" crazy when this is going on. Of course.

I recently read this preface to The Eye of the Needle and it's about a historical fact I wasn't aware of--it talks about how the Germans were thoroughly convinced there was this big planned attack on one shore. They were getting all kinds of wireless signals from telegraphs, and sighted huge ships collecting, and people, and overheard all these spy communications. As it turned out, they were "dummy ships" and dummy posts, and it took thousands upon thousands of people, working together, to create such duplicity that people believed what was essentially a cover for something else going on. While the English created this false appearance of being in one corner, they were distracting the attention of the Germans away from what was really going on.

It took thousands of people. That's what they did. I don't think they called it "a conspiracy" though...what do you call it when this is happening during "times of war"? It's not conspiracy, no one ever wants to call it "A conspiracy", so what do they call this kind of game?

I enclosed a link to the wiki for Eye of a Needle by Ken Follet. It sort of describes the charade I'm describing, and it went by the name "Project Fortitude".

Imagine the possibilities today, if they could do that then, imagine what is done now, in creating distractions and dummie set ups to conceal what the real truth is, and imagine how many people might be involved and get away with not having it called "a conspiracy". I just added, for link 2: the wiki for "Operation Fortitude".

What has been done to me and my son is beyond comprehension. It is almost unbelievable and yet I am not nuts and I've told the truth. It has happened and is still happening. The torture may not be as constant and bad as it was when we were in one place in E. Wenatchee, but it's been bad enough. And those who have made covers for criminals go to church, or don't go to church, and have gone to extreme lengths to include people they know in government positions. To have others say I'm mentally ill is adding insult to injury--an understatement to say the least.

My son and I have every right to be free and I deserve to have my good name restored.

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